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  1. This is not the correct menu. I can't find one to post.
  2. Operation Feed in San Juan Cosala collects clothing and other items. jonpseaborg@yahoo.com (376) 765-3306 331-694-3446
  3. I was able to register both of us but I had to disable translator. At the end click on Comprobante which enables you to save the document for you to print later.
  4. I just registered the two of us but I had to disable translator.
  5. It worked for me but only when I disabled the translator.
  6. I was looking forward to info on the real estate market not Air B&Bs.
  7. Being a US citizen and a Permanante Residente in Mexico I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sigh
  8. We're waiting. Hope to go back to the states when we feel it's time. If things change and we can get the Pfizer vaccine here then we'll do that.
  9. We use him a lot. His service is excellent. Great website too. And if you don't see what you want there's a comment box at the end of checkout where you can add items.
  10. I ordered on Saturday and received a confirmation email promptly.
  11. From what I have read about airline requirements it seems like some or all of them require a PCR test or an Antigen test. There is a thread on this board, COVID 19 TESTING, LAKESIDE/GDL that lists labs Lakeside that do the tests with prices and time for results. It's on the first page. You will need to scroll down.
  12. Farmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic has always done a good job with photos for us. Maybe personnel has changed.
  13. This is not a surprise. When COVID first started the US Consulate advised all Americans to return to the US. It was made clear that if they remained no assistance would be given. We were warned.
  14. We are very happy with Dr. Haro. We have used him for fifteen years. No problem with the crown he did for me. I think he brings a specialist in for that. 376 765 3193
  15. You can get it filled in Ajijic. It's across the street from Plaza Bouganvillas. Make a slight right across from the Tianguis Street.
  16. I was responding to Cedros who said he never puts the sticker on his windshield.
  17. We got a ticket because it wasn't on the windshield. We had it but it was in the glove compartment.
  18. We got the ticket in December 2019. We had the sticker but it was in the glove compartment.
  19. No, for some reason it was never applied. We have someone pay our registration for us and they usually apply it. Our fault for not checking.
  20. I was thinking that also but forgot to mention it in my post.
  21. They could try switching to a propane heater. If they own their house solar would be the way to go. IMO
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