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  1. From personal experience I recommend Dr. Francisco Arroyo Paz and Dr. Nicolas Valladares Lozada. Dr. Arroyo is the head of Sport Med Clinica de Medicina del Deporte and Dr. Valladares is one of the Ortopedia y Traumatologia specialist. You might make an appointment with Dr. Arroyo first and he will order the tests needed to evaluate your situation and then bring in the surgeon/s that are needed ... or, in the alternative suggest therapy or brace if needed. They do all kinds of sports related surgeries and are very well known in their field. They operated, along with a neurosurgeon that is also affiliated with their clinic, on my neck. I have been extremely pleased with the results. Phone numbers: 333 656-6999 / 333 656-7233 / 333 640-4310 & Emergencies: 333 944-9285. Dr. Valladares' cell: 331-383-6035. I will not give address because when I was being treated they were in the process of building and moving into a new facility and I am sure they have moved by now. If the phone numbers have changed just use Dr. V's cell phone. They both speak very good English ... however, the receptionist did not. If you decide to have surgery you will then need physical therapy afterward. I used the physical therapy doctor behind Ajijic Clinic and Dr. Valladares wrote his instructions for her and also spoke to her on the phone. It worked out great.
  2. Oops! Sorry ... I see from Bournemouth's post that Anna must be affiliated with more than one plastic surgeon and that I too have more research to do!
  3. Amy, this is Luke and I am a "she" Anyway, thank goodness my experience was not a facelift and the bad results can be hidden. While I have not had the experience of a facelift with any of the doctors that you mention .... I have seen the results of several of the ladies in town that used the plastic surgeon that is associated with Anna Dyer at Casita Montana (I don't believe she is the plastic surgeon .... I believe she runs the B&B that takes care of you after the surgery if you choose. I also believe she is the one that also had a facelift by this plastic surgeon with whom she is affiliated.) I, too, have given considerable thought to a facelift or at least an eye lift and a few tucks and have concluded that should I decide to go forward they are the ones that I would use. All the results I have seen have been great. A lady that lives across the street from me had a facelift there last year. She did very well ... chose to have it here in Ajijic (which I don't think I would do in case something else went wrong during surgery) ... but she did and went in for early morning surgery and was home in her own house by 3:00 p.m.! This, of course, was her choice (with the doctor's blessing) because she felt good enough and wanted to be at home. In two weeks she was looking really great and her scars were minimal. They are behind her ears and you really have to look to see them at all. So, whoever you wind up choosing ... I just wanted to say good luck and enjoy!
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