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  1. I bought some at the oxxo in my neighborhood this morning. Ajijic on the highway
  2. Diego González Borrayo. 332 149 9217. gonzalez10diego@hotmail.com. I have him coming tomorrow morning Friday to do a lot of other stuff, he is a wonderful find...stuff I can’t do myself, and knows tech stuff...he lives Ajijic centro..but he can go any place and speaks better English than me..
  3. Dwarf with fruit, they also grow better in pots
  4. The vivero behind clinica Ajijic has large trees blooming or ready to bloom this year, his prices are great and he delivers
  5. My problem has been solved by Diego González...
  6. The Oxxo on highway in Ajijic had beer this morning..
  7. I have a house for rent unfurnished but with appliances in Ajijic. Pm me and I will give you details
  8. Thanx for the pet news, I was worried about them...
  9. I got one this morning, I had him on speaker phone ,told him I would let him talk to a police man who was here, he was so rude he hung up...
  10. What do you want be specific. You might be able to find locally
  11. Santander in GDL has them, but you have to open an account to get them, we have one at their bank in Mexico City
  12. Just google lighting shops Guadalajara and you will get a lot and you can check if open most of them are in the same neighborhood
  13. If that was Ginger, she has passed away I think..
  14. David’s restaurant on Hidalgo in Ajijic is open everyday 8 to 1. Tables spaced in front an garden...
  15. David’s 0n Hidalgo in Ajijic is back open with spaced tables in front and in garden. Open every day 8 to 1. 376 766 2341
  16. Multiva card can only be used at point of purchase no online that is why it doesn’t work. I pay at xoxo works great..
  17. No confirmed from bad alcohol, don’t start rumors...
  18. Another person died in my neighborhood that now makes nine, the funeral is late this afternoon, there some still in hospital
  19. Gee I drink one glass of wine every night with dinner, does that make me an alcoholic..
  20. If you don’t want it or if you get more, I will take it as would like in my garden...
  21. Yes that is correct, I have been full rack of ribs, chicken parmigiana and eggplant parmigiana all do well reheating..
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