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  1. Mudgirl do you always have to be such a drama queen? Just because I seriously doubt the severity of this so called pandemic does not mean I don't believe in science or don't believe in modern medicine. I also didn't believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction but the media pushed that narrative for years just like they are currently pushing the 5 billion dead from Covid. Be a sheep and believe what the system is feeding you. If it smells like mierda it probably is mierda.
  2. The world's leading authorities are often bought or fired but las voces de la calle not so much.
  3. Mudgirl history remembers that the media is not always honest or truthful. You can choose to believe the 5 million dead theory just like you probably believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And I will think objectively and not be so quick to believe the media or government sources. According to government sources in Chapala around 95 people have died from Covid. I speak fluent Spanish and I am in the street daily. For a small pueblito where everybody knows all the small town gossip. I am beyond shocked that very few people know who these 95 poor souls are. And when they know someone they are quick to say that health authorities offered to pay the family money so they can register the deceased as a covid mortality. Then they are quick to say to that Grandma really had diabetes or died from a heart attack. I am not not making this stuff up. Even I find it hard to believe but I have heard it so many times from so many different people. But very few people know who these 95 covid casualties are. But keep believing the media and the government but for me I will always keep an open mind.
  4. Mudgirl, you must live in a socially distanced bubble. We have 2 years or more living with this mild pandemic. Yes, school aged kids can get infected and bring it home to their folks. But if their parents are working, shopping for groceries, going to the bank or even stopping by McDonalds. After 2 years they are bound to of come in contact with this extremely and highly contagious virus. And if not they soon will be, right? Since it is so highly contagious and dangerous, right? We are well past the days when this virus could of been contained by wearing some dirty cloth face masks. Covid is going to run its course whether you approve or like it or not. It will continue to mutate like all viruses. Hopefully more mild mutations like Omicron will be the future of this over exaggerated pandemic.
  5. Virgo lady, seriously? You are following the news aren't you? You do know that it is extremely rare for school age children to get really sick with covid don't you? Infected maybe but sick really sick very rare.
  6. Johanson you better believe you are paying for them and probably in more ways then you could probably imagine. But time will tell. Your tax dollars purchased those so called "free" jabs.
  7. Mudgirl and Ferret love to reduce everybody that thinks independently as crazy conspiracy theorist followers. I could never quite get on the Trump train just like I can't bring myself to get on the QAnon train either, they are way are too polarizing and crazy for my likes. I have always been a life long democrat, but I know when something don't smell quite right. The only thing I smell in this scenario is money lots of money is being made by Big Pharma. If that is a conspiracy theory, oh well, I guess you got me.
  8. Then I am sure Big Pharma loves you and will always have your best interests in consideration.
  9. Its only a fact if you trust goverment sources and the media. Not everyone believes blindly everything they read or hear.
  10. This is the number I use to contact total play. I send them messages on whatsapp. At first its a bot that talks to you and if the bot can't help they pass you over to a real person. I usually talk to them in Spanish but if you put inglés por favor I am sure eventually they will understand once a real person comes on. 5515798000
  11. Angus? What do we know about him? I just remember him traveling to the beach, then he posted on the forum that he needed help to get an oxygen tank if I remember correctly, after that he was never heard from again.
  12. The main difference is that petrea volubilis is not fragrant at all. I saw wisteria seeds for sell on mercado libre and even the plants too. You could try wisteria here and then report back to us how well it is growing.
  13. Yes, one is called Vitango and should be available at most pharmacies.
  14. Several years ago their was a taller on Calle Zaragoza here in Chapala that was licensed to do emissions testing. We used them for a couple of years but alas they are no longer there.
  15. Bmh are these also the same guys that work on the Chapala malecón?
  16. We just had a parents and teacher meeting this to plan for their Christmas posada and to hand put their grades. Their teacher is very worried that in his 4th grade class, almost all the kids are still on a 2nd grade level. Several still can not read and write. They are all 2 years behind. So those 2 weeks of staying home will be 2 more weeks with kids not being in the class room. And yes it is a huge problem for their future education and their future in general. But I guess that is of lesser importance. And think of the parents that won't be able to work cause they now have to stay home with their kids.
  17. I have littke kids in school in Chapala. The secretary of Education for Jalisco decided to do 2 weeks of virtual classes and then they should head back to the classrooms. It is because of the amount of traveling that many families do at Christmas and because of the new "weaker" Omicron variant. Still Honeybee I agree it is useless and rediculous. Why aren't most news articles focusing on the milder and lighter symptoms people are experiencing with this new mutation? Because their agenda has always been to sow as much fear as possible and to sell as many vaccines as possible for Big Pharma.
  18. I don't even know how that even happens. But still at times it is nice to resurrect old threads. Just cause they are old does not mean they should be shut down.
  19. Super Lake still has pie shells as of a few minutes ago. We looked and their was a stack of them hidden in the back of the freezer. If anybody needs one don't wait.
  20. It is back up in Chapala as just a minute ago.
  21. Covid is going to evolve, spread and mutate regardless, don't you understand? I seriously doubt that the majority of the world's population wants to take a covid vaccine every 6 months for the rest of their lives. Because thats about all its good for. But I'm sure Big Pharma would love that. Most scientists already say it is here for good just like the common flu is so we might as well learn to live with it as we do with the flu. It isn't going away.
  22. https://us.yahoo.com/news/cdc-moves-germany-denmark-not-175907246.html If you read this article it is rather disturbing specially when you get to the end where it states that 78.1% of people in Denmark have been vaccinated and 70% of Germans have been vaccinated. It kind of makes one question the effectiveness of these vaccines.
  23. Oh thanks Bisbee Gal, I had forgotten about Santa Cecilia.
  24. Don't worry they have been celebrating San Andrés here in downtown Chapala for the past two days. Large cohetes are going off as I type. I don't get it, why can't us Chapalenses just honor our San Francisco or St Francis and forget about the other town's patron saints. Maybe they are making up for lost time during these past two pandemic years.
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