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  1. Yup she did... and she MEANT it 不不不 Learning "tech" is worse for me than colonoscopy without anaesthetics. (Been there..... never doing it again) Ask me to learn another language (as long as Roman alphabet) and I'll love every (sometimes) tortuous minute. Eye of the beholder?
  2. Joke's on both of you! NOTHING is more fun about being predictable than the day you suddenly aren't!! 不不不 And HoneyBee..... does that mean you owe ME 10 pesos?
  3. I forgot to add....... my desktop monitor does NOT have a camera built in. Bought it this way on purpose. Can't face-time (if I even knew how)? Too darn bad. And hubbie's laptop camera is blacked out with electrical tape.
  4. JAJAJAJAJAJA What I don't trust is CELL PHONES (tho' I do use whatsapp) ....... and I don't pay anything on line either. Everything is CASH for me. I'm with your sister.... except for the TikTok of course Being older than dirt will do that to you.........
  5. Not what I meant. Of course there are pix on INE, DL, and at Intercam. Have Totalpay so no CFE or Telmex required. Never other than a renter. All I meant was with ML, I only purchase via desktop and pay in cash.... so they've never requested any foto ID of any kind. I have a HUGE personal problem with accepting any financial transaction done with a cell phone ( security) so I simply don't do them.
  6. I use ML all the time and always pay cash. When I had a credit balance recently, when making next purchase, I simply clicked on "use Mercadopago" when it asked ( desktop) how I wanted to pay. The credit was more than the new purchase, so they simply carried it forward to next one.... and then I applied that credit plus paid the rest at Oxxo. I NEVER do transactions on my phone and no way they are getting pictures of documents of any kind.
  7. Doesn't belong in this forum PH...... please put in classifieds. And good luck.
  8. I THINK I heard the sports guy on Mexican Guad channel 4 say, this a.m., that Guad Channel 5 will have the games this week. This is the channel that carried games as long as Mexico was involved so we can hope.
  9. And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.....
  10. Maryanna sent you a p.m. in late November (not this topic) and really interested in your reply...... good or bad.
  11. TUDN is channel 503 in the advanced package. You would be able to see it there . It's not a case of the rights ( sometimes the phone people mean well, but aren't as knowledgeable as needed in some situations....and then language interferes.. Been there.... done that.) That said, if you google, you'll see where you SHOULD be able to download VIX directly onto your television....... supposedly pretty easy. I couldn't do it, but then that's NO indicator of anyone else's ability. OR perhaps you can download it to your laptop or desktop? FYI, I never agree to "link" my cell phone to my desktop when prompted, but after putting VIX on my television yesterday, when I turned on the cell last night, up came a "download VIX now" on my cell phone screen. HUH?????
  12. In the "praising-TotalPlay " topic of a couple of days ago, ea93105 (unrelatedly) complained about not being able to watch FIFA Argentina-Netherlands game on TotalPlay tv. I was in the same boat that day so googled my way to a solution that might make a few other people happy. VIX is a FREE TV service (don't confuse with VIX+ (aka plus)----not free)to Latin American countries in all kinds of categories...... and that includes all the remaining 2022 World Cup matches. Mr. Google said I could download it onto my Samsung Smart TV. My TV said "I don't think so.....". I have ZERO idea if it's my usual tech-stupidity or because the TotalPlay TV mini-modem sitting under the set itself (for watching TP's Mexican channels) objected. Don't care. Mr. Google said "you can also download it onto your Amazon FIrestick". So I tried again...... and failed. A little more fiddling around later and VOILA!!!! It's there, it works (England-France) , and the source it used was actually the TUDN service the basic TP channel package doesn't contain. So if you're in a similar boat, this will work. And believe me.... if I could do it there's not one person on the planet who could not.
  13. I guess if I'd understood better what you were trying to say, I'd have gotten the joke.
  14. LEU is Leucocytes.... part of the "regular" blood test regimen. "Snap" tests are used to check for Feline Leukemia (NOT cancer), FIV (think Feline AIDS), and I think now FIP (wet and dry forms)...... all contagious and much worse A short time after putting a small drop of blood in the receptacle, little blue dots appear if kitten carries one or more. SHOULD be the very first test any kitten gets.........best call the clinic and ask. PM me for more info
  15. Just LOOK at that face. 蓉OO cute. My 5 say we're a full house, but paws and claws crossed for luck in finding this boy a furr-ever home. I know Hector would not omit, but don't see any evidence here if negative FeLV (Feline leukemia) test..... which is FAR more important to now than that raft of blood tests in the photo.
  16. They only did if you have the level up from "basic" TV (on TUDN) We don't have that package either but I found it on FIrestick - LiveNet - Sports - TSN3 (Canadian channel) That said, even tho' search said I should have been able to watch Morocco kick the s*** out of Portugal this a.m. but it would not load. BIG hopes for getting France-England at 1 pm
  17. Me either to all of the above.... that's where "other half" comes in handy from time to time for posting stuff for sale etc.
  18. right direction...... wrong reason. The Virgin of Guadalupe is attributed to having performed her first miracle on Dec 12, FOUR HUNDRED years ago this year. Extra celebrations started in some areas a few days ago for this significant milestone in Mexico.
  19. Benji, for the less important costly get the word out to your multitude of Mexican neighbours, friends, and other contacts. Also put out a sign You know they'll come since they all know you and Mrs. B
  20. You bet! Parkades have been doing it for years. Stalls are full? 5 cars leave, 5 more can enter. Wait in line meantime. Ergo....... FIVE permanent or temporal foreigners leave forever ........ deceased or back NOB (confirmed), FOUR wannabe's in line get to come in. Why the numbers discrepancy.?...... in part makes up for with the ones who enter on tourist permits and disappear into woodwork, never to be officially seen or heard from again. Easy peasy! 不不不
  21. IF you use FB it's a lot better and generates a lot more action. I had a line-up (phone numbers) for a large artist easel , and later an artificial Christmas tree.
  22. Sorry Pete....... often on leaving Villa Nova to head east traffic is at a DEAD stop way west of our exit/entrance. Same coming this way many parts of the day.
  23. WELCOME BACK amigo! Glad to have you here again.
  24. I'm headed to Vallarta store tomorrow. Expect long lines but at least better than going NEXT week!! Thanks for the heads up.
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