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  1. Good grief! Del Carmen only charged $3000.00 pesos? Or perhaps it was $3000 for the room/equipment/medication, and $3000. each for the 2 assistants they supplied. At any rate that would have been at most $9000.00 pesos for the hospital and hospital personnel ....
  2. Please research Dra. Elizabeth Rodriguez Mendez on the search engine at the top right. Then when the threads come up that she has been recommended on just scroll down and you will be able to see her address and phone number. I would start by calling and discussing this with her directly on her cell. If she doesn't do this she should be able to recommend someone who you can trust.
  3. Dr. Fabian Garcia at Quality Care Clinic.
  4. Bisbee Gal, there is a bread that is delivered to Super Lake Grocery every week that is very good. It depends on what kind of bread you normally eat whether this one would taste good. However, it is one of my favorite things for a snack spread with mashed avocado or toasted with cheese. Also, the same baker that makes this bread makes a gluten free pizza and sells it at times at the Tuesday market. I just have not been able to get there recently and it would be really nice to have gluten free pizza delivery.
  5. Does anyone know where or if there is a pizza place that makes gluten free pizza?
  6. Dr. Daniel Brisenio at Quality Care across from Tio Sams on the Libremiento. He will see you at his office here and then recommend a hospital and set it up for you. Never, ever would I have it done in a doctor's office or clinic here Lakeside. That is just asking for disaster and I certainly would not use a doctor that is so overly confident or bent on making a peso that he would participate in that scenario. I am one that learned that lesson as I had it done once in the States and my intestines were punctured. I had to have emergency surgery and was very sick for about 3 weeks. Had I been in someone's office in Ajijic and an hour away from a hospital, I would have not made it. And, yes, both procedures should be done at the same time if both are needed! Good luck to you. If you decide on Dr. Briesno I believe you will be happy with the care you receive.
  7. I have an expensive pair of glasses with polarized lens. They help but do not eliminate the glare of the sun coming straight into my eyes in the morning and afternoon when driving directly into it. However, my cheap Amber lens glasses do. They also allow me to drive at night without experiencing the glare from headlights. So, I suppose in reading all these comments the poster will just need to experiment to see if she/he is helped by using amber lens .
  8. Yes, they were having water problems when I was visiting about a month ago or so. As to the fees, they depend on the size of the property but they are 1/4 what we paid in Los Sabinos. Very reasonable.
  9. We, too, live in Upper Chula Vista. Bought and remodeled a house in October 2017. While we don't like the cobblestone roads they are not that much of a deterrent. They are kept in excellent condition. The board is very responsive. We know this from experience as we had a home built near us and there were some issues. With the board's help they were solved amicably. Lucy who works in the office and speaks excellent English is fantastic. We can not say enough good things about her and her services to our fracc. This is our 3rd home Lakeside since moving here in 2015 and our favorite. Good location, friendly people.
  10. It is true, Slainte39 that the restaurants have become much more non-smoker friendly in recent years. When we first came here smoking was allowed at most restaurants in the "smoking sections" which of course meant the whole restaurant. We still have some trouble with smokers that stand at the doors of some of the restaurants and smoke. There also is the occasional smoker still at Adelita's on the outside patio, which like I said filters into the restaurant. We have had to move to a different table a couple of times in the recent past. I believe the reason there are more non-smoking restaurants now is that it was demanded by most of the customers. If you all continue letting the owners of the restaurants know that you will not eat where there are dogs then perhaps you will have the same results. The problem I see right now is that many of these restaurants are busy with dog customers so to speak and the incentive may not be there. I wish you dog free restaurants as I would enjoy them as well.
  11. Slainte39, you are right. I have to admit that I am as much a crusader when it comes to smoking. I am allergic and can not tolerate even a little ... even the smoke that comes from people standing outside that filters back into the restaurant. I have eliminated all restaurants where people smoke and if I eliminated all restaurants then that let dogs in I would really be limited in restaurants. I am sorry that I can not join you in boycotting all the restaurants that allow dogs but I salute you for your efforts.
  12. Can someone name some fraccs. or condos that have not been robbed? I can't think of any. We lived from 2005 to 2010 in Chapala Haciendas until my Mom passed away and i just couldn't live there anymore with the memories. We enjoyed it very much. We have friends there now and they are happy still. We were never robbed though I was attacked by a neighbor's dog ... but then so was my friend that lives in Ajijic and some friends of friends that live in Vista Allegre. We moved to Los Sabinos and lived there until about a year and half ago. There were squabbles among the board members (new and old) and some of the owners but you didn't have to participate which we didn't. We were never robbed but the house we moved into had been robbed before we bought it. Then when we left several many houses were robbed and this is a gated and guarded community supposedly. All the problems being discussed are problems inherent in every area I know about here Lakeside ... except some of the areas don't have a homeowner's association. So in those areas you have no recourse when there are holes in your street, loud neighbors, barking dogs, businesses moving in next door or across the street, quiet restaurants being turned into boom boxes that go all night long, etc. etc. So, yes, get the property inspected, meet the neighbors, talk to the people in the office ... do your due diligence no matter where you decide to build or buy. You already live here so you know it can be quite wonderful.
