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  1. Congodog, I, too, am on the younger side of "senior". Ron will adjust the workout to achieve the goals the client wants. His only agenda is to make clients fit and healthy. Call him, your friends won't be disappointed.
  2. There are a number of personal trainers here but only one that I know of who specializes in seniors. Seniors training is different than training you might have experienced in the past due to the necessity of avoiding injury. We train with Ron Krayewski at Super Senior Fitness. His facility in on the carratera in Ajijic. He offers group classes and private trainings as you wish. I highly recommend him and his facility. Contact him at 333 458 1980 for details and a consultation. He will be closed most of December as his daughter and fiance are visiting and getting married here. He will still make time to talk with you and set you up to start in January,
  3. Ah, thanks Mike. Hard to believe Dr. Laura is old enough to have such an accomplished daughter, she always seems so young to me. But then again, I'm an old lady. lol.Dr Laura did my corneal replacements and it was super. Will definitely try her daughter when I'm ready for an exam.
  4. Dr. Choza is not "new". She has an established practice in Guadalajara. Will she be doing surgeries here?
  5. I'm pretty sure the OP didn't ask anyone to become a believer. This is what is wrong with the world, IMO, too much judgement. If such a group exists, I'm interested. Call it intellectual curiosity.
  6. Mara Sabatini. Speaks English, wonderful lady, trained professional. 331 712 9195, 376 766 5018 or newbodycare@live.com.mx. Has her own table and will come to your house. Swedish, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue. reflexology, Shiatsu.
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