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  1. We had lunch today at this restaurant in Chapala. Calle Degollado 373. 765-6135 They are open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and closed on Wednesdays They have a smallish menu but a very good variety. There was Asian, Mexican and Italian if you can believe it. We had the best tempura shrimp and vegetables that we have had in a very long time. It was $170 pesos and came with 5 shrimp, 5 vegetables, a small mixed salad and rice. They serve salsa and chips before the meal. It is comfortable, clean, pleasant and the service was as good as the food. We will be going back often to sample other things.
  2. Carretera Ote. 32b, 45920 Ajijic, Jal. They have a facebook page and you can also Google it. It appears to be just east of Donas. Trip Advisor says they are open every day 8 to 8. All reviews I have read have been good. They, of course, serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We shall try it soon and see for ourselves. Phone: 01 33 1097 3133
  3. This is copied from Rolly's website and I believe it is still correct. The termination pay shall include 3-months salary plus 20 days for each year worked plus prorated vacation and Christmas pay. 20 days means 20 times the daily rate which is 1/7 of the weekly rate. Example: A maid worked 2 days per week for $50 pesos per day for 4 years. That is $100 per week. There are 13 weeks in 3 months. Her daily rate is not $50. It is 100/7 = $14.29. So her termination pay will be (13 x 100) + (20 x 14.29 x 4) = 1300 + 1143.20 = $2443.20 plus any Christmas and vacation pay that may be due. If this termination package cannot be paid at the time of termination, regular salary shall continue until the termination is paid in full.
  4. Lakeside Care has my vote. They helped me with my Mom. www.lakesidecare.com
  5. Geez, I sure wish I had known that Dr. Garcia was responsible for helping to get money back. I guess I was one of those that "sucked it up" and went to Dr. Haro's office and had everything redone. I was one that was supposedly going to be put to sleep so everything could be done at once. It was a total disaster because they gave me medication I was allergic to before even asking and failed to look at the history I gave them before starting.
  6. Yes, Mainecoons, I agree with you about the drug users. And we would have the benefit here locally of having much less traffic if the drug users here Lakeside suddenly were not around.
  7. Maybe the owner could post menu, hours and days open?
  8. The problem with "ignore" is that you don't get his posts but you see everyone else that is responding to him.
  9. All I can say is I am glad this video is not my reality ... not now and not 13 years ago. Yes, things have changed here. Change happens everywhere, but we still enjoy most of the same friends (those that have not passed away as there have been some), and those friends include a mix of nationalities which most definitely include Mexicans. To me, what we saw was not the normal reality except maybe for a few among us and they are all welcome to their reality as I am sure they would say to me about mine. If this was what living here was all about we would be gone in a minute.
  10. When we went with S&S to pick up our car we wired the money (with help from the car dealership's financial advisor) just before being given the car to drive home.
  11. Mainecoons, we talked to the Honda dealer and got a price for a Honda Fit in 2016 prior to going to S&S. S&S quoted the exact same price as the Honda dealer. After we arrived and the paperwork was being prepared S&S came in and told us that our car was going to be $5000.00 pesos less than the quoted price as there was a rebate that had just been applied. We thought that was rather impressive as neither S&S nor the Honda dealer needed apply this rebate to our price as we had already agreed to the price given.
  12. If you don't get any other help here and if you do not have a grasp of the language and laws. .. visit immediately with S & S Auto and see if they can and are willing to help you through the process. We purchased ours through S&S. We paid the same for our car that was being charged at the dealership.
  13. Serena, have you used Boomers or have first hand knowledge? We have been advised by friends that using it is not that easy or great
  14. We both had preexisting conditions. Back then the restrictions for these were removed after a 3 year period. The one thing I would do is visit a place like Quality Care Clinic and ask the doctors which insurance companies do not pay well. We just had this discussion with our Cardiologist and Allianz is one that pays decently.
  15. Wookie

    New restaurant

    Sorry for my misinformation. I made the assumption that the waitress knew who the owners were. At any rate, much the same food. A hamburger and fries is $180.00 and tea is $35. Chilaquiles were either $70 or $75 as were the scrambled eggs with a little bit of refried beans.
  16. If you can afford to purchase private insurance at your age now and hold on to it you will be well served. The government insurance, in my opinion, is a last resort. We prefer to pick the doctor and the hospital we are going to use. We have an excellent agent that has a variety of companies and plans to choose from. Alicia Rivera with Isaac Seguros y Fianzas, 376-766-5974 located in San Antonio Tlay. They also have excellent coverage for homeowners, renters and automobiles. The policy we chose 13 years ago is with Allianz and it has been an excellent choice. Welcome to Lakeside.
  17. Wookie

