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  1. Jokes at whose expense? You'all are welcome to my ex-father-in-law as I am sure he would be the perfect scarecrow.
  2. Adding to the personal : I heard (rumor, not confirmed) that there was a break-in and just about everything was "lifted." Not sure exactly when this happened, but certainly would be a crimp in the performance. We had comida there about a month ago. Thought service was a bit rusty. Food preparation was okay though not really the kind of food we choose to eat when dining out.
  3. Somehow missed this thread til now: Laurent's (for the food) La Una (both places), for the setting Hacienda del Lago (original, for the setting)
  4. That is sad news. Owner needs to find a higher valued use for the space, or put in and advertise an elevator to accommodate the impaired among us.
  5. For lunch or dinner: 1. St. Remy du Lac; 2. Jardin de Ninete; 3. Osteria del Arte; 4. Pale; 5. Tepetate Pien Thai
  6. Our team reside in Joco and are very reliable news reporters on any untoward events in their area. They said nothing Saturday morning which makes me think whatever happened west of us may not have been "in Joco" or on the carretera. Also checked Twitter = zippo.
  7. Cannot remember when I last purchased a round trip ticket for myself or other family members because we are rarely committed to more than roughly estimated return dates. Most trips are to U.S. and back, some for Residente Permanente but also for turistas. So far, no problem with Alaska, Volaris, Interjet, or American.
  8. Hah: My favorite places from the truly "old" and some not so old days" are gone. Presently, for breakfast: Chile Verde on Colon across from the taxi parking at the Plaza; & the new Cafe Montana in SAT, north side of carretera in the residential section east of Modelo. Lunch: St. Remy in So. West Ajijic; Pale` next to Sherwin Williams paint store on the carretera; Tepatate PienThai on Hidalgo; Jardin de Ninette north lateral across from Farmacia GDL; and,, the new, very rustic but intensely flavorful Forest Grill on the mountain-side lateral just west of Rio Bravo. Dinner: St. Remy; the Charcuterie at Barbara's Bazaar.
  9. There was a foto infraction for one of our vehicles on a day following one we knew had been in GDL. It was definitely our vehicle. At first we thought the date might be a data entry problem, but no. The vehicle had gone into a specialty repair shop lakeside the morning after we returned from GDL and the owner had taken the vehicle to GDL for no reason related to the repairs needed on the vehicle. Guess who doesn't do any further work on our cars?
  10. Whether using a Notario will fly is entirely dependent on the US based entity asking you to have the document notarized. Best to ask the requester whether they will accept notarization by a Notario in Mexico.
  11. Have I missed a separate post? Nothing here since November, 2017? Looks interesting. Definitely west of Pemex on the Lake (mauka) side of the carretera. Guess I need to just plunge in without recommenations. Happy New Year to one and all.
  12. By Catalan do you mean he is from Coyuca de Catalan in the state of Guerrero? Or, from the Catalan region of Spain? Or,?
  13. Using Strom (before they sold to White and become Strom-White) we broughta 53 foot trailers, piggy-backed another bunch of personally-important "stuff, and on our own later made two trips in a large SUV stuffed to the max. To this day we never regret the cost of bringing across the border those items we had carefully/thoughtfully selected over the years. Not every one chooses to invest so carefully in material goods, but if you do it is important to bring with you those items that make a difference in your daily life. There are ways of replacing the items you left behind or items that come to the end of their useful life, but in the meantime it is not so easy to replace the simple pleasures of prepping vegetables with an excellent knife or a bringing to life a lamb stew in a Le Creuset dutch oven or sinking into a DWR chair to read another book. BTW: I think Thomasville is available in Mexico City. thomasvillemexico.com.mx . Of course, if NAFTA fails, we may all be back to requesting friends and family to bring peanut butter, etc. with their visits.
  14. On Friday morning at Superlake, there were numerous packets of whole cranberries in one of the freezers at the west end of the bulk package aisle as well as a few in the open refrigerator section at the east end.
