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  1. As far as I know Farmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic doesn't have a doctor anymore. I go to Benavides in Chapala. It is on the main road right before Soriana.
  2. I live in El Parque in San Antonio and they have installed it in the development. They are now in the process of running cable to each house. It's turning out to be quite a task. We don't have it yet. Some people do.
  3. Did you try Farmacia Mascaras in Riberas? Ivan can usually get most anything.
  4. REALLY?! Who are you to judge? Maybe those are the only clothes they have. Maybe they ran out of food yesterday and that will be their last meal. I just don't get people.
  5. I will contribute too. I saw it on Facebook and I shared it.
  6. And you just hijacked it. No intent, so it just happened on its own. SMH
  7. I was hoping this would not get ugly but I guess I expected too much. You have no idea why this trip is necessary for me. Trust me, a lot of thought has gone into this decision.
  8. Has anyone traveled round trip from Mexico to the States during this time? Any problems? We are US citizens with permanent resident status in Mexico.
  9. I agree with the above posts. They are excellent. And if you don't see what you want on their website just add it in the comments and they will do their best to get it. They even check expiration dates!
  10. My son sent us a package from the States with DHL. He thew in some Vitamin B 12 and some spices. It got held up at customs because they insisted it was medicine. The best solution was to send it back. It cost us over &300. USD. Plus what ever it cost my son to ship it down. Now we only order through companies that ship internationally, Costco Mexico, Amazon US and Amazon Mexico.
  11. My mom just turned 102 in September and she still zips around in her Jazzy scooter!
  12. I will be looking into this company. Ajijic Cleaning services. 3312825020
  13. Thanks. Do you have a number for him? I would love to not have to go out there every night.
  14. Has anyone used a fumigation service for cutter ants?
  15. It's a nightly ritual for us. I do believe the poison will get me one day.
  16. I keep telling my husband that we need an anteater that we can let roam the garden eating the millions of leaf cutter ants! He's not too keen. LOL
  17. Say what you will but you are blaming him for letting strangers get too close and therefore getting robbed. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.
  18. Victim blaming is not helpful. Just saying.
  19. Ask Enrique who was the carpenter that cut down a kitchen cabinet in El Parque. I'll talk to him if you want me to. I sent you a pm.
  20. I have a physical copy of the bill and the extra charge is not on it. It only shows up on the receipt from the machine. The same thing happened to my neighbor. $61pesos added on. I only use Telmex for local calls since I have an American vonage number for all other calls.
  21. We pay our bill at the machine outside of Telmex in Ajijic. Our bill is always $389. This time they added a $61. charge. No idea why. Anyone else?
  22. Get in touch with our contractor. He has a very good carpenter. He recently altered one of our cabinets. Enrique-331 132 1166
  23. Thank you. I did find his website but a friend said his phone wasn't working but I'll have her try again.
  24. Is Dr. Sam Thelin sill practicing in Mexico? He used to have an office in Chapala.
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