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  1. Yay for Richie!  Sent me an email yesterday..... saw the doctor on Wednesday for continuing follow-up, bandage changing etc. and said  doctor was amazed  he's          better able to move his fingers to date than was expected.  I'm not. Both R and his brother are super-dedicated and I know he's working  at 125% effort at this, like he always does.      

    Thank you to you-know-who for the generous donation brought to my door this week.  Richie was most grateful.                                                                     

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  2. Ken don't go first thing in a.m.  I was there around 11:00 and there were five ladies with kids waiting turns for ???    When we went back at 2:00 (together) not a soul in sight other than staff, so in and out in less than 5 minutes.  Sign on door says masks obligatory, but no staff wearing and she said we didn't need them either.

  3. 47 minutes ago, happyjillin said:

    Amazon MX has many brand choices.

    Oh Pedro... if you knew Alpha1 like I know Alpha1 .......LOL LOL LOL    When he wants something it is SUPER=specific to brand, item, quality etc etc. ...plus I suspect he meant  local when he said local.   

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

    Never a good idea to rely on facebook for your news source  

    Absolutely right ML.        But in the same L.A. TImes article, it began with".....La Cámara de Diputados aprobó el jueves la eliminación del horario de verano...."   

    "The Chamber approved the elimination of DST ( as we know it) on Thursday (meaning Sept 29)     I guess we'll know when we know........

  5. Found in L. A. Times newspaper dated Sept 29..... talking about how the Chamber has already passed it with HUGE majority..and more. (see italics)

    "...Con 445 votos a favor, ocho en contra y 33 abstenciones..........  El Senado discutirá en los próximos días la iniciativa legislativa que de aprobarse podría entrar en vigencia a finales del próximo mes.    

    ".... with 445 votes in favor, 8 against, and 33 abstentions..........The Senate will debate the legislative initiative in the following few days and if approved could come into force at the end of next month (meaning October 2022).     So I'm still pretty confident this is a done deal.

  6. My husband saw it on FB this morning. Following copied from what  HE copied. 

    It's all over! Goodbye to the time change!

    This coming October 30, 2022, the schedule will be changed to your watch for the last time (after 26 years), which will be fixed schedule, God's schedule and there will no longer be Daylight Savings Time. This October 30th will be the change of time, where, your watch will be delayed by one hour and will be the last time you will do it again, because, there will no longer be a change of Summer Time..

    Newspaper in Puerto Vallarta 4 days ago seemed to be certain it will be done deal. I thought I heard it mentioned in Guad TV news this a.m. but they are still                carrying on a great length over the Sunday "incident" at /near Plaza Andares so I had it sort of half tuned out. I WOULD go on n+mas.mx but they won't let me disable tracking cookies .........     At the bank today the teller seemed to believe it was confirmed too.

    If I'm premature, I'm sorry.  AMLO is determined this will go thru (source of the "God's" schedule remark he's used for quite a while) so I think we can pretty much count these chickens, even if the shells aren't fully opened yet. At least I HOPE so.

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  7. Yesterday we got an email from RIchie, obviously with help in typing!.... and am sharing part of it since he doesn't have contact info for some who generously donated... so this is for YOU!

    ".....I am recovering little by little and I feel better and my wrists no longer feel so much pain. 

     I have an appointment with the doctor on Thursday for cleaning and to check how the surgery are going. I know my recovery is going to be slow, but I'm going to do everything the doctor says to get back to work as soon as possible.

     I send you a strong hug....."

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