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  1. Please would you provide contact information for Jocotepec bottled water/delivery service?

    Phone # ...?

    Thanks so very much.


  2. While Belle Cuisine certainly has lots of baking stuff, it is not "mostly" a baking shop. They have tons of kitchen stuff. Pricey, though, so I will check out La Paz, although having driven that street a million times I can't picture where any of the stores like that are. How far from the glorieta that starts the street? Before you get to Suehiro? I do recall lots of tile and bathroom shops.
  3. My favorite place, although prices reflect professional quality even on stuff that isn't: Belle Cuisine, Niños Heroes 2648, Jardines del Bosque, 44520 Guadalajara. Click here for map.
  4. Can't answer that; different for every house. Many owners complain of too much sand in their systems. I've lived in three houses in Riberas and not had that problem.
  5. That would be lower, closer to the lake. Quiet there.
  6. When I first moved to Ajijic, in 2003, I was paying 8 to 9 pesos a garafon.
  7. I'm glad you asked, because I just double-checked. When Bonafont originated, it was Pepsi. Now it seems that Donone is the mark. Of course, I have no idea who owns what in terms of the larger corporations. And those bottles, when I have seen them, for example at the place in Riberas, are thoroughly cleaned under pressure and disinfected.
  8. Jocotopec Water comes every day and offers a choice of glass or plastic garafons for 16p. Bonafont, in my experience, is not undercutting: they are a Pepsi-owned company and charged more than everyone else from the beginning five years ago here. There is a water place just west of Mom's restaurant that delivers and charges even less, and always has. 22 pesos is a rip-off for this area, I think.
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