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  1. I stand corrected. Hope it works for you "BenjiBoy"
  2. Unless he's changed his policy, Daniel only takes the "real" thing. But no harm in calling to ask.
  3. HUGE thanks to all. Board member who's also a personal friend sent me a great link this a.m. and when this gets back to the top of the list, we'll be following his advice. Adios
  4. thanks to all, but sudden onset health thing for me (unexpected, non-life threatening, but a painful aggravation) plus two large elderly dogs needing surgeries next week, means this project has to go on the back burner for now appreciate all the input πŸ’
  5. Oh Rick that's TOO funny! He hasn't set foot on Canadian soil in over 24 years! "If they want to see me, they know where I am....." But he can take his pix, and when he comes home (here) the laptop is always connected and wifi will do the trick for the phone. Really appreciate this info, amigo
  6. Yay Rick..... you've come thru' again. Does that mean (1) as long as phone is near wifi, and laptop in connected (always) that's all he needs? My old Samsung Galaxy S5 (2014 model) takes excellent pix. Maybe we can find him something similar. MIL gracias.
  7. OK. Apparently hubby's laptop lacks as SD slot..... so camera is not an option ( yes? no?) That said, if one ONLY wants a cell phone for taking pix, (1) MUST you have an active phone number? IF yes, would be NO DATA, NO PLAN..... just sufficient minutes to retain same. (2) How can one judge if a used phone has enough life left in it? NOT buying a brand new one!!!
  8. You can get a taller one (easier to "swing") that might also have a lower rack for the second jug. We had one 20 years ago but not since 2009 so can't remember well.
  9. Yes, it's a term used for grannies...... but not just Russian ones. But the actual scarf is also called a babushka...... decades ago all my eastern European relatives and their friends used that term ( and the older ladies wore them!)
  10. For those who might not know.. a "babushka" is a head scarf worn by many women from Eastern European countries....... 😻
  11. Another possibility is tiny little spiders. Your rarely see them, but they bite like crazy. Only ever had them in beds. If you examine the "hole" in the bite, 2 holes means spiders. One means fleas. HIGHLY unlikely, in your situation, it's bedbugs.
  12. Gracias. That's my plan as soon as I get back from the beach. 😎
  13. OK all. Yes, I use iShop ( and have a box there). Yes I order from Amazon U.S. and Amazon .mx ( as well as ML)and receive there. But for the small value involved, I think the overall cost of getting it via the Laredo route is too high. So I'll tell her to drop it for now. We were supposed to meet in PV but she had an accident. Next year is good enough.
  14. I understand that Ferret..... and still want to do it the "mail" way. I don't need to pay more than the package contents are worth in $$ for ???....... as I would if she sent it to me via iShop. But thanks for mentioning it.
  15. I know this has been covered but can't find it. My sister needs to mail a small package to me from Canada for direct home delivery ( or regular post-office pickup). Approx. value $25-30 CAD. Should she include receipts ( 2 items)? IF not, what is needed so they can come under the "free" allowance someone has talked about before? Gracias.
  16. Has anyone considered the HIGH cost to health care services re: smoking-related illnesses? Betting this had something to do with putting this much-needed law in place, tho' suspect they'll never say! YAY Mexico!! Well done!
  17. Santander Bank in Chapala used to be officially designated to receive/replace torn or otherwise damaged bills ( even if not fully intact). Been there more than once (pets........πŸ˜’.) If another bank doesn't want to do it, go there.
  18. could be worse..... you could be Canadian dropped to 13.98 this afternoon and at this moment (xe.com) 14.00 even 😬
  19. You apparently don't understand the difference between "Notary" ( as in NOB)..... nearly any Tom, Dick, or Harriet.... and a Mexican Notario (elite top of the attorney/lawyer scale). Either explore options with the insurance company involved, or get thee to the U.S. Embassy amigo.
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