  13. Slainte39, as to how many laws can they break? Do you quit driving because everyone is breaking driving laws every time you go out? Do you boycott restaurants that allow smoking as it is illegal as well but there are plenty on this board that will defend smoking in restaurants till death. We are not the ethical police ... just looking for a decent place to eat and relax.
  14. I don't like dogs in restaurants either. I have 3 however and will have dogs until I can't. Yes it is against the law but that is not what people are complaining about the most. At any rate, we can all decide for ourselves whether to go to a restaurant or not. Some of my favorite would have to be crossed off the list which include the one in this thread, Adelitas, Paninos, Huerto Cafe, La Nueva Posada, Mom's, Yves, and many more. I guess I have been fortunate as I have never seen a server pet one of the dogs though I have seen them pick their own nose, scratch their own behinds and heads and face, run their hands through their own hair and cough over the food. I just think there are many more things that happen in restaurants that are much more off putting than a dog under a table. Mine stay at home where they belong.
  15. Tiny, do you enjoy meals at home? Or do you just go out to eat?
  16. I am so very sorry for your loss. These things don't normally happen. The deal is, however, I don't appreciate having such a sad thing as this picture sprung on me out of nowhere. We have all lost pets and it hurts like hell. If you call Dra. Bernice in the morning (Monday) I am sure she will help you remove the dog and have it cremated. I do hope you have contacted a friend before in the morning to help you remove it to a more appropriate place.
  17. Thanks you all for taking over a fantastic recommendation to a really good restaurant and giving it a proper thrashing. Could the moderator close this now? Hasn't it been once again beat to death? Also, all of you all that are so very sensitive to dogs, a question .... are all your friends dogless? if not, do you ever visit them, perhaps have a meal or a drink? better re-think that behavior and my God!!! don't sit on their furniture for sure! remember not to touch them or shake their hands.
  18. We will certainly be by to sample some ... it sounds great!
  19. We ate lunch there today. Grilled fish tacos with salad, fried shrimp tacos with french fries, shared guacamole, lemonada natural and they brought salsa and chips. The food was delicious. We will not be going anywhere else for fish tacos for sure. Quality ingredients, great service by young women that really take pride in their work. Comfortable and clean with fans to keep cool. Did not see a dog ... but I will say this ... there are not many restaurants we have been to lately where there wasn't at least one dog. You don't always see them as sometimes they are kept under the table but if we made the decision not to eat at a restaurant that didn't allow dogs we would not be eating out very much. These young women deserve better than what is going on right now with people taking over this thread with rather disgusting commentary. Trying to make a go of a restaurant or any business is hard enough. Some might stop to think that these young women are doing everything they know to do to make a go of this endeavor and allowing the Ex-pats to bring their dog is a concession on their part as they probably think it is necessary in order to get our business which they will need. Many of us think dogs should not be allowed in restaurants and it is the law for them not to be but there are plenty Ex-pats that get in the faces of restaurant owners or simply just walk in with their dog and dare the workers to say something to them. In our experience the Mexicans will bend over backward not to have a confrontation so they are put in a really bad spot. Then others have a hay day trashing them for it.
  20. Sorry, I get my directions mixed up easily so I should not even try. However, you can't miss it as the door opens right on the corner and I believe it is the only restaurant on any of those particular 😊corners.
  21. No landmarks. When headed east from Ajijic on the Carr. go until you come to the traffic light in Chapala. Turn left and go 2 blocks and turn right. Go one block and it will be on the northwest corner.
  22. The bus stops very near Notario #5 and they are excellent.
  23. Does you modem have a button on the top? If so, hook everything up, wait for a couple of minutes, press down on the button for 10 or 15 seconds and wait a few minutes to see if the lights come back on.
  24. If you need help with anything about their website you can call the U.S. number and reach an English speaking person. I have just had occasion to do this regarding a flight we are taking later in the month and was helped by a very friendly and competent representative. Also, I did not have to hold on the phone but about 2 minutes. Yes, we are paying extra for our seat and our luggage but as others have said it is the only non-stop flight we could find anywhere and was very thankful for it. Most other airlines are charging for luggage and special seats as well even though they are not "low cost" airlines.
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