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  1. Blender no longer needed.
  2. alex 331 140 3329 oct 28 2022
  3. Beatrice Gallagher-------------used to come to the tues market-----hasnt come for many months.
  4. Macdonald-----not recommended-----------took 3 months to receive a box, along with a lot of aggravation-------- customer service is nonexistant.
  5. Is it necessary to carry the original card at all times? Or, could i carry with me a black and white laminated copy and keep a notarized copy (8x11 sheet) in my car in case i need it.
  6. Holistic dentist---none here; travel to Tijuana necessary. Mexico has a long tradition in homeopathy; a very fine homeopathic pharmacy is in guad--Hasler. Available here are massage and rolfing. Join the facebook group Ajijic Chapala Spirit Yoga and Wellness Circle and contact Doug Reid for suggestions. Sweat lodges here on occasion.
  7. My experience re place by temex---incompetent------------woman who works part time at LCS is very good------------there may be others i am not aware of.
  8. My experience using multiva bank is that occasionally an order goes thru, but most of the time the bank declines the payment. As a customer of mercado libre, can you recommend a local bank which is very reliable in processing this type of transaction---from your own personal experience------please name the bank-------i use a debit card.
  9. My experience using a debit card is that sometimes an order goes thru with no problem, but at other times orders are denied for unknown reason. Would a credit card be a better choice when ordering from Mercado Libre?
  10. Re Pancho------if enough people request organic produce and he sees that there is demand for it, im sure he would get it; otherwise, you can expect the usual commercial product. When he first opened his small store he gave out some fresh vegetables; when i looked at the label, i was surprised to see it was organic, and grown in mexico-------ive never seen that item again.
  11. Location is on the Libramiento---Centro Laguna, behind the sports store----------333 841 0553.
  12. "UFOs are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head." Paul Hellyer, Canada Defence Minister 1963-67, in a Sept 05 speech, Univ of Toronto.
  13. To Art Maestra--------You may want to place classified ad in the Guad Reporter re public meetings, and/or your contact information.
  14. Most of the time UFOs are silent; but a beeping sound can occur---this was mentioned in the classic u.s. case of Betty and Barney Hill. I heard the sound myself during the 1970s in a cabin in n. calif redwoods-------------it would occur only at night, was loud, hi pitched electronic beep, coming from all directions; it was a sound not of this world.----i never saw an object; only heard the sound.
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