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  1. All those were friends of mine also, may they Rest In Peace...
  2. I will let it up to the artist what they would like to paint, and give me an estimate how much it will cost, I am too busy with paintings for a restaurant in Mexico City to do them myself
  3. My pneumonia doctor told me the same thing, stay away from any medical or dental place, and when I have to go out wear my oxygen concentrater with face mask
  4. Boy am l glad I got Ilox it never goes out except for couple minutes..rarely
  5. My hair is getting so long I will be able to braid it...
  6. Pancho has three different brands Vinagre de Manzana
  7. I would like to have my two street planters and two poles done...
  8. I have lots of spiderwebs in my garden does that mean I have internet there...
  9. I just came back from trying to pay my electric bill, no internet at oxxo or Farmacia GDL
  10. I got the lifetime pneumonia shot and doctor said with all the asthma medications I take I don’t need flu shot
  11. Did you pay your bill, so do your neighbors have water?
  12. I went to Bancomer today and they didn’t have them yet..
  13. artsnob

    Min Wah

    I was invited to that event , the food looked uninviting , so we left and walked down the street to the green taco place and had a superb meal I never went back to Minwah as five of the people who got sick were my friends..
  14. I have a pair squirrel cockoos nesting in my orange tree, the morning doves moved over to he cedar tree, in the morning they all sing to me, if we weren’t on lock down I would invite to see them, also the rain birds are singing in my garden, maybe it will rain soon as the heat in afternoons is unbearable.
  15. They have a guard who will confront him and escort him out, I saw it happen yesterday morning...
  16. All offices are supposed to be open next week
  17. You ruined your card go to Mulitiva there are three people working there, give them old card and they will give you new one, you can even keep same number. Also take passport and proof of address on bill with Justin case they ask,,,
  18. The police are patrolling Ajijic, stoping anyone with out mask on, they stopped in front of my casa I was in doorway with my face mask on , they wanted to know if my gallery was open I told them I am waiting for delivery, they were very nice, just then the delivery came, guy with face mask and gloves, the police went on their merry way, I am glad they are doing these checks... m
  19. Is Kirkland where the Costco food comes from..
  20. artsnob

    Min Wah

    The oriental restaurant in Laguna mall is far superior to this, and much cheaper..
  21. Today IMSS Chapala gave me my next appointment for July 15, although they gave prescriptions for May June just have to go to their Farmacia in mornings to pick up each month
  22. It is unbelievable how many Mexicans are not wearing face masks, in my neighborhood ..
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