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  1. Among others there is a Gastroenterologist, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, General Practionist, Nutritionist. There are other disciplines as well.
  2. Luis Arturo GutiérrezAventurate por Jalisco Operadora Mayorista especializada en Jaliscowww.aventurateporjalisco.com Ph.(33), Tel. Directo (33) 1919-9248 México toll-free: 01800 999 8687 whatsapp: Is another choice. We have booked a tour of Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque for one day and a tour to Tequila for another day for us and our friends. This is a private tour in a mini tour van for 5 people, however, they can accommodate whatever number. Very professional and come highly recommended.
  3. Thank you all for your recommendations. I very much appreciate your taking the time to respond.
  4. We are in need of a new gardener as we are moving and our gardener does not have transportation. We are going to be in upper Chula Vista and the gardener will most certainly need transportation. We would also prefer that he have his own equipment. We are not looking for the type that comes in a whirlwind, mows, blows, weed eats and runs. There are lots of plants and flowers that will need pruning and feeding and special attention. Please, if anyone has a recommendation we would very much appreciate it. Our present gardener is going to continue working at our old house with the new owner.
  5. Marlowe is still open. Go south on the street that runs between Guadalajara Pharmacy and Activner Bank. She is on the west side before you get to Constitucion. I use her buttermilk for all my recipes and they come out great.
  6. Amanda, I have emailed you so since you don't have my email in your contacts ... check out your spam and trash.
  7. All I can tell you is that it is worth it here to re-upholster ... that is if you get a good job. You never know if that is going to happen even if you use the same person every time. It would be more like $20 than $200 but it is easy to get a cost estimate.
  8. We had the flounder and it was very good. A large serving and not the typical thin piece of over done/over sauced fare that we have received elsewhere. Also had the crab cakes ... all very good and fresh. The carrot fritters were freshly made, not greasy and is a favorite of mine.
  9. My recommendation: Clinica de Rehabilitacion Integral, Dra. Justina Jimenez Lopez, Carretera Poniente #234 D Int., Ajijic, Tel. (376) 766-5563. While I have used this rehabilitation clinic for other physical problems, I have witnessed first hand for the last 11 years several severely physically compromised patients due to strokes make fantastic progress under the care of Dra. Justina and her staff. These are very capable, knowledgeable, English speaking professionals. Dra. Justina can provide a physical therapy program or adhere to one set forth by your Mother's specialist in Guadalajara. She has done both for me over the years. Each therapy session usually last for 1 hour and the cost is $350.00 pesos per session which right now is about $18.00 U.S. dollars. If necessary, they will also come to your home but it would probably be much better, if possible, for your Mom to get out and about a little and this would be an excellent start. In my opinion, having experience with my Mom's care in the States and then here Lakeside as well as mine and my husband's, your Mom would be much better off here at Lakeside as far as healthcare is concerned. However, I realize there are other concerns to be considered that only you and she can determine. You might like to call and talk to Dra. Justina directly and have her address some of your concerns. If so, I would suggest that you call sometime Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon.
  10. Yes, you can find good dog beds for all sizes of dogs .... However they cost more than in the States and sometimes it is difficult to find one that the outside comes off to wash. Maybe you might bring one with and you dog could be all comfy on the way?
  11. The only person we know and trust is Spencer ... his location is right next door to Puritan Chicken on the mountain side of the Carretera. Do not have phone or address ... maybe someone else does? There is a used car lot right next to him but we would use Spencer as he has always been honest and helpful with us ... gives great service.
  12. The only problem with us purchasing a countertop convection oven is the electricity use. We stay right on the line and don't want to go into DAC. I am sure that if I had an electric oven it would push us over. If the cost of electricity is a concern for you ... you might want to take that into consideration too.
  13. I bake alot (cakes and cookies). I was told to turn the thermostat higher than I wanted when first turning it on and then turn it down to the desired temperature and it would hold there. I tried it and it works for me. Before, if I put the temperature on 350 degrees F. it would go up to 400 then to 450 ... it was a mess. Maybe that will work for you too after you discover what your numbers actually turn out to be for your oven .
