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  1. I'm glad you asked, because I just double-checked. When Bonafont originated, it was Pepsi. Now it seems that Donone is the mark. Of course, I have no idea who owns what in terms of the larger corporations.

    And those bottles, when I have seen them, for example at the place in Riberas, are thoroughly cleaned under pressure and disinfected.

  2. Jocotopec Water comes every day and offers a choice of glass or plastic garafons for 16p. Bonafont, in my experience, is not undercutting: they are a Pepsi-owned company and charged more than everyone else from the beginning five years ago here. There is a water place just west of Mom's restaurant that delivers and charges even less, and always has. 22 pesos is a rip-off for this area, I think.

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