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  1. 13 hours ago, Maryanna said:

    I have a disc problem and have been advised of  treatment to remove blood , add growth hormones and reinject. ( San Antonia specialist doctor) Another spinal doctor wanted to enlarge the vertebrae.  If anyone has had a good experience or knows someone who has , I would be grateful to know who it is.

    sending you a p.m.

  2. 13 hours ago, rvanparys said:

    I understand but that is why I hire people to handle this stuff for me...

    And so did we..... but the cost was considerable over and above the price of the vehicle, and there was a long wait list  at that time ( each vehicle takes MANY hours in the ONLY location in Guad where these inspections are done) because they check every single part in the entire car with a VIN number). Yes we used a service for this. No we wouldn't do it again. To each their own.........

  3. 1 hour ago, rvanparys said:

    Better selection in Mexico city for the make and model I am looking for....

    You might not think so when you go thru the horrendous and expensive process required to put Jalisco plates on it.  Been there..... car is fine, but still wish we had not done that.

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  4. Can you get yourself to Guad dealerships that sell the brand you like?  They are reliable source for used cars, and will stand by a warranty for a limited period.  That said,  all new dealerships usually have brands from different makers......so combining a trip to a few might be a good idea.   Also know an honest Mexican friend who sometimes helps people find cars......wears more than one hat.  IF you want, send me a p.m. and I'll get you two in touch,

  5. 20 hours ago, Apachewoman said:

    .....What seems to be the motivating aspects of choosing a lakeside area?.....Please share any suggestions to assist in choosing a location at lakeside......

    OK... now that we've generated a small s***storm, may I suggest this to YOU, Apachewoman? Take a large piece of paper, or open a document,  and make 3 columns: WANT/NEED      DON'T CARE    DON'T WANT/NEED         Take a few days, noting items as they come to mind.  Perhaps on a separate sheet you might also note things you believe are critical to you ( environmental concerns, I already know from previous p..m.'s are included here).  The rest.... either way.... are for you to come up with.

    Now re-do your lists, prioritizing all. Then take a look at everywhere from Jocotepec to Vista Del Lago to Ixtlahuacan..... and  apply your standards to each. With luck, some will self-eliminate. Only then as you narrow down choices should you come back to this Board, and perhaps ask for pro's and con's of specific areas..... because there will be both regardless.... as there should be.  If you have to do that one a a time, do it!  Best of luck with your choice!

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  6. 14 hours ago, ibarra said:

    Natasha, ......Please reconsider cutting down where someone chooses to live .....Why pick on my home of 16 years!......

    My friend you missed the point competently. Those "questions" were meant for ANY area lakeside, and some/all apply depending on which you are considering. I'm NOT picking on your choice and I know it's perfect for you. I just know too many people who regret decisions made because wherever they opted, it turned out to be a mistake. Chill amiga 😍

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  7. 51 minutes ago, ibarra said:

    We live in Brisas de Chapala (across the highway from  chapalence. Everything she said is how we feel about where we live. ..........

    I know you do, my friend..... yet nobody could PAY me to live there! Made that decision in 1999 and have never known one reason to change... for US. That's why I still believe suggestions are good, but Apachewoman needs to make a  good list of likes/dislikes/wants/ can do without etc. and then start hoofing it around all areas.

    How often is garbage collected? How reliable is water service to the house? What about pressure from the street? How often are there CFE issues? What happens in heavy rains (flooding etc)? How stable is the ground underneath? Is there a salitre problem (like there used to be in Riberas)? How do people regard other people's pets? How's the noise level?  What's the neighbourhood like on the weekends /evenings / long weekends? How would traffic affect ME and my lifestyle? And on and on and on.... many things one doesn't think of in the beginning but can be deal deal-breakers for some after the fact.  (Cincy for one, 3 replies back)

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  8. 41 minutes ago, Apachewoman said:

    Is Ajijic the location, location, location guideline to use ?

    NOBODY can tell you what's best for YOU my dear. Only you know the answers to what matters most to you in all aspects. Suggest you try and talk to people who live in some of the different areas, with well-chosen questions that pertain to YOUR preferences.    "One person's choice is another's horror"... or words to that effect.

  9. 12 minutes ago, ibarra said:

    It is difficult to find any meds without side effects. 

    Oh my dear friend, while you're right, some are FAR worse than others.


    11 hours ago, chapalence said:

    Regarding dosage and length of time -

      The HUGE difference in recommended dosage in U.S. and in Mexico is what started this whole issue. THAT is what David 77 was initially worried about. And me too when I read it.

  10. 3 hours ago, econ man said:

    I agree that Cipro has that potential, however levofloxacin (Levaquin,etc) is considered much riskier for tendon rupture in the over 60 population. This opinion is from conversations with multiple physicians over the years. (Almost all the floxacins have this possible risk).

    Person who suffered   ruptures in BOTH ankles was over 70.  I stand by my opinion. You've a right to yours.

  11. No signal at all Saturday morning early in Villa Nova. Yes... customer service said "in the area"... and poor young man was falling all over himself apologizing. Later was OK. Didn't watch Sunday but this morning (news) there was perfect sound but  picture only 30% of the time....  rest was anything from almost totally light grey screen to some blurry fuzzy images back and forth.         

  12. 1 hour ago, sm1mex said:

    Might consider Cipro. Can get generic. 

    NEVER! Ciprofloxacin(a) is a LAST RESORT drug that even  Bayer,  original maker, warns of the terrible ( and not infrequent) side-effects. One common one is rupture of Achilles tendon.....  and in a dear friend's case that was the beginning of a LONG road to hell that only ended in the worst way.

  13. Just googled it my friend, and yes....   dose and use VERY different. ????  If it were me, I'd be asking for another opinion, or another drug option. Especially since I know the person you're considering getting it for may suffer some of the "risky side effects" due to present conditions . Drop me a note if you like. 😍

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