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  1. Operation Feed teaches English 6 days a week to over 100 students of all ages. We hope you will come over the topes to Viva Mexico on August 28th between 4 and 7 p.m. to have a terrific Tex-Mex Buffet. The Fundraiser is 300 pesos for the buffet and 1st drink. 150 pesos of your cost goes to buy supplies, pay the Internet bill, pay for books, etc. It's an easy fundraiser. No tickets. Just make a reservation. No auctions or sales. No entertainment, so you can have good conversations with your dinner partners. Come support Operation Feed, the English learners, and Viva Mexico.
  2. Operation Feed supports over 550 villagers in San Juan Cosala. We work to raise the funds without impacting other Lakeside charities. So, during the "low season" we have our two big events. April 26th beginning at 4:30 p.m. at Viva Mexico is our first of the year. Come on over and feast on an Agustin buffet. Meet some of the micro-business members. Shop through the 30 items basket auction. Your 450 pesos will buy you an amazing many course buffet dinner with vegan and vegetarian items and delicious desserts. Plus you will have provided a family with a despensa (food bag) for 3 weeks. Tickets are available at Diane Pearl's and Mia's. Or just email me and I'll arrange personal delivery. If you can't come, think about buying tickets for some who has been really helpful to you or paying for tickets that can be given to some of our outstanding Mexican assistants.
  3. Yes. We will be getting everything ready for our families starting at 11 am at Viva Mexico. Just look for the crazies in stocking caps.
  4. The first two home tours are sold out! Great for the children at The School for Special Needs. Don't wait, though. Get your tickets for the rest of the Home Tours soon. All the tours sell out quickly.
  5. Event is now filled. Thanks for the support of Agustin, Viva Mexico, and Operation Feed.
  6. What my Mexican friends have told me is that they do not line the streets with their altars normally. I love Chapala''s altars, but they say that wouldn't be normal in the small villages. Most are pretty private or at their cemetery plot. Also there isn't as much dancing and big bands, etc. The priests do several short masses in the small cemeteries throughout the day. A bit less public celebration. Just what I've been told. It will be interesting to hear Agustin talk about the efforts here in SJC to keep these two days very traditional.
  7. Augustin, of Viva Mexico, wants to share the traditional (not expanded for tourists) happenings of the Day of the Dead. At Viva Mexico, a small group will get together at 1 p.m. to order from his new menu. It includes salads and his outstanding traditional Mexican meals, plus great steak and lamb. He will talk with us about the altar and life on the Day of the Dead in San Juan Cosala over his life time. Then we will walk or drive up to the cemetery and see the devotion of the villagers to their ancestors. Because this is meant to be a very small group, I have only 6 places left. Please email me to reserve them. Thanks, Carol
  8. The School for Special Children's very popular Auction Fashion Show is coming on December 6th. Check out the information about this great event. The link will take you to ticket information, table reservation directions, and lots of info about the event. The profits from this event go to support the education of over 100 very special children. Make sure to let your friends know about this, too. Getting a table together can make the afternoon really fun. Donating clothing for the show and store makes the event work! Auction Fashion Show dates and info
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  10. Ask at a hardware store, like the one next to TelMex. Many have a catalog and can order what you want from Guad. Carol
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