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  1. Hey may I suggest you just learn to live with them.  Cohetes are a part of life living in México.  Sure they are annoying, sure they are something that I too wish they would go the way of the dodo bird.  But they are part of México and I doubt they are going anywhere anytime soon.  Try living in Chapala Centro.  I barely even hear them anymore.

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  2. Here is a good question that I don't understand.  Once in Puebla I tried to order chiles en nogada and they told me it was out of season.  And I notice here too it seems to be seasonal.  If they are using poblano peppers which are available year round how can chiles en nogada be considered a seasonal dish?  Food for thought........

  3. 4 hours ago, Nikalos Telsa said:


    Sometimes I just like to use an interesting name and maybe avoid the rectal orifices that need to flame someone/


    Interesting names need to be spelled correctly to avoid ridicule.  Your constant daily attention gathering schemes are turning a lot of people against this forum.

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  4. Well I guess to he honest we don't know with 100 % accuracy.  But they did spray glyphosate as a career together for many many years.  And they shockingly and mysteriously (to us at least) died in the same time frame from a rapidly forming cancer.  I think its pretty clear that it has the potential to give people cancer.  Look at the many law suits against the Round Up company from people who are getting cancer.  Exposing yourself to poison on a daily basis is not wise even if the company swears its safe.

  5. Rocks don't increase temperatures.  Covering everything in asphalt and cement is what raises temperatures.  That is one of the reasons our streets are cobblestoned, they are much cooler and allow proper water drainage apart from keeping traffic fairly slow through town.

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