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  1. 2 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    I've noticed that the ants don't touch some of our plants....agapanthus (South African Lily/Lily of the Nile);  aloe and succulents of all sizes; philodendron family. 

    But they have decimated a lima (sweet lime) and a few large hibiscus.  They come back again and again for these.

    Can anyone recommend some sort of citrus tree and a large flowering shrub that these critters don't like?  Or any trees/shrubs in your garden that the ants leave alone?

    They haven't bothered my Penta shrubs or Lavender.

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  2. 8 hours ago, BeanRoy said:

    I am quite sure Ferret knows this. And driving to Guadalajara to find a glass-blowing shop to fix a single stemmed rose is probably not high on anyone's agenda.

    It must be nice knowing everything.

    I was only trying to be helpful.

    BTW we love driving into Guadalajara.

  3. 2 hours ago, Ezzie said:

    A group of us 60+ residents of the Municipality of Poncitlan (east of Chapala) received our first jabs this afternoon in Mezcala,  Next shot is to be given to us in 20-40 days.  The vaccine used was the Sinovac (Chinese) vaccine which Mexico is administering for all of the rural areas where the Pfizer vaccine is impractical.   There were about 200 people that were vaccinated and it was a remarkably well run and efficient process.  Thanks to the Jalisco health unit. Oh... so far no side effects.

    Thanks for the information for those that are interested in the Sinovac vaccine.

  4. There are restrictions in our condo pool. I believe the restrictions come from the condo board. You need to sign up in advance, only 4 or 6 people for each time slot (I think it's for an hour), you need to have your temperature taken by the security guards first, you must social distance and no congregating. The pool hours have also been shortened. It closes at 4 pm. I like going later in the day so I'm out of luck for now.

  5. 1 hour ago, lcscats said:

    Here are three things I do that really help.  Weigh yourself in the morning every day. It can change the day for the better.   Also when shopping look at the label. It is amazing the things that have added sugar to them.  Learn to use Stevia.  I have found it best to use it with a little bit of cane sugar which seems to eliminate the bitter aftertaste. 

    Be careful when using stevia. It interacts with some medications.

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  6. 13 hours ago, thevalerieleigh said:

    My sister, Selecia Young-Jones, is a certified Remote-on-line Notary and can notarize your documents for less money and you can avoid a trip into GDL.  You can contact her at rainbownotaryandnuptials.com or at 904-333-7311.

    She's had success helping lakeside folks this past year while the Consulate was shut down.  She can also help with getting your document Apostile for a very low price.  

    Check her out!

    Val Jones  :)

    Selecia was the remote notary that I used. She was excellent. She convinced Merrill Lynch to accept the documents. I highly recommend her.

  7. On 2/7/2021 at 1:45 PM, CHILLIN said:

    I hope the items on their menu ending in "ghost" do not mean ghost peppers. They are really, really hot!

    We have been going to this restaurant in Guadalajara for months. Today we tried the new one in Ajijic. Excellent food and service in both locations. The food is spiced to order. They will ask you what number on a scale of 1-10. My husband loves his food very hot and he said 10 is not hot for him. As for me I can handle a 3 or 4. One time I asked for 8 and it was too hot. The owner said the chef is reluctant to make the dishes too hot for the ex-pats. LOL

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