    New restaurant

    It is open. I believe the name is C and L or CL. We ate there today. They have a limited menu but the hamburger/fries and eggs and chilaquiles were of ample portion and tasty. The iced tea not so much as it is flavored but some may like it. Prices are a little high but not more than a lot of restaurants have begun to charge. The service was very good and the place itself is very comfortable. It is the same people that had Cafe Montana that closed a few weeks ago and it was said they were remodeling but then nothing happened and it hasn't opened up again. I guess this new restaurant is the reason. They just opened in a different location.
  18. That's the reason we went into this without any expectations. When you are looking at having nothing else medically to help, you try alternative therapy. We did a lot of research and knew the good and bad outcomes. We also talked to people it had helped and didn't help. Our doctor told us we might not see a good outcome. We did however and have the blood test and the healthy body as payment for trying. If anyone out there is in a similar situation just remember every good thing that has happened in medicine took years and many sceptics. This is not a treatment that I imagine the medical community .. at least the part of the community that is more interested in profits.. is interested in seeing go forward.
  19. luvsdawgs, please tell your friend how much she is appreciated. I don't know why some of the posters jump first and then don't even say sorry. I was done the same way several months back when we took in a cat. When I put the picture on this forum I was admonished for taking a wild cat from its habitat and on and on and on. Even though I could tell this car was not wild nor did it belong on the streets no one would take my word for it. One day later the owners saw my post and they and the cat were very grateful and had no idea how in the world the cat got as far as it did or why it apparently took off. At any rate, it was a good end and I was so very glad I did not follow the ones that know it all ... all the time and put the cat back outside. I am so sorry for what your friend went through ... it isn't easy even if you have not had the dog for long.
  20. The stem cells we were given were mesenchymal stem cells harvested from placenta. The mother was monitored and tested for various diseases throughout her pregnancy. She had to be under 25 years of age and had to have a cesarean birth in order that the stem cells were not contaminated. They were then grown in a lab and harvested the day they were used.
  21. The case RickS is talking about where people pass when there is oncoming traffic and so you wind up with 3 cars abreast is exactly what we encountered on the toll roads between here and Mazatlan last week. It was rather hair raising at times but I got used to it as there was no other choice. The problem we encountered were people passing with on coming traffic and wanting more room than you had to give. We wound up inches away from some of these vehicles especially if they were passing an 18 wheeler. I was very glad we had been warned about this practice so that when I saw for the first time another vehicle coming head on I knew what was happening and didn't panic. I will also note that on the quota road we did not find trash on the shoulders because this is common practice and they are kept up the same as the highway. Nor did we encounter pot holes. This was an extra blessing for sure.
  22. RickS, just to give you a heads up on the quota roads going to Mazatlan ... more than half of the quota road is a two lane highway with paved shoulders. Therefore, the cars do use the middle of the road to pass and the slower cars had better head for the shoulder or else!! I became very adept at not only having cars pass me but also I passed a few myself though I was not as aggressive as many of the drivers. We had taken fruit for snacks. When we left Jalisco we were pulled over and asked if we had fruit. They confiscated our pears, bananas and plums which left me with little to eat. There are a couple of places to stop for gas and one has a nice Oxxo with some decent looking things and one place has a Subway but there is such little traffic there we were not inclined to try it. Keep the car gassed, take a lunch and drinks. Stop when there is an opportunity for a bathroom because there are only the two decent ones and they are far apart. Take toilet paper. The drive took us 7 hours almost on the dot. The drive was easy and the scenery interesting and in parts very pretty. If you are allergic to pine trees be prepared with kleenex for the sneezing fits😊
  23. Alpha1, you may be right but few medical doctor's see it that way. None of our specialist recommended my husband take them. We were told we were being scammed .... until the blood results showed different. That being said I highly recommend Dr. Arroyo.
  24. Kyle, Dr. Arroyo's information is just above in Alpha1's post. Dra Justina Jimenez Lopez; Clinica de Rehabilacion Integral; Carr. Poniente #234 B Int., Ajijic; Tell. (376)766-5563. She is in a strip of buildings just west of Yve's restaurant and right next to Crisco's hair salon. We have used both Dra. Justina and Dr. Francisco for the last 10 years or more and can't say enough good things about either of them.
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