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  1. 39 minutes ago, johanson said:

    The traffic doesn't stop. But on a bad day things might slow down to the 20s or 30s.  :) 

    Sorry Pete....... often on leaving Villa Nova to head east traffic is at a DEAD stop way west of our exit/entrance.  Same coming this way many parts of the day.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Hud said:

    You two are obviously very Special. The OP topic was "   Please stop ignoring traffic "DO NOT" signs ".

    I AM the O P.  And what you put in bold was the topic heading.  Here's the first line of the actual post:

    "Those heavy BLACK arrows ( left, right, or straight ahead) encircled with  RED and a diagonal running through that hang on traffic light arms aren't there as a joke......"

    Just take your redneck self back to your land of cowboys and country music and stop playing (not very good at it) psychologist.



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  3. On 12/1/2022 at 5:00 PM, bournemouth said:

    As nothing has been heard from the original poster, is it possible the person is a troll?

    I just figured out who "Melody Hancock" is after reading this weeks' Guad Reporter "Letter to the Editor" p.10.......direct verbatim quote from part of that letter follows:

    "....Noise.........Why are these noisy conditions not supervised by authorities? Set noise standards and enforce them.  Visitors, and those newly moving here, are not having any fun ( my reaction.... then why stay?)  and we can take our money elsewhere (my mental response---- PLEASE!  Do so!!) ............ We travellers talk to each other and this talk will turn off future visitors.............."     (Gee..... hasn't worked so far.........)

    Are my suspicions right? Only the Shadow knows........



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  4. 4 hours ago, Hud said:

    Since it doesn't apply to anyone I know and you know, and the op knows.......,

    And you KNOW this HOW oh omniscient one?????  Because I certainly DO personally know 3 different friends who've had serious vehicle accidents ( and in two cases injuries) right at that infamous WM corner......... and in all cases due to negligence on  drivers other than themselves (police reports etc)., running red lights or ignoring posted  DO NOT signs.

    But then I've suddenly realized.... you hate this topic because YOU are one of the offenders!!!  Just because you've been lucky so far doesn't give you the right to be so high and mighty.

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  5. Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to the discovery that bodily contact with the Earth's natural electric charge stabilizes the physiology at the deepest levels, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves blood flow, energy, and sleep, and generates greater well-being.  Take off your shoes..... go outside (grass is nice) and stand there for a while with both feet firmly planted.  Done 😊

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  6. Want to add the following as illustration of how things are here now. Tuesday I was on carretera headed west, but east of that T-intersection libramiento traffic light. 

    Car came down the libramiento a little faster than should be, but guessing trying to catch that light. HOWEVER it blazed right on thru (totally ignoring the overhead DO NOT sign ) into the WM parking lot, which meant crossing the lateral/service road (take your pick) that serves cars and buses.... Autozone, WM, or bus stop.  There was not ONE second of hesitation on driver's part and since people using that road don't expect someone coming straight thru, a unwary driver could easily have been broadsided at speed. 

    In fact there was an injury accident the week prior just after 9 a.m. (ambulance and cops) closer to the west edge of  Autozone building....  didn't see that one happen but paramedics were putting someone in the "bus" when I passed.  Both vehicles were in that lateral but positioning made it hard to tell where they each started.  

    Ans "Pappy", it's too long since you've lived here to have an excuse to wade in.  As the old country music song goes "..... you don't know what it's li-ike....." 🎸

  7. I know of a house my landlord's brother is in the process of buying that should fill most of your needs...... BUT it won't wait for an April possession. They're trying to have it ready to be available Jan 1 or soon after..... and it's for long term only   PM me for more info

  8. Those heavy BLACK arrows ( left, right, or straight ahead) encircled with  RED and a diagonal running through that hang on traffic light arms aren't there as a joke. Yes, I know the    (worst offender) T-intersection at Walmart on the carretera was designed by a lunatic high on drugs and booze who'd never visited their work before or after. Yes it's a MAJOR        P I T A to all, me included. But  those arrows are there for a reason.... and not just in that location.

    Do I care when those to whom the rules "don't apply", or who are simply too lazy or important to obey them,  break a law on ignoring? Only a little.

    What I DO care about a LOT is your behaviour has a direct possibility of affecting MY life ( or someone else's) in the event your actions provoke an accident that could result in my/their car being crunched or I/others are personally injured........or worse. (Yes... I'm insured. Not all are the same.)  Driving is a privilege... please don't abuse it.


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  9. A friend in late stages of extensive remodel on a large  house / property finds herself looking because she's tired of  having men there with whom she cannot communicate. Yes.... she knows is her fault    ... but she's not learning quickly enough for NOW.   Own vehicle / moto required for west-of-Ajijic location. I can't help becasue I only know  excellent non-English speaking ones.

    Please supply ( or p.m.) names /contact info etc. of people you have used and will recommend when asked.  Meanwhile she's  looking on FB.  The HOPE is we'll come up with at least one name in common ☺️ but if not, one way or the other she'll find what she's looking for.  Thank you in advance.

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