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  1. Went to INM today with an address change. They would not accept my letter of old and new address and instructed me there is now a form "escrite bajo protesta" on the same website. I can't find it. Does anyone know how to find this form letter? Thanks in advance.
  2. This person had keys to the complexes and keys to the available apartments. Asking only for information about him specifically.
  3. Looking for a recommendation for Jorge Verdin as a rental agent. He posts various properties on FB but does not seem to own them or be associated with one of the management companies. Please only specific answers regarding this person - not looking for general comments about how to rent.
  4. If you will read my original post - I am looking for people with personal experiences - not what the specs are for converters or specific items. As stated: I know there are a lot of specs to pay attention to I do not need assistance with that. Also, I asked about the converters sold by Sterens and on Mercado Libre, if anyone has purchased those items and found them to be of good quality or not.
  5. Original post is asking for personal experience - not what I already know about stats from research.
  6. Icscats, sorry, but the post is about kitchen countertop appliances from "overseas" (not NOB) that are made for 230V?
  7. Does anyone have any experience with step up converters for use with small kitchen appliances purchased overseas. I know Sterens sells them and there is also a variety on Mercado Libre, but i am looking for recommendations from personal experience. I know there are a lot of specs to pay attention to. I am hoping I won't want to have to replace all of my small countertop kitchen gadgets if I don't have to. Thanks in advance.
  8. Luis from Bennos opened his own shop. It is up close to Pancho's Deli LAKESIDE COMPUSHOP+REPAIR Hidalgo 77-3, Planta baja, Riberas del Pilar, 45906, Chapala, Jal. (376) 688 1354 (332) 340 7501
  9. Just a comment to beware of renting from Four Seasons - Tere Barroso, agent. Offices up by Bennos in the same strip mall as Lake Taco. She is very charming but difficult. I have been trying to get my promised deposit refund since September. She said she wired it but I never received it and Tere has refused to provide any receipt for the transaction. As it is over $14,000 pesos, it is not something I want to walk away from. Just a heads up. There are better property managers at Lakeside.
  10. Also, if you are paying a driver to pick you up, no one ever knows how long it will take to get through customs. Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour or more. So it is possible that either your guests or your driver will be waiting for a time. The hired drivers do charge more to pick up at the airport because of this. An airport taxi van is an excellent idea.
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