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  1. Has anybody in the Chapala area seen these really cool looking blue bananas that allegedly taste just like vanilla ice cream.  I would love to have one but I have not been successful in finding them for sale in Mexico on-line.  You can easily order them in the States from nurseries in Florida but can't seem to find them here.


  2. I would bet that there are lots of single expats in their 60's living in the Chapala North shore area.  The single Mexicans tend to generally live with or near their extended families.  If you are looking to see lots of gringo activity, Ajijic would be the epicenter of where the vast majority have chosen to live.  If you want less gringos and cheaper living, check out the next towns over and use the buses.  Most of the towns here have a gringo presence and most of the expats are mostly 60 and up, but you will find people of all ages here and single folks are not unusual in these here parts.

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