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  1. From Mexico News Daily last night, and from Informador ( on line):

    Este domingo ajustará por última vez su reloj  This Sunday you will adjust your clocks for the last time.

    El Senado aprobó ayer la reforma que elimina de manera definitiva el horario de verano en el país, por lo que este próximo 30 de octubre será la última vez que la población cambie la hora en sus relojes.  Yesterday the Senate approved the reform that... eliminates DST in the country, so .... Oct 30 will be the last time people will change their clocks.

    La Ley de los Husos Horarios en los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, propuesta por el Presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador, se aprobó con 59 votos a favor, 25 en contra y 12 abstenciones, con lo que se elimina el horario de verano creado en 1996. The Law....... proposed by AMLO...... which eliminates DST created in 1996.... was approved with 59 in favour, 25 against, and 12 abstaining.

    Sin embargo, ........... ya que se contempla una excepción para los municipios que comparten frontera con Estados Unidos (EU), a fin de no afectar el intercambio comercial.  However, ......(it won't apply)... to those municipalities sharing a border with the U.S. so as not to affect commercial exchanges (there)

    NOTE:  AMLO still has to sign, but since this is his baby, only a formality.  Guessing there will be a "spectacle" for same. 😅


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  2. 8 hours ago, vetteforron said:

    .....self check out so less cashiers .......

    Sign outside self-check indicates Cash - Credit Card- Debit card       decided to try it ( old people have to learn new tricks)     6 stations were "manned" 

    as I walked in guy assumed I wanted to pay with a card, and pointed me to a station  I said "no, effectivo"    there was ONLY ONE station where you could pay cash, with three people ahead of me in that line and only 2 "card payment"  stations in use          Hello?????????   so then stood in line 13 that had been announced over loudspeakers was ONLY accepting cash payments      yup     guy in front of me whipped out his card                   DUH?????

  3. 2 hours ago, ibarra said:

    . .....  I'm sorry, but I will continue to load my cart.  

    me too ibarra        old geezer ( OMG who am I calling old ??? 👵) today missed some of my stuff and luckily the cashier  caught it in time   had very little so couldn't get to it myself on time  I WILL give a tip if there's one there as I know they get no wages     but I want to control what goes where too

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  4. 4 hours ago, Go Solar said:

    Reports indicate the coastal areas around Tepic were the point of landfall;  contacts in the area just shared this good "after action report" and images:

    "Things have calmed down, a few palapas were sacrificed to the ocean...but all things considered it wasn't what we feared".




    Unless, of course, the 2 people who died in Nayarit and their families don't count........a woman  buried under her house which collapsed due to strong winds and rain, and an 80 year old man under a collapsed cement wall.

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  5. Some have sent emails or pm's to ask about his  progress. This will be my last response..... unless.......

    Update effective Oct 19 ( received via one of his clients)...edited and shortened only for clarity:

    He had a lot of stabilizing pins removed on Oct 19.... this is nearly one month to the day from surgery... and said it was P>A>I>N>F>U>L. (Both arms are in casts extending ?? far down onto each hand/fingers)  Did NOT have a good night ... said  would be another 3 days for  inflammation to die down so could move  fingers again. Started walking dogs the previous Monday with wife's ( indispensable) help..... limited times as walking can only happen while baby's in Kinder. Wife hooks the little dogs up to a clip on Richie's belt and she handles the big ones. 

    My reply:  "When the going gets tough, the tough get going....."    Thanks to all for your concern, caring, and financial help. Greatly appreciated   Gracias 💝

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  6. Boric acid sort of works (mixed with fine sugar) , but they need to walk thru it and then clean their feet. I use a white liquid sold at most ferreterias called "PlagaSin"  (without pests).

    Pre-mixed 1 L. bottle with squeeze-sprayer (red). You must shake vigorously before using. Sprayer can be set on direct stream (my fav), spray, closed ( for safety).  Safe for people and pets, but I'm still a careful where I put it outside of closed cupboards etc.  If you can find ant trails,  direct-stream  right along them, including up to electric outlets, cracks in grout, boveda ceilings, etc..They die immediately!!  Cheap too 🙂   If you don't use it in a while, and spray doesn't want to happen,  might have sediment in bottom of the bottle clogging the intake. Easy to remedy.

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