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  1. 15 hours ago, Bandol said:

    Yes and thank you for your kind thoughts.

    Bandol, Richie was absolutely stunned and devastated when I told him of David's passing. He said he knew there were good and not-so-good days, but never suspected anything remotely that serious.  He asked that I pass on his most sincere condolences.... 😢

  2. You're right Tim  Truthfully I don't really understand exactly what a UDI is and how the value is determined even tho' I just spent some time on gov't web sites and asking my friend Mr. Google.  I do know the coverage extends to full service banks   and I truly have no idea if Multiva falls into that category or not, on any level.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Floradude said:

    It has been 3 years .........Does anyone have factual information ......when it will be open?

    Really?  Flora you've certainly lived here long enough to know that "it will be done when it's done" and not one moment sooner.  OH.....we forgot about ..... OH...... not enough workers came today..... OH   we didn't think about.........   OH  ... we ran out of xxx materials...Oh we forgot to think about Christmas break .. Easter Break.... Day of the Dead.....    ad infinitum.  And so the answer is there is no answer...... 😊

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  4. 29 minutes ago, Stream said:

    The connections in fingers that allow pulling a jointed section closed is around a month normally. That the estimated I was told after a finger was busted out of place and it was a month or so till the fingertip would close. Eating healthy well rounded meals I guess is a good way to improve recovery times.

    Thanks amigo. He's into week 7 now.... but remembering both hands, both wrists, and one arm were all severely fractured, I would opine his recovery overall has to take longer.  He's still in casts on both from elbows forward to "somewhere" mid-palm'ish.  I'll give him your best.

  5. Understand one thing.... their higher-rate offerings are (1) NOT covered by IPAB (similar to Canadian or American bank deposit insurance)  (2) commissions and Mexican taxes will be involved, and (3) there are some otehr interesting things that will apply including minimum balances etc. ( No idea if what you're looking at falls into this category.)

    Look at one of your monthly statements  are read ALL of the fine print on ALL pges.... or get someone to read for you if Spanish is a problem.  That way no surprises or disappointments.  No personal experience with them.... but I translated such for a lady who learned things were NOT as she expected.

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  6. Speaking of RIchie.... his brother informs us that Richie's "enthusiasm" following doctor's comments about "how well" he was doing was perhaps a little bit coloured by wishful thinking (understandable).  Apparently his has slight movement in fingers of right hand only in the joints nearest the nails, and only a slightly better amount in the left.  Doctor has said he should recover most ! all but has zero idea of time..... weeks, months, a year, or longer.

  7. 2 hours ago, Yo1 said:

    I'm so sad that we didn't hear sooner.  I hope someone put him on their altar this year.  RIP

    And if I had done as planned and put this up even a very few days ago we might have. 😢

    If anyone personally knows " Mrs. Pedro" I would appreciate an expression of condolence to be given to her. He had a long and most unpleasant trip at the end and it must have been terrible for her to witness, knowing there was nothing she could do..... and now she's alone.  RIP friend.

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  8. 16 hours ago, liquipure said:

    I planted a few small bushes , Ixora. After 6 months, not blooming. Help says need alkaline soils and very sunny. I got the sun. Anyone know soil type in Ajijic?

    1.  There is no such thing as ONE soil type in AJijic. We've had many types over 4 different gardens. (Yes.... I have a pH meter)  Apart from  pH it could be different in the next garden to yours.

    2.  Be sure drainage is not an issue.. (read below).

    3.  The following taken from Mr. Google.......

    "...Ixora is used in.... well-draining, slightly acidic soil. In alkaline soil, the foliage can become chlorotic (yellow leaves with green veins).

    If you think that light and soil conditions are adequate, you might water in a low-phosphorus fertilizer. (that means NOT 20-20-20)

    And  sprinkle Epsom salts around the plants and water it in. This will help the ixora absorb necessary nutrients that encourage flowering. ......"

    NOTE: Most  garden centres (and often hardware stores) carry Epsom salts  aka Magnesium Sulphate (Sufato de Magnesio). Works well and works fast. I get mine at the fertilizer store in Riberas across (more or less) from S & S.    Good luck

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  9. 1 hour ago, gringal said:

    In the case of having one lady who works 4 hours on one day a week, and who has many others who use her services...is she considered my "employee" re this new law or is she "self employed"?

    Mainecoons please add this to your questions with the lawyer. I have one lady 3 1/2 hours every second week ( sometimes less if she requests) and no way I'm getting into all that hassle even tho' the idealistic form of this concept is great. And if this means EVERY worker in Mexico, what about the little mom and pop places that might have one or two  part-time helpers.  Can they comply? Highly doubt that.

    Someone on TOB  said in earlier years they had asked construction workers on THAT job-site if they wanted to be enrolled in the   mandatory coverage re: job sites, or just have the person pay any medical bills if happened on the job. To a man they elected the latter, and became "independent contractors" for that one job.........................

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