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  1. Don't they still sell it at Dildorias in Ajijic?
  2. I don't think you need a vpn to access youtube videos unless you are in China, Iran or other countries that restrict your freedom.
  3. Yeah I have heard about the yellow black widow before. In Chapala they have what they call the Capulina spider and the Viuda Negra. The way I understand the difference between the two is that the Capulina is larger. In Chapala they don't always have the perfect drawn hour glass. Often times it is just a red dot or no red dot at all. You have to go by their shape usually. They are pretty common around these parts in the summer. The good news is that generally they are not very agressive and avoid biting humans unless overly threatened. What other venemous spiders do we have in the Chapala area and do we also have Brown Recluse?
  4. I've always been told to be weary of buying medicine from Farmacía Similares because even though you might save money their recipes are not exactly the same as the original or even generics. So be careful.
  5. Isn't there a stone dealer next to the furniture tent which is next to Tobolandia?
  6. Not trying to be nitpicky but the correct word is basurero from the Spanish word for trash basura. And 500 pesos per truck sounds good. That is what we give.
  7. The worst things about the face masks are having to see so many people wearing them and having to try to communicate with them through their muffled voices and lack of facial expressions. I am just glad I am in Chapala and not in some other world locations. Austria or Australia to name a few.
  8. I have seen couliflower rice at Superlake and once at Walmart. México is the land of meat. Just don't eat the tortillas. They do sell the low carb green cactus tostadas at Gourmet Garage. When we were doing keto we bought a lot of those and ate a lot of cheap avocados. Meat, eggs, bacon is cheap and plentiful around here. We even ordered monk fruit off Amazon. Not cheap but worth it. We also ate lots if greens like kale, swiss chard and spinach. Which are all very easy to grow in your back yard.
  9. The bone thing is mostly with small cooked bones like chicken and such that can easily splinter and caught in their throats or stomaches. As for avocados our 4 little doggies have been eating avocados off our avocado tree for the past 10 years without any notable problems.
  10. Mudgirl we are only human not perfect robots. Do you think humans can be compliant and perfect 24/7? Of course they can't and of course this virus will follow its course. So quit being mightier than thou, it is unbecoming of you.
  11. Mudgirl that is so not true. Even if everyone wore masks and followed the government mandated protocols the virus would still have been surging and mutating. Specially in poorer countries where populations tend to be less compliant. If you read the news about the omicron cases in the US almost all of the infected have been vaccinated people and many claim to be fervent mask wearers. So that just goes to disprove your theory. Sure, the majority of those omicron cases are not serious, as of yet. But it proves that Coronavirus can still mutate and infect people who wear masks and get vaccinated.
  12. Virgo lady if you can't tell, nothing about this pandemic has been preventable. And with all the health safety protocols have done absolutely nothing to stop it as it continues to surge and mutate. And every year thousands of children also die from the common flu. Is that preventable? As long as people have the need to leave their homes to work or shop or what ever. They will be at some risk of contagion. I guess since the common flu also kills thousands your idea would be to wear face masks and socially distance ourselves for the rest of our lives. I don't think people are going to stand for this staus quo much longer. I am on the streets daily and I already see the majority of people out and about without facemasks. This virus is going to do what its gotta do regardless of what mankind wants. Its going to run its course.
  13. Mudgirl do you always have to be such a drama queen? Just because I seriously doubt the severity of this so called pandemic does not mean I don't believe in science or don't believe in modern medicine. I also didn't believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction but the media pushed that narrative for years just like they are currently pushing the 5 billion dead from Covid. Be a sheep and believe what the system is feeding you. If it smells like mierda it probably is mierda.
  14. The world's leading authorities are often bought or fired but las voces de la calle not so much.
  15. Mudgirl history remembers that the media is not always honest or truthful. You can choose to believe the 5 million dead theory just like you probably believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And I will think objectively and not be so quick to believe the media or government sources. According to government sources in Chapala around 95 people have died from Covid. I speak fluent Spanish and I am in the street daily. For a small pueblito where everybody knows all the small town gossip. I am beyond shocked that very few people know who these 95 poor souls are. And when they know someone they are quick to say that health authorities offered to pay the family money so they can register the deceased as a covid mortality. Then they are quick to say to that Grandma really had diabetes or died from a heart attack. I am not not making this stuff up. Even I find it hard to believe but I have heard it so many times from so many different people. But very few people know who these 95 covid casualties are. But keep believing the media and the government but for me I will always keep an open mind.
  16. Mudgirl, you must live in a socially distanced bubble. We have 2 years or more living with this mild pandemic. Yes, school aged kids can get infected and bring it home to their folks. But if their parents are working, shopping for groceries, going to the bank or even stopping by McDonalds. After 2 years they are bound to of come in contact with this extremely and highly contagious virus. And if not they soon will be, right? Since it is so highly contagious and dangerous, right? We are well past the days when this virus could of been contained by wearing some dirty cloth face masks. Covid is going to run its course whether you approve or like it or not. It will continue to mutate like all viruses. Hopefully more mild mutations like Omicron will be the future of this over exaggerated pandemic.
  17. Virgo lady, seriously? You are following the news aren't you? You do know that it is extremely rare for school age children to get really sick with covid don't you? Infected maybe but sick really sick very rare.
  18. Johanson you better believe you are paying for them and probably in more ways then you could probably imagine. But time will tell. Your tax dollars purchased those so called "free" jabs.
  19. Mudgirl and Ferret love to reduce everybody that thinks independently as crazy conspiracy theorist followers. I could never quite get on the Trump train just like I can't bring myself to get on the QAnon train either, they are way are too polarizing and crazy for my likes. I have always been a life long democrat, but I know when something don't smell quite right. The only thing I smell in this scenario is money lots of money is being made by Big Pharma. If that is a conspiracy theory, oh well, I guess you got me.
  20. Then I am sure Big Pharma loves you and will always have your best interests in consideration.
  21. Its only a fact if you trust goverment sources and the media. Not everyone believes blindly everything they read or hear.
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