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  1. This region is extremely safe to walk day and night.  Violence and muggings are not common for expats here except unless you try to make extra income in the drug trade.  Those that do usually don't get out alive.  If you use basic common sense and don't drink and hang out with mafiosos you will have nothing to worry.  This area is much safer than most of the USA if you don't get stupid.

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  2. Rest assured you will not be the only newcomer visiting here right now, not by a long shot.  In my 11 years here I have never seen so many newbies moving here and visiting this area at once.  I am speaking as someone living in Chapala.  Chapala is being swarmed, the other afternoon I saw more gringos on the Chapala malecón than Mexicans and that had never happened before.  I can only imagine how it is in Ajijic.  But don't forget to check out Chapala too, its layout and affordabillity among other reasons may make it more rewarding than the other towns.  It all depends on what the expat needs if you prefer gringo bars and gringo restaurants in an over crowed expat town Ajijic is your town.  If you prefer to attempt to melt into the Mexican community surrounded by mostly flat, smooth and wide avenues and sidewalks with ample shopping and stores and not feel constantly bombarded by English being spoken then Chapala may be more of your cup of tea.



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  3. David I applaud you for your possibly good intentions but you always come up with big ideas but you also beg other people to put it in motion for you instead of you doing it yourself, kind of like your dog park idea.  You are also very talented at coming up with shocking headlines to get more attention.  Knowing your commentary through out the years on this board and your many alias.  Most of the posters here fully realize you are just an attention seeker and relish to be in the spotlight regardless of the controversy.  Good luck to you.


  4. 2 hours ago, sm1mex said:

    I don’t think a pet will be allowed. It is a closed in grocery store. I have never seen a pet in SuperLake or Walmart. 

    Well I have seen an expat looking lady in Super Lake with her small dog on a lease.  And on another occasion I saw another expat looking lady walking around Wal-mart with a dog on a lease.  I was shocked.  In neither case did the dogs appear to be seeing-eye dogs.  I think it was more a case that the Mexicans were just too polite to confront the gringas.

  5. Wasn't it this morning we were supposed to have been woken up at 5am to a bombardment of rockets that usually go on for 2 hours or so to get the whole pueblo up and about in a cheerful and happy mood so they can get ready for misa??  Well this was the first year in my 11 years here that I didn't hear a thing.   And I am referencing Chapala since I don't know what or how they do it in the other pueblos.


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