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  1. It was designated UNESCO World Heritage City in 2008.
  2. I guess we should take knives and forks from kids too.
  3. I currently live in Guanajuato City overseeing the construction of a home. I walk the streets and alleys and have no qualms doing so. As a state capital and a world heritage city, we have layers of police presence, both on foot and in vehicles. Celaya is about 60 miles away, further than say Brentwood from South Central LA. But to each his / her own.
  4. Guanajuato City is peaceful, the local govt upped security recently due to the death of a coed in her apartment. Peaceful, but large protests about the investigation brought on an awareness of further need for security regarding stalkers etc. lots of uniforms walking beats in pairs.
  5. I have found that some labs cannot or will not fabricate lenses for frames they do not stock / service. Maybe it’s a lack of correct lens blanks or templates? I was told I could not get lenses changed on a pair of prescription sunglasses I had made NOB.
  6. You’ll either end up with your view blocked or a neighbor who dislikes you as long as either of you live there. Have you talked to the neighbor ?
  7. I don’t sell it and I leave the cap on it.
  8. They leave 1/4” - 1/2” trim. Not bad, enough fat for smoking and slow cooking. Not much in the way of marbling though.
  9. With all the options for home rentals in the area, Airb&b, VRBO, Home Away, I’m not sure why you’d be soliciting a rental on the forum. December isn’t far off, it’s prime rental time. It’s also a relatively short time frame in peak season. Are there no options via rental services and you’ve had to resort to the local forums in your search? Having rented our home via VRBO for years, I’m curious to your approach. Have you exhausted the commercial options?
  10. Spam, eggs, rice & kimchi. WTH a dash of NOH Hawaiian hot sauce.
  11. Most beef in the US is now “wet aged” in cryovac bags. A far cry from dry aging where the beefs enzymes tenderize the meat and give it its slightly gamey taste. SuKarne, a large Mexican producer of boxed beef, pork and chicken provides meat similar to US produced beef, but cuts and fat content remain different. They actually have a reasonable flat cut brisket that I use for corned beef, pastrami and smoking.
  12. Campbell’s condensed soup line is neutral or declining in profit. They are eliminating poor sellers to reduce the negative impact on profit. They still have 70+ types of canned soup globally, but are struggling to compete with packaged soups perceived to be healthier and that have a “fresher” taste. How people can convince themselves that one canned soup is “fresher” is beyond me.
  13. This is where a Toyota forum online can be your friend. Search a few forums specific to your year, make and model. You might find it’s a common issue. After balking at the dealership price of $400 USD to change a Prius headlight, I searched online, found a trick ( from a Toyota dealership mechanic ) and did my own for the cost of the bulb and 10 minutes.
  14. zerbit

    Real Chef's

    Visit some nice places in CDMX or Puebla. Where there is demand, willingness to pay higher prices, there is talent. Pujol, one of the best restaurants in North America. Lots of new talent with education and skills developing in Mexico.
  15. Wonder when chipping at birth will be promoted under the guise of better healthcare records, national security, personal security, bill payment or just plain old convenience?
  16. Metformin over counter. Dosages are different, can’t always get 500mg or 1000mg.
  17. https://telmex.com/web/hogar/conectividad-wifi
  18. Telmex also sells the TP link mesh system. I use it in a place with 3 separate buildings, multiple floors and it works great. Paid $6300 MX pesos. PM me if you’d like more info.
  19. Check with Chuster Miramontes at Gymnos Lake for MMA gyms in the area, he posts a lot about local sports.
  20. Zack Direct 7c X 18awg Cable De Riego Pvc W- Pe Chaqueta Neg U$S367.16 on Mercado Libre. Now you know why your guy installed junk. $367 usd.
  21. Just went through a closing today ( we were sellers) buyers are required to have Curps and RFC # now. Telmex wants the same when transferring a phone line.
  22. I doubt you'll find anywhere here that does a "great" job. Are you trying to match existing paint on walls or have paint made up from a sample fabric swatch or color chip?
  23. Plumbing stores usually have catalogs. Find what you want and special order. Also Mercado Libre sells sinks for residential and commercial.
  24. The one I just signed was 4 pages of contract and 3 pages of inventoried items by room, included in sale. From a known Realty company with an established agent. I've done successful transactions with him before.
  25. zerbit


    Banks hate them too. Expect bank lobbyists to try and shut them down under the guise of national security.
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