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  1. Never again. Breaded fish ... Fish paper thin, literally; breading soggy; water logged veggies; tasteless rice; wilted salad drinched in sweet dressing.
  2. Does anyone know where to find quality silk flower arrangements?
  3. TelZ4, I have been PM'd with the information this is just an exercise in learning what others would do .... Not an actual situation. I do wish this had been made perfectly clear to begin with. ... Such as "This is not a real time situation but in case it ever happened what should we do?". If you go back and read some of the posts it is obvious I was not the same only on worried and sick at heart. Not appreciated.
  4. I was informed when I asked to see NIkki that she had already been adopted.
  5. Well did anyone do anything? Was the man ok? How did this end?
  6. I have been told that Nikki has a new home. So happy for her.
  7. Six is a pretty perfect age for us. We have a small rescue that is a little over a year old. He has lots of energy and loves to play with other dogs. I think a six year old still has some play energy left and could be a good companion. We will see if there's an answer to my posting or email.
  8. I have emailed. I would like to have some more information about Nikki and possibly see her. Has her situation changed? Has she been adopted or taken in by Lucky Dog.
  9. Ned Small, I agree. I was one of those that had intestines punctured during this procedure and had to have emergency surgery to correct it. Would never never have this type of procedure done at Ajijic Hospital nor use a doctor that would recommend such a thing.
  10. Luis Arturo GutiérrezAventurate por Jalisco Operadora Mayorista especializada en Jaliscowww.aventurateporjalisco.com Ph.(33), Tel. Directo (33) 1919-9248 México toll-free: 01800 999 8687 whatsapp: Is another choice. We have booked a tour of Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque for one day and a tour to Tequila for another day for us and our friends. This is a private tour in a mini tour van for 5 people, however, they can accommodate whatever number. Very professional and come highly recommended.
  11. Very Good!! I will sleep better tonight as I am sure you will too.
  12. Agree with all comments so far.
  13. Wookie


    It was very nice and comfortable and clean inside. We had tempura shrimp and vegetables and rice; stir fry vegetables with shrimp and fried rice. It was all delicious and fresh. We are not sushi lovers so can't speak to the sushi.
  14. Wookie


    We ate at Masayume today for the first time and we will be back soon. I was never inclined to try this place because it looks so small, is located on a busy strip of businesses and I thought it would be too dusty. There are tables outside that I think would not be pleasant though other people made the choice to sit out there ... The food was excellent as well as the service. This restaurant is across the street on the mountain side from Lloyds, next door to the upholstery shop.
  15. Thank you all for your recommendations. I very much appreciate your taking the time to respond.
  16. We are in need of a new gardener as we are moving and our gardener does not have transportation. We are going to be in upper Chula Vista and the gardener will most certainly need transportation. We would also prefer that he have his own equipment. We are not looking for the type that comes in a whirlwind, mows, blows, weed eats and runs. There are lots of plants and flowers that will need pruning and feeding and special attention. Please, if anyone has a recommendation we would very much appreciate it. Our present gardener is going to continue working at our old house with the new owner.
  17. Marlowe is still open. Go south on the street that runs between Guadalajara Pharmacy and Activner Bank. She is on the west side before you get to Constitucion. I use her buttermilk for all my recipes and they come out great.
  18. Amanda, I have emailed you so since you don't have my email in your contacts ... check out your spam and trash.
  19. All I can tell you is that it is worth it here to re-upholster ... that is if you get a good job. You never know if that is going to happen even if you use the same person every time. It would be more like $20 than $200 but it is easy to get a cost estimate.
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