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  1. Our cars were moving back and forth and furniture here in chapala on Gonzales gallo. Chapala-Mezcala carerterra
  2. I hope thats not i think name was computer land. Next to a cafe now closed. They charged us for basically nothing. They didnt use our own power supply. Said nothing was wrong. My husband had already cleaned it. Turned out our power brick that bad. But charged for cleaning. We took several laptops left for repair to Guad Technology plaza and had everything fixed within an hour as we checked out the area and ate. We have tried others but no luck. Most seem to send to Guad for repair which is fine if cant go. But I would ask a lot of questions. We just didn't like being charged for something not performed.
  3. I had a lot of work done at Dental Express. They had some bad reviews but I spoke to Dr Macias and it was the most pleasant experience I've ever had at a dentist. I now question some of the reviews. And very good pricing
  4. I suppose the monthly cost is depending your channel selection. What does the box and antenna and I suppose installation cost? Thanks "Cedros" in advance for the information.
  5. If I could ask. What do get? Ive never seen shaw. Ive heard people mentioning it. Is it like Direct TV?
  6. Its good you caught that. Im sure they making you go back to that same Oxxo because most are not run by Oxxo. Its almost setup the same as a paper route in the US. If you had one you know the Newspaper charges for everything. Plastic bags, rubber bands, newspaper. The newspaper. Usually gets all their money through subscriptions. its up to the paper boy to collect from the cash clients. The worst job I ever had. Oxxo will provide a location and inventory etc. The person running it gets a percentage. Its coming out of their pocket. But it was their employee
  7. I live out here. Moved from Zapopan to Ajijic and a few years later then to here. That was 5 years ago. Its nice and quiet. Neighbors are as nice as can be. They even came over and helped me repaint without me saying a word. Maybe its just me but the open areas seem to have a better breeze off the lake. A lot less traffic and crowds. Ive been out here long enough that I now consider Ajijic horrible with traffic. Thats how spoiled I am now. I would probably die of Stress if I had to go back to Los Angeles. The only things I have any Issue with is maybe shopping. Of course you can buy whatever you need but I still like to go to Soriana once in awhile. If she has a car thats going to help. If not plenty of "Local Ubers" and taxis.
  8. They call it virtual notary. This is just one example. Im sure there are many others. https://usvirtualnotary.com/service/international-notarization/?gclid=CjwKCAjwqauVBhBGEiwAXOepkWr8lQDr38amDLccf8w4YddLj4TIWlJU3obY2O682BGad8gA7HfJUhoCYY0QAvD_BwE
  9. There was a woman here that use to do it. I heard she passed away. There is a way of doing it online. Google it and you will see. It is. Us Notary it just done online
  10. They were on the Chapala-Mezcala road next to oh shirt. I heard they moved to riberas. Anyone know where or have contact?
  11. My amex card doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee. Nor my capital one and a few others. There are many that don't now. I'm not sure which amex you have but I would ask. Maybe you could change it too e that doesn't. That 3 percent can add up.
  12. There so many opinions and options about Local Medical Care. Probably more than other communities due to the Large older Expat Community. We certainly have lots of Medical personnel of every type. I myself had asked your question and was given his name. I either couldn't get a good diagnosis or I had several and they conflicted I have been here quite awhile I'm older and I have seen a lot of Doctors here. It's strange but I've had issues without even knowing and this Doctor has determined medical issues with me through only personal observation even when it wasn't his specialty. Clues. He has shown an uncanny ability of observation and he has been 100% correct on different occasions. He caught things I wasn't even asking about. So a good diagnostician. He is a very knowledgeable doctor. And on things I have asked about, knock on wood, he has been able to take care of it or tell me who could. So far he hasn't been wrong. He is American went to Medical school in Guadalajara. His name is Dr. Sam Thelin. You can find his office info on Google Maps just search his name or his website drthelin.com. Hope things can work out wherever you go. best of luck
  13. There is a guy at the Monday Chapala Teanguis that does it. His table is full of small electronic gizmos, mini external drives, small camera stands, many different cables, etc and watches and watch batteries and tools to open those special backs
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