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  1. We ate there a couple weeks ago and found the staff very pleasant and attentive and thought the food was pretty good nobody in my party complained about anything. But maybe since its in Chapala, some folks here might not feel it stacks up againsts the high quality and variety of restaurants in Ajijic. But we all enjoyed it and would go back. Remember they are a fairly new restaurant, give them time to iron out the few wrinkles if there are any. We didn't see anything to complain about though.
  2. Well I would suggest head to Villa Monet on a Saturday night for a few drinks in a quiet environment surrounded by a gorgeous architectural ambience where Elizabeth Taylor spent some time living there. Then when the music cranks up head to the Beer Garden for its spectacular views of the lake and the fun atmosphere. Try to go when John Fisher is singing. He seems to sing every other week. That would make a good night out. Or do it in the reverse, eat at Villa Monet for the ambience and later head over to the Beer Garden for a few drinks.
  3. There are no restaurants on the Chapala pier unless you are referring to La Papala del Guayabo and I wouldn't consider that a pier. Just a restaurant on stilts. Cozumel seems to be the most popular for the gringo folks. Saturday night at the Beer Garden when John Fisher sings can be fun.
  4. With all the tons of restaurants around here you could not find a single place to eat?
  5. Actually I am wrong. I went by and checked with Alberto today. His schedule is 8 to 4:30. I think he may have recently shortened it because I remember for awhile he would stay open till at least 5:30. But thst was awhile back.
  6. I think they usually stay open till 5:30 and sometimes 6.
  7. I would try contacting Dr. Sam Thelin, I doubt he is licensed in the US but he might know a colleague who is.
  8. It is real simple to find. Walk the malecón starting at the Beer Garden, walk west towards the big white sail. Half way down walking past the Beer Garden, Perla Negra, and another restaurant that I forget its name. You will be outside a gorgeous large palace like home. The entrance is small but will have a sign outside saying Villa Monet.
  9. If anybody is in Chapala and wants a lovely night out in a beautiful restaurant I would suggest Villa Monet right on the malecón right before Lake Chapala Inn. It is in the house formerly owned by the Victor Luna family. While Elizabeth Taylor was dating him she would stay in that house each time she visited the area. I brought my family there to eat last night and the food was surprisingly very good with excellent attention given to us by the staff. And the grounds and architecture are gorgeous with lots of original antique furniture and furnishings. The restaurant always seems super quiet, but it is fairly new and probably hasn't been discovered yet by many. But it is a true gem. So if you want a quiet night out surrounded by enchanting ambiance, then visit Villa Monet in Chapala.
  10. Talk to Alberto at Boca Mar pescadería in Chapala behind the Mercado Municipal on Calle Juárez. If they got it in Guadalajara he can probably get it for you. Unagi sounds good right now!
  11. I am not sure if you are living in Guadalajara or Lakeside but I remember that some friends of mine got their INAPAM card a few years ago at the DIF office in Chapala on Calle Degollado.
  12. When have I posted lies or links to conspiracy websites? I think you are confusing me with other people. I just know that there are some members on here that have vocally called for censorship and I just don't think thats a very good idea.
  13. Natasha I think you misunderstoon what I was trying to say. Remember I commented after Virgo Lady. I don't have any problem at all with the different sections. It makes sense to me as long as everyone is allowed to exercise their voice. There are certain members of this forum that are all in favor of censorship if it differs with what Fauci says and I am against censoring people. Let everyone speak freely is all I meant.
  14. It needs to be an open forum and please let everyone have a voice. We are a community and we should all be allowed to talk freely.
  15. I don't know how Banamex is in other cities. But in Chapala its the worst bank with only one ATM machine and about half the time its "fuera de servicio."
  16. The creamery behind the Chapala Mercado also sells pork arrechera a kilo for 112 pesos. It is super delicious and tender, not overly salted. Its the same people that run Gourmet Garage so I am sure they sell it there too.
  17. You could always add the free Traite app on your phone. They deliver food to your house from a large variety of restaurants. It is similar to Uber Eats.
  18. I can understand him not answering the phone if he is up under a sink somewhere. But I cannot understand why he doesn't answer his whatsapp messages. Heck, he could do that at night after he's got home and relaxed awhile. Its important that he answers the messages from his customer base. I have already sent him two messages two weeks apart and they are still unread and unanswered.
  19. I have been calling him for days and still answer. I've even tried to message him on Whatsapp to no avail.
  20. You can always try asking the Totalplay guys that hang out at Walmart by the door as you go out, handing out brochures.
  21. Jugo is straight up juice that is squeezed from the fruit. While nectar has added water and often times added sugar to compensate for the watery taste.
  22. If you have a blender or a food processor you could grind it yourself, it would be cheaper that way. If you want to spend the extra money for the covenience check at Super Lake.
  23. Just out of curiosity, I am far from being a potato connoisseur but the pototoes called dirty potatoes are they much different than the regular washed white potatoes? The ladies in the fruterías all insist that they are better for frying. Since they are slightly more expensive, are they worth the extra price or are they basically the same as the washed potatoes? What is you guy's opinions.
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