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  1. It is raining again in my neighborhood looks like it might be an all day affair. Nice and cool, my gardens are loving it I will have a lot of plants to give away as will have to start thinning out
  2. Down pour in Ajijic centro and wouldn’t you know my Gardner watered today, my gardens have never looked so good as I work in it everyday
  3. Really raining in ajijic centro since 9:30
  4. I have a lot of tools and stuff I am too old to use anymore, contact me and I will let you have whatever you can use...Ken
  5. Yes they are my neighbors bought some an hour ago..
  6. Boy am I glad I switched to Ilox..never a problem like Telmex
  7. I have a newer house in Ajijic fabulous location 6,500 pesos. A month PM me
  8. I get a bottle of 100 10 mg at Farmacia Christina for 60 pesos, not expensive. Maybe they are gouging you
  9. Carlos Slim is owner of Telcel, and he is 80 so I guess he can’t go to Telcel. I bet...
  10. It is definitely going to rain tomorrow because you uncovered the roof...always happen to me...
  11. I buy all my meat from Mr Bull as I can walk there and never been unhappy with the quality
  12. I am into my third year watching the first two years were better, I find myself fast forwarding some of the stupid parts..
  13. They already have, yesterday my bell rang I answered with my face mask on there were six people from Gdl none of them wearing masks, so I wouldn’t let them in and shut the door, one of them has been in my gallery before, that is how I knew the were from Guadalajara
  14. Yes they are open my neighbors got an oxygen machine from them the other day...
  15. I have a movable Telcel modem I would like to sell, newer.. half price....pm me. Ken. I have Ilox so don’t need it any more
  16. They are available at medical supply in west Ajijic that is where I got mine...
  17. I have a rental in that price range in Ajijic PM me and I will tell you about it. Nice .
  18. I have had them in my garden singing away for about ten days, the weather forecaster is predicting rain for Thursday and Friday I hope..
  19. I sent you a personal message about one of my rentals you can afford in Ajijic
  20. Are the channels able to be programmed in English, and how do they come to casa wireless or with wire...do you have to have their phone service...
  21. All those were friends of mine also, may they Rest In Peace...
  22. I will let it up to the artist what they would like to paint, and give me an estimate how much it will cost, I am too busy with paintings for a restaurant in Mexico City to do them myself
  23. My pneumonia doctor told me the same thing, stay away from any medical or dental place, and when I have to go out wear my oxygen concentrater with face mask
  24. Boy am l glad I got Ilox it never goes out except for couple minutes..rarely
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