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  1. Thank you Rick S. I will read it. Yes, this is it. This is what I was told about at R and R Auto by Antonio. REPUVE website showed nothing with UCD plate/former South Dakota plate/or the VIN number. I did find a facebook page with the office in GDL, name Arturo Sanchez Gonzales 33-3618-3183. Website does talk about the program and will be calling during open hours 10-5 and report back. There must be someone else around here who has renewed UCD status. I'm going to have my mechanic call and get the scoop. I have also read about the chocolate car program. So I guess I have two options potentially. Re-permit. Or nationalize thru chocolate program.
  2. Thank you for your replies. According to Antonio of R & R auto told me today that while it is available in Jalisco it has been implemented in very rural communities like where I got it in Cihuatlan and I did see many of these type of permitted vehicles there in the beach communities. Here not so much. I noticed that there is an office in GDL, but Antonio said that they do not renew there. But it still pays to check. I am wondering now 2 things: 1 What is the nearest small/rural community in Jalisco that could renew this? OR 2. What would be the process to LEGALIZE thru an extended program that goes until April of this year/ and is said to be done at Gestor Automovil in GDL taking possiblly 2 days to complete, according to Antonio who said he doesn't do it, nor does he know anyone Lakeside that does, indicating it may be quite a pain to go through. Looking for more feedback/resources/clue s on these processes.
  3. In November 2021, I registered my vehicle under a new program that would legalize vehicles that were expired TIPs due to the foreigner turning permanente. I had gotten this registration in Cihuatlan Jalisco, and now I am back in Chapala, Jalisco and the normal route for renewing tag/plates is Recuadadera. And they said they do not deal with this program there. The nearest office I can find is Guadalajara. Can anyone else shed liight on this, have used the program to legalize a vehicle that otherwise would've needed to leave the country.
  4. I have the need to call about my Amazon USA order and cannot find any contact info on their page. Thanks for helping if you have a way.
  5. Good to know the number so if you really have to get in there.
  6. I am reporting back with a positive outcome. I wrote in Spanish to solucionatelmex@telmex.com. They responded by email shortly after asking for my cell number. This morning a man called and spoke to me in English as I had requested in the email as I dont hear as well as I speak spanish. He said there was a mistake that I bought a Telmex product on internet, and he spent about 45 minutes fixing/reverssing the charge in the system. I had to wait patiently while he fixed it, and he checked in often on the phone to say he was still working on it. He said at the end the account will be back to normal in 72 hours and that I will get a call to confirm that. So before the 3rd of next month I will be able to pay the normal amount I always pay without worrying about shutoff. I hope this will help anyone in the same situation.
  7. Thanks dichosalocura. I may try that. I want to share that I googled telmex.com and i found an email address telmexsoluciona@telmex.com. I wrote to them in spanish. I will report back if I get a reply. I just read the fine fine print that says when you pay the 599.00 it permits you to enjoy the services and products of Telmex and gives you a line of credit to the telmex Tienda. Since they are not open, and then they start attaching these charges, many people will probably pay it because they fear losing the service which without the office being open poses a bigger nightmare. I was posting to see if anyone else had the same issue but not getting anyone reporting that, thankfully.
  8. I agree. I can see them limiting hours, but it is hard to get things straighted out. I'm very afraid if I dont pay the extra 200 pesos for "varios", whatever that refers to, then they may cut me off. Without any personal service, I may be in a much bigger mess. I cringe, thinking about calling the 800 number but suppose I must try it. What are people doing who need new setup service?
  9. I must admit I have a love/hate relationship with Pancho's. The food can be great one time and another time not so great, same plate. I like hanging out watching music videos and having a coffee. But lately I stopped as people not only smoke cigs in there, but also cigars. I'm not against smoking if you need to, but wouldnt it be polite to go outside? I do appreciate the groceries, but as I say, the food has been so inconsistent that I feel like giving up on it. I'm not a hater, probably will still patronize infrequently, but being an ex smoker, I gag when trying eat around that. Reminds me of the greasy spoon dives of the old days, the smoking ughh
  10. I have it growing in my yard in Riberas. I have used it to wrap fish and it is a good tea for colds and respiratory health. The plant itself is very invasive as it grows on a rhizome that spreads like crazy. I have removed alot of it and it comes back, so I'm never worried about being without it. I have frozen the fresh leaves, and they stay for quite awhile in the freezer, and I have also put the leaves in a dehydrator for tea, but might be better to dry naturally as I think maybe the dehydrator diminishes some of the anise aromatic quality.
  11. I used to go there until I had two friends tell me bad experiences, so I thought, well, so far so good, but why not change. So I went to a very good one in Jocotepec. He did an xray on some work that was done at Candy. Without a big explanation, he said it wasnt done correctly and it must be watched every six months, as what was done to the tooth may eventually kill the nerve. And that I may eventually need a root canal because of the bad work. The one friend got a second opinion to find out they were trying to get her to have work she didnt need. She actually had 2 other dentists tell her that. The other said she was being bilked out of alot of money that was not the original quote, and ended up walking out and never coming back when they tried to get her to pay 2000 more for a cleaning. She said they just stood there and laughed at her. I'm glad I changed dentists before anything really bad happened in there.
  12. A friend of mine told me this has been happening to her since she moved, and what she does is pays wehat she knows is her normal rate. She goes to OXXO and tells them to charge her that instead of what the bill actually says. In her case the bill is in her landlord's name and she has the hardwired service. I am not able to be hooked up to normal Telmex service, so because of my failed workorder, I was offered WILINK 2 which is simply wifi. I guess the TElmex office in Ajijic is still closed. Does anyone know if the office in GDL is open? Has anyone had success in calling an 800 number and getting anyone to help in English? I speak Spanish well enough, but often cannot understand what I'm hearing back.
  13. Not sure about the tube amps but I noticed someone listed phone numbers. Give him or wife Cassie a call.
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