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  1. And so they should. If ex-pats have qualified to move here, it's a given their ability to pay outstrips that of the average local Mexican nacional.
  2. Ken, trust ibarra she personally knows Zeb
  3. For those who don't know: There are only so many Notarios permitted to be in delineated geographical areas at any one time...... determined by population and a governing set of rules. Even if one WANTS to be a Notario, and manages to pass the requirements, exams, etc., if they want to be in a certain "zone" they have to wait in line ( could be YEARS) until a space opens up..... usually by death or retirement but can be other reasons. I assume the son has been waiting in the wings...... and perhaps may have been given some sort of preference to follow in dad's footsteps?
  4. I've already shared info with MC about another (solo) lady vet out this (west) way who will definitely go to his house, which might be out of their range. (Yes, I do know where he lives and where they are.) But that's perhaps another option.
  5. Yes they do for sure. A friend in San Antonio has used them for big ticket items.
  6. One question for those that have already done it this year. Are they giving out a new plastic tarjeta de circulación to do we continue to use the one we have? Gracias
  7. name of the medication? (many here can be bought without prescription) but your remark about anesthesiologist muddies the waters please elaborate?
  8. This was yesterday. I'd be really careful about going near there any time soon. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/ovidio-guzman-el-chapo-captured-sinaloa/
  9. Meanwhile, in Colorado and other points in all directions.........
  10. San Antonio... yes.. BEST guy is José Luiz Hernández aka El Vaquero Just above Ramón Corona t-intersection (black doors on west side of that street) facing the street that comes down from highway a few doors west of San Antonio Oxxo. 333 465 5175 (cell) does use whatsapp
  11. Just bought some black ones and yes... definitely also biodegradable. Many sizes 45 pesos for 1 kg 70 x 90 cm
  12. Seriously????? Do what Mexicans do..... learn the "close to" route times for your stop and plan accordingly. eg My housecleaner comes from San Antonio to Villa Nova (short walk before and after bus stop to bus stop) , and without fail arrives within 2 - 3 minutes before/after scheduled time.
  13. I buy trash bags at the "regular" Surtidors.... Chapala and Ajijic black in 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 9 0 cm ( biodegradable??) also smaller (for sure biodegradable) for wet refuse ( veggie peels etc) in a covered pail under the sink excellent price sold ( I think???) by the kilo
  14. If you go to the link I posted ( and ibarra added), the very large chart (just scroll down a touch) begins with the heading: The decree of Dignified Vacations in Mexico is now official, which establishes a minimum of 12 days of rest after serving one year in the same workplace. It then proceeds to tell you how many days per years worked as I outlined above. Ergo, in year 10, the old number was 16 and the new one is 22. "X" (days worked) divided by 365 (days in year) x 22 (new guide year 10) x 1.25 (old guide) x $ daily wage = vacation pay
  15. she sent me an email last evening saying would get in touch if you want to pm, got to top right this page, click on the black envelope, and say you want to send a new message enter "Dogdaze" where it asks for recipient. THen proceed and hit "send" when done she'll get an alert when she's signed in that there's a pm waiting to be clear, you don't use email addresses for the process within this board you use "user names"
  16. (1) are you sure you're not confusing statutory holidays and annual vacation ( holiday) pay? (2) What's confusing about applying the old site and inserting new numbers? OLD guide: Year 1 -- 6 days NEW law: Year 1---12 days Year 2 -- 8 days Year 2 ---14 days Year 3 -- 10 days Year 3 ---16 Year 4 --12 days Year 4--- 18 Year 5 -- 14 days Year 5 --- 20 Year 10 -- 16 days Year 6 - 10 ---- 22 days Year 15 -- 18 days Year 11 - 15 ----24 days etc etc. 26 (days worked) divided by 365 (days in year) x 6 (old guide year one) x 1.25 (old guide) x $ daily wage = vacation pay NEW scale: insert 12 where the 6 is and proceed. Makes sense to me. Others???
  17. this is part of the year-end annual calculation as for stat holidays during the year, they are entitled to either to be given the day off with pay, or be paid double ( triple?) if they work.... tho' many will tell you not to bother many I know of opt to work at regular pay becasue ???
  18. I'm assuming one will apply this new scale and can then continue to use rollybrook's old calculator for vacation days ( once per year with aguinaldo). Hoping Guad Reporter may publish, but in the meantime, you can see for yourself. Sorry I have to give you the whole article but don't know how to show only part. https://www.informador.mx/mexico/Vacaciones-dignas-A-partir-de-este-primero-de-enero-ya-puedes-solicitar-tus-12-dias-de-vacaciones-20230101-0025.html
  19. My pleasure. And by the way, by many of us resident's standards, you're barely old enough to qualify for CPP / OAS 🤣🤣🤣
  20. Stan I just sent her your email, so you can expect to hear from her as soon as she reads it from me. Happy New Year Natasha
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