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  1. We saw this advertisement but since we had such a bad experience we didn't make a reservation ... would rather just donate than have a bad meal. Wish we had known that others were doing the cooking as we absolutely love fried catfish!! Enjoy some for us
  2. Gringal, you are right ... you were not one of the ones that "piled on" when I posted our experience. In fact, this was your exact comment, "Wookie, thanks for taking the time to tell us what happened, in just the right amount of detail (bless your heart). Looks like it will take some time to get all that fixed, and you saved others from having a very disappointing experience. 😉" I was so hoping that they were going to be good because I am one of those people that grew up on good Southern cooking. Yes, it can be greasy but it isn't really supposed to be dripping with grease ... I have seen gravy that has grease swimming around on top .... and that is not my idea of good Southern cooking. However, yes, fried food (chicken, catfish, chicken fried steak) are some of my very favorite. Like anything else, eaten once in a while probably won't kill a person. It is comfort food to me.
  3. gringal: I have spent my money there and reported on it and it wasn't pretty. At that time everyone piled on me for giving a bad review. It seems that nothing has really changed and I thank all of you that either didn't read my review or decided to try it for yourself or try it again after being open many months ... for replying to my question. We won't bother going.
  4. We received ours no problem. Looked on our statement and there is a RFC# shown. This must have been done when we opened the account several years ago but I don't remember it.
  5. Has anyone eaten here lately? Has it improved since the several many bad reviews when it first opened? If you have and liked it, what did you have?
  6. Purple Garlic Pizza is the best pizza Lakeside ... of course, that is only my opinion. 😊
  7. Others on this board have recommended the Miramontes: Father is Francisco 333-157-8060 and Paco, the son 331-303-4298. Also, Albert Mora was highly recommended not long ago 331-174-0395. Suggest your friend talk to all of them as there is a wide range of prices.
  8. Miguel Lomus Martinez: 331-659-1017; Gabriel Orea 331-348-3228 both speak English. We have used both and they have both been most reliable.
  9. Giltner68, we have lived in Upper Chula Vista for a year. We have been without power 3 times. Two of those times have been 10 and 12 hours. So, you are not alone, as we Gobblers (whatever that may mean) have been just as unlucky ...
  10. Sorry, Tiny, I misunderstood. It thought you were thinking that the house was a picture of what was to come. We have seen many houses like this that don't blend ... so many that they actually start blending!
  11. I"m not positive but I think it's a picture of the existing neighborhood ... An existing house. Not one that's proposed.
  12. My Mom was 87 when she moved here and she also had COPD and used an inhaler. She didn't require oxygen at all and adapted easily. I hope you are as fortunate.
  13. Wookie

    half & half

    I use the half & half here in recipes with no problem also. I also use the whipping cream (crema batir) without chilling anything .. add sugar and vanilla and whip it stiff in a tupperware bowl, put a lid on it and it will last in the fridge for about 3 days. I use the homemade buttermilk that you can purchase at the shop which is about 3 to 4 blocks down on the right on the street that runs south between Lloyds and Guadalajara Pharmacia. It works great. Happy baking!
  14. Gringal, I had the same problem as he was x-raying my hip and knee. After the debacle with the hip, he then told me I needed to stand up straight and hold the film cartridge behind me. When I asked him how in the world I would do that he took my arms, straightened them, pushed them behind my back and had me clasp the film. This was painful for my arms and neck as it was heavy. I told him he needed to hurry as I could not hold it for very long. He went behind the partition and then proceeded to tell me I had to hold it lower. When I bent my knees in order to get it lower he told me I had to have them straight!! I told him that was too bad because my arms were not long enough to put the thing in the position he wanted it. He came in, took me down and laid me on the table for the knee x-ray. Needless to say, it will be a long time before I try that again.
  15. It is my understanding that there is now no smoking. Pets are allowed.
  16. I purchased one in front of Superlake this past Friday afternoon. It is reversible and I really like the pattern of butterflies and sunflowers. I think the different colors of green and cream are really pretty. They had different patterns with reds, rose, blues, browns, oranges, etc. It will be a perfect weight for spring and summer. I paid $650 for a full size. Maybe paid too much considering you saw them for $600 for a queen size ... but I don't like to haggle unless I think a price is way out of line. I didn't think the equivalent of $35 U.S. was out of line even if it was machine made which I have no idea whether it is or not. I just know I like it a lot.
  17. If anything it was worse a week ago than it was a couple of years ago.
  18. Natasha, I have not given our dogs heartworm medication because I was advised by one of the highly recommended Vets that it was not necessary as heartworm was not a problem here. If that has changed, he has not informed me of such. I will be asking his advice. I do know they have to be tested first, otherwise they can become very sick and possibly die.
  19. Could you please tell me how much it costs for a couple to join? If we join now in December will our membership be good until next December or do we need to wait until January to enjoy a full year of membership?
  20. Ezzie, what are the symptoms? Is this anything like heartworms that dogs get from ticks? We have been advised not to give the heartworm medication here but maybe we should?
  21. We used an ace bandage but the thunder jacket was much more convenient. It worked for us even after they started going off. As soon as the jacket was put on and a little bit of loving and they were fine.
  22. Not sure but have seen on this board that there is a knit shop a couple of doors down from Diane Pearl's in Ajijic. She is on the corner of Colon and Ocompo and the knit shop is west of her store on Ocampo.
  23. I know this has been discussed on this board before because at the time I was smart enough to write it down. However, I was not smart enough to remember to bring the instructions with me. I have tried to do a search but there are pages and pages with the different search words that apply to multiple subjects. So, if someone would be so kind as to let me know how to use my cellphone in the States to call home I would truly appreciate it. And, yes I do have the North American Plan Thanks.
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