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  1. BeanRoy-"Right now it's tricky at Allen W. Lloyd for those trying to get out or across, because for some reason drivers are not paying attention there". We live on Allen W Lloyd and without the light it is very difficult sometimes mainly trying to turn left. If only people would just be courteous and let you out.
  2. My husband got ours at Amazon Mexico. In case you don't find one Lakeside.
  3. Dr. Claudia Camacho Choza-33 3441 5902 Email-office@camacho-choza.com
  4. Our son shipped a package with vitamins to us and it became such a hassle that we ended up sending the whole thing back. It cost a lot of money for shipping from the US to Mexico and then back to the US. We now order our vitamins from Amazon Mexico and never have had a problem.
  5. June 14. Only because it's my son's birthday! LOL
  6. I was just wondering if PCR test and antigen are both accepted for travel to the states.
  7. We hope to visit family in the states in June and get the vaccination while we're there.
  8. Welcome fellow New Yorker! We don't get many from that part of the woods down here!
  9. There's a store in San Antonio to the left of the Coca-Cola plant. Maybe they sell glasses. There's also a store in Chapala that may have glasses. Make a right when you get into Chapala from the carretera. I'm not sure if it's still there but it's across from the municipal building and to the left of the church. Good luck.
  10. As far as I know Ivan who runs the store next to the old Maskaras clinic is not her son. But he is excellent. Always tries to help me find what I need. He will even deliver.
  11. I understand about the scars. A few years ago when I was in the States I ordered leather gardening gloves that reach up to my elbows. I had to order them online but they have saved my arms.
  12. Cedros said-Go to a large nursery like the one behind Superlake and and see what catches your eye. Sorry but that nursery is long gone. I go to the one in La Floresta now. Traveling west from San Antonio it is on the right side right before Johanna's restaurant. It's small but they have a large assortment of plants. My impatiens get sun all afternoon and are doing very well.
  13. My advice is not to go for the Easter holiday.
  14. I doubt it. There are a lot of lights in NYC! HaHa
  15. Thanks for your suggestion but our options are New York or Philadelphia. We find that to be a difficult drive. Plus too many hotels where we can be exposed.
  16. I have had my e credit extended twice already. Maybe you can ask. How do you go about having the tourist tax refunded?
  17. I have read many things about which test the airlines will accept. I know they have different requirements. I also read that if your antigen test comes back negative you have to take the PCR test. Do you know if this is true? Or is that only if you have symptoms?
  18. That is not the correct number unless it's a US number. This is his number- 376-766-3557
  19. Try not to jump to conclusions. Are you calling the correct number? The one listed above is not correct. This is his correct number. 376-766-3557
  20. Not nothing. It's helpful information for people who don't want the vaccine that they are giving in Mexico.
  21. I was able to reach it but it has this message. This group has been archived An admin archived this group on March 21, 2021. You can't create posts, like, comment or add more members, but you can still view all posts. It has up to date info on it.
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