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  1. 2 hours ago, sm1mex said:

    I don’t think a pet will be allowed. It is a closed in grocery store. I have never seen a pet in SuperLake or Walmart. 

    Well I have seen an expat looking lady in Super Lake with her small dog on a lease.  And on another occasion I saw another expat looking lady walking around Wal-mart with a dog on a lease.  I was shocked.  In neither case did the dogs appear to be seeing-eye dogs.  I think it was more a case that the Mexicans were just too polite to confront the gringas.

  2. Wasn't it this morning we were supposed to have been woken up at 5am to a bombardment of rockets that usually go on for 2 hours or so to get the whole pueblo up and about in a cheerful and happy mood so they can get ready for misa??  Well this was the first year in my 11 years here that I didn't hear a thing.   And I am referencing Chapala since I don't know what or how they do it in the other pueblos.


  3. Melody I understand your pain, I also agree that the cohetes are one of the worst aspects of living in this area.  But they are not so ubiquitous in all parts of México.  But in this area sí.  Mexicans are very polite as Widesky pointed out and very gracious hosts to us foreigners.  But they don't appreciate foreigners coming to town to arrogantly try to change their culture and traditions.  Mexicans are a very proud people and don't take kindly to Norteamericanos or extranjeros mettling with their way of life.  It sounds like you live in Centro Ajijic.  If you detest the noise and confusion but still love México perhaps you might be better suited to living in a quieter area like one of the many fraccionamientos outside of the towns.

  4. Has anybody seen culantro being sold locally at any of the viveros or nurseries around here lately?  It is an herb with a very similar taste as cilantro but it apparently doesn't bolt and can grow year round much in the same way a swiss chard would grow  (as I understand it anyways)  you only harvest the leaves you need and it keeps growing.  I looked on Mercado Libre and for a packet of seeds it will cost 1000 pesos or more depending on the add.  I thought for an herb that was pretty high.  So if anybody has seen culantro for sell locally please let me know.  I would love to try growing it in my garden.

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