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  1. I honestly detest the noise too but when in Rome the games or fiestas will go on. If it is ever totally stopped I want the Mexican voices to stop it not us foreigners.
  2. Hey may I suggest you just learn to live with them. Cohetes are a part of life living in México. Sure they are annoying, sure they are something that I too wish they would go the way of the dodo bird. But they are part of México and I doubt they are going anywhere anytime soon. Try living in Chapala Centro. I barely even hear them anymore.
  3. Yes cuota refers to the toll roads vs the free highways which often times those can be riddled with pot holes and not be as safe in isolated stretches. The cuotas are usually pretty good roads to drive on.
  4. What about Álamos Sonora. I have never been there but have heard its a nice attractive colonial city in the desert with something of an expat community.
  5. They went through Chapala and turned down the carretera towards Ajijic. There were several under coverage pick ups too.
  6. Most people are streaming these days from the internet and at a fraction of the cost of satellite companies.
  7. If its for family or friends wouldn't it be easier to ask them to download whatsapp since its totally free and super simple to use and avoid the hassle of getting a new phone or new SIM card? If its for business needs disregard my post.
  8. Caterpillars typically produce either butterflies or moths but I'm sure if you google it you will find some that are anomalies.
  9. Yeah I agree with most of the posters here. First I don't see any chewed up leaves in that picture second as big as they look I would just leave them alone or gently remove them for a greener area. They will be metamorphosing pretty soon and we'll have either more butterflies or more night moths to grace our skies.
  10. Furry Friends in Mirasol are great groomers and very loving with the animals.
  11. Here is a good question that I don't understand. Once in Puebla I tried to order chiles en nogada and they told me it was out of season. And I notice here too it seems to be seasonal. If they are using poblano peppers which are available year round how can chiles en nogada be considered a seasonal dish? Food for thought........
  12. Interesting names need to be spelled correctly to avoid ridicule. Your constant daily attention gathering schemes are turning a lot of people against this forum.
  13. Are we still talking about the issues you have with your fracc and how you feel so above your neighbors that you don't feel that you should be expected to pay your fracc fees? Or is someone just trying to stir the pot to get a little more attention?
  14. And your other two places you could check would be Super Lake and Gourmet Garage.
  15. Why do you need personal experiences if you are just getting copies printed? Its not like surgery. Find any papelería and ask them.
  16. I guess they were going to their secret base under the lake.
  17. Don't use bug spray look for better solutions. Neem oil would be better. Bug spray kills everything including us.
  18. That looks like a mealybug. What's it doing on your wall I have no idea. It generally attacks plants. They are very common on plants this time of year during the summer rainy season. https://images.app.goo.gl/Xuu9cxBuJbKfXzxw6
  19. Us night owls are hardly even bothered by these rains. We sleep in the wee hours of the morning to the sound of pouring rain and generally get up after all is said and done.
  20. Well I guess to he honest we don't know with 100 % accuracy. But they did spray glyphosate as a career together for many many years. And they shockingly and mysteriously (to us at least) died in the same time frame from a rapidly forming cancer. I think its pretty clear that it has the potential to give people cancer. Look at the many law suits against the Round Up company from people who are getting cancer. Exposing yourself to poison on a daily basis is not wise even if the company swears its safe.
  21. I used to know a husband and wife team that sprayed for a living. They both mysteriously died of cancer about at the same time 6 months or so apart in their early 60's. Now we know it was most likely the glyphosate.
  22. Rocks don't increase temperatures. Covering everything in asphalt and cement is what raises temperatures. That is one of the reasons our streets are cobblestoned, they are much cooler and allow proper water drainage apart from keeping traffic fairly slow through town.
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