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  1. Mine was back, on now out again I am glad I have a Telcel modem for backup..
  2. My service is out, modem flashing red in Ajijic centro. Any one else out...
  3. She is so happy to be home she crawled in my arms and kitty in my lap and slept like that all night
  4. I am no longer leaving my gallery door open. Customer has to ring bell for entry
  5. Chicka is back Some of the bratty girls took Saturday one of their neighbors heard her barkin recognized her and made them bring her back today. Hooray
  6. We have some sightings so we are looking in that area tomorrow, some will look tonight too. Think positive. Ken
  7. It is so frustrating we have looked everywhere and no Chicka,I will put up posters soon and hope someone finds her and brings her back to me, hopefully she has not been stolen..
  8. We are going to still keep looking in case she is still out there somewhere p
  9. We just heard that four small dogs were stolen Lakeside Saturday afternoon, I think that is what happened to my Chicka as she dissapeared without a trace, does anyone know where they are selling these dogs, I would buy my dog back.. r
  10. Chicka was sited Saturday night by the food trucks next to donut shop. I talk to the owner left my card in case she shows up there again
  11. My dog Chicka went missing this after, she snuck out when door was open,she has a I’d on collar, hopefully she will turn up. Ken
  12. I need to ship four of my paintings to San Miquel de Allende , are there any shippers lakeside who also do packing...
  13. I just bought yesterday some new luggage made in France from Liverpool and it came in my favorite color purple and is guaranteed by the maker and Liverpool...
  14. They told me they were not going to have loud music, if they do our crowd will not go there. Too bad because we like the food.
  15. I am going to my casa in Mexico City today, so will have to wait two weeks to contact them...
  16. I don’t have internet from ilox today , fortunately I have my Telcel modem as backups
  17. I also had the samurai pizzawith anchovy’s added, yes they will be delivering soon
  18. Went last night to opening at new location on Ajijic Plaza it is perfect, much larger, no loud music, I had the small Greek salad and small pizza, wonderful, the surprise was my ten year old waiter, who was better than most waiters in town, I wish him luck, his father is one of the employees, a keeper..
  19. They are opening where th Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese restaurant used to be, hopefully they won’t have loud music as that is why our group quit going there..
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