  15. In addition to writing in your Res. Perm or Res Temp at the top of the form, be sure to mark the purpose for returning to Mexico as "other" -- nothing else.
  16. We & family members travel enough to have extra current FMM forms on hand at home where we fill out the form before leaving for the airport where we then stop at the INM window and receive the various stampings and notations (and another one or two FMM forms) -- kinda the best of both worlds (old fashion and modern.) Even if the form changes. having all the information on the completed form makes quick work of filling in a new iteration. Among the advantages of completing the forms manually is to be sure that Res Perm or Res Temp is printed on the top of the return form and "other" is the box checked for purpose of entering Mexico.
  17. I always have two and occasionally 3 cell phones (2 U.S. # and 1 Mx #) + cellular IPad & sometimes a laptop -- even when I have gotten the red-light, no problema. All clearly in-use.
  18. A U.S. notary operating in Mexico (other than in the U.S. consular office which is of course jurisdictionally the U.S.A.) is not taking the acknowledgment in accordance with the laws of the place where the acknowledgment is made. The White Paper is concerned with notary acknowledgements taking place within the United States and relies upon the constitutional principle of full faith and credit between the states within the United States. Notary acknowledgments are typically required for real property transaction or for documents controlling real property transactions. Title companies and title attorneys (depending on the state where the transaction is taking place) who take their responsibilities seriously will require an expat to either return to the U.S. to sign the document or obtain notary from the nearest consular office.
  19. This is what worked for me:  From your FB account page, search for Ajijic Gringos.   Click on "Join"   It should then show "pending" and not long after, check the email associated with your FB account & you should see email with a link to another page where you are asked to review their rules and type in whether you agree or not.  Saludos!  

  20. For shipping to Mexico, customer service at Amazon USA recommends selecting only those items "sold by" and "fulfilled by" Amazon. Some items that are on the international shipping list are processed by 3rd party vendors who do not have a customs agent contract and their items are more likely to be stopped at the border, especially if a liquid, or medication, or a powder, or a food product. Even with that caveat, the service is great!
  21. A lot of good points have been made in response to the OP's question. An important point is that any host (the swallower) can be overwhelmed by a large enough population of foreign (to-him/her) bacteria (benign or disease causing) in food or water. If someone has a weakened immune system or simply hasn't traveled much outside their everyday environment, even non-pathogenic organisms in another state or another country can upset the GI system. Anyone who has had relatives from other countries visit in the US or Canada knows that GI upsets are not confined to visitors of Mexico. When traveling, I don't know the condition of the pipes and the purification system, so I brush my teeth with bottled water and keep my mouth closed in the shower. Here at home, I know the condition of our in-house water supply system and we all have vigorous immune systems, so I have no qualms whatsoever and wash my fruits and vegetables without sanitizers. But, someone with a challenged immune system might well be wiser to use the water sanitizer.
  22. Looks to me like: After your application for a residente visa (temporal or permanente) has been approved by the Mexican Consulate in your originating country, the Canje FMM gives you 30 days after arrival in Mx to present the FMM to INM so that your residente card may be "developed." Those FMM forms are a PITA, so thanks to Spencer for beginning to post samples of completed forms.
  23. Search this board for "sleep" and you will find the contact information for a sleep clinic in GDL and also some suggestions from a physician who is familiar with sleep disorders.
  24. Not sure there are any meds that couldn't foster dependency. The current research on sleep disorders pretty consistently reports that ETOH may help you zonk out, but you will awaken before you have cycled through the beneficial portion of sleep. If you do some online reading on sleep disorders, you may get some ideas about the sort of lifestyle/environment/age factors that affect sleep and some ideas about changes you might try to see if the problem can be solved on your own. However, sleep apnea episodes can cause frequent awakenings and that definitely needs medical intervention. The sleep disorder issue was discussed on one of the boards and I think some physicians in GDL were mentioned. Not sure which board, so will have to do some backtracking.
  25. Regardless of what the potato looks like, or what it is called, it is the density that matters to me as I make gnocchi successfully only with the potatoes I buy from SL between Nov. and January.
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