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  1. They are saying now that any grocery store mushroom that you can eat is ok for dogs but the wild mushrooms that grow in your backyard or forest are the ones that are off limits. But since I have already been programed to think all mushrooms are bad I avoid them with my canine babies even though I love eating them myself.
  2. Are we talking about in Ajijic, San Antonio or in Chapala? Honestly just about any optical store should be able to do it.
  3. Colonia Americana could be an option since it has recently been considered the coolest barrio in the world. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/estados/2022/10/11/colonia-americana-de-guadalajara-distinguida-como-el-barrio-mas-cool-del-2022/&ved=2ahUKEwiOwc7il42CAxX8IUQIHUcUNPYQFnoECDkQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3Zqxy7PoTq3Zv4tudO_A4D
  4. Ok now it is pouring rain in Chapala centro. Hopefully it will continue throughout the night.
  5. Now it is starting to rain harder I wouldn't classify it as pouring but its a raining nicely. The garden should be happy.
  6. I can't speak for Brisas but in Chapala Centro it has been a consistent light sprinkle since 3:30 ish. Enough for an umbrella at least. But I wouldn't call it pouring quite yet. Hopefully tonight more will come.
  7. Does anybody know where a dry cleaners place is here in Centro de Chapala. Thanks.
  8. If you are talking about Telas La Central it is technically behind the bus statiion and kitty corner to it on Calle Juárez.
  9. I take it that the OP is talking about Taco Bell tacos not real Mexican tacos. Taco seasoning is super easy to mix up and probably much cheaper mixing it yourself. Just google to find a recipe. Taco shells can be usually found at Superlake, Panchos and Gourmet Garage. You can always use tostadas as an alternative.
  10. Years ago I read on this forum that you have to fill out the immigration form a certain way or you risk losing your permanente visa if it is done wrong. And the people at immigration won't always tell you if its done right or wrong. Its been a long time since we have traveled and I was just curious about current protocals. Thanks.
  11. There is an orthopedic store in Chapala on Degollado street across from the shoe repair shop.
  12. Natasha I lnow you are speaking truth but the cold and sharp responses are why this forum is slowly dying. Lets please try to keep it cordial for the benefit of all.
  13. I don't think the op was referring to the wintertime Monarch Sanctuaries but the local Monarch population here at Chapala. And I'll admit I haven't seen that many this season. I guess its time for everyone to plant some milkweed in their yards.
  14. First real rain happening right now starting at 11:40 pm in Chapala. Hopefully more will come.
  15. Duranta erecta might work, it is native to Mexico and commonly used as hedges in many of the plazas around here and has pretty purple flowers.
  16. Walmart has half and half along with Super Lake, Gourmet Garage, Pancho's, the Cremería on the corner behind the plaza amd mercado in Chapala has it too.
  17. We have light sprinkling in Chapala right now.
  18. The feast of Corpus Christi. Body of Christ. The Chapala church had an out doors mass to share the spirit of Christ with the whole town. The music was good.
  19. The place Maincoons is inquiring about is called Lagos de Oro or Lakes of Gold in English. It is ok if you are hungry and want something fast but it is far from the best. I never noticed it to be filthy as one poster pointed out and I have never gotten sick there. I have been pretty disappointed with Chinese food in Mexico as a whole. One thing I miss are those huge Chinese buffets with everything imaginable on 10 tables or more. I have never seen anything like it in Mexico. Asiana buffet in Asheville, NC was utterly amazing.
  20. In Chapala El Fogón de Mezquite and Il Giardino, which are right next to each other usually close at 11 ish.
  21. Let them come the local businesses are going to benefit. A good friend of mine that runs a small restaurant by the puestos on the malecón got 7000 today. The more the merrier.
  22. You guys do realize that if and when we do get rain this time of year its usually just a light sprinkle or light drizzle. So don't get too excited. But miracles can happen.
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