  14. If I had a medical emergency and did not have a doctor to direct me to the hospital of his choice (which the doctors here do) ... then I would instruct the ambulance driver to take me to Hospital Mexico Americano. This is because in 3 separate incidences we have been in really good hospitals with a medical condition that required the equipment that was located at Mexico Americano and so were transported to that hospital. Therefore, I have drawn the conclusion that they have a wider variety of specialized equipment than do some other hospitals on your list. That being said, I would not shy away from any of them if my doctor advised that I go there. Since one poster and their friends had a bad experience at Terranova then you might avoid it, however, there have been several of my friends that sing it's praises. Many times it depends on the people giving the care and unfortunately a bad experience can be had at any hospital whether you be North or South of the border. Good luck and hopefully this will all be mute and you will not have to visit a hospital during your time here.
  15. Maincoons, the one in Riberas behind the green door is the one that originally did our upholstery and absolutely ruined the chairs to the point that the recliners would not open or close. He left off many of the screws and bolts after taking them apart. Used the old stuffing material that was already lumpy; put the material upside down and skimped on the material covering to the point that it was already pulling out of the staples when they were delivered. He is the reason we had Armando fix one of the recliners ... which as I said, Armando did the best that could be done but in the process spilled a bottle of oil on the chair. Had the oil not been spilled on the chair and then it delivered without a word of the problem and then the charging of more than double the quote to boot ... we would have been happy with the result. As it is we are left looking for a solution to the oil spill. It was my understanding from "the one behind the green door" that his wife was now doing the sewing and the upholstery person that he had used for a long time had left him. His wife is not the upholstery guru that the other person was, in my opinion.
  16. Armando picked our chair up when he said he would. He returned it when he said he would. He did fix the debacle that was left in the aftermath of Miguel's very poor upholstery job. However, we were quoted "approximately $500.00 pesos" and actually charged $1200.00 pesos. After Armando left we found that apparently an oil can had been spilled on the portion of the chair that supports your feet. The smell is very strong and the stain is incredible. We have put baking soda on it, left for 20 minutes and then vacuumed it. We will do this again, as it did help the smell but not the stain. If anyone has an idea about how to remove oil from fabric, I would certainly appreciate hearing it. We are finished with re-upholstering furniture.
  17. We are trying Armando in Chapala. He is to deliver a recliner to us in the next few days. Will report then and recommend or not depending on the quality of work.
  18. Dra. Elizabeth Rodriguez Mendez www.retina-gdl.com Subespecialidad en enfermedacies y cirugia de Vitreo-Retina-Macula; Ojo Diabetico; Fellowship Clinico: Retina Consultants of Charleston Address: Condominio Professional del Carmen Tarascos #3469, Suite 101 Guadalajara Tel: (33) 3813 5088; Cel: 044 33 1124 4813; email: elizrm@gmail.com She has been treating both of us for the last 6 years. Husband had a fold in his macula that required watching for several years and then finally surgery. She is great, speaks excellent English. Her receptionist does not speak English so if you don't speak Spanish have someone that does call for an appointment .... or call Dra. Elizabeth's cell and she will make the appointment for you. You will be very pleased.
  19. Or, you could just go outside right now and jump up and down in the rain!
  20. Well, ckelly, it appears you got a bargain because I was charged $1250 pesos for the same thing and my hair is very short. All I had in my purse was $1220 pesos and she said that would be fine (there were several people in the salon and it was a little embarrassing). Anyway, I told her that I was not expecting that much of a bill and that I did not have enough to pay nor was there anything for a tip .... so, I really needed to go over to the bank and get some more money. She insisted that $1220 was sufficient and since I fully agreed with her, I gave it to her and left. As you can see from above, I strongly recommended this hair dresser .... until I now don't. I wound up with the same thing happening as with other salons. The last time she cut my hair in all the wrong places and I came out with, once again, the thin spot not having enough hair left to cover it ... very, very disappointing. Plus, when I went in I told her that I had very much enjoyed the last hair cut and I was really enjoying having the fullness over my ears and around because it looked so much better than so short. She promptly cut every bit of fullness that had grown and I came out looking like Sponge Bob with a hole in the top. Never again. No excuse. I was the only customer there at the time.
  21. Gringal, my hair is extremely short but I saw the results of another customer's long hair a couple of weeks ago and it was beautiful. I have never seen anyone walk out of her salon that did not look great ... color included ... long, short or sideways
  22. I do understand that 300 p is expensive, I can not attest to the price because I had the color repaired (removed the red) and re-colored along with a hair cut and style. Oh, and a special treatment for my very tender scalp that was a result of another hair dresser here using a very inexpensive product on my hair the last time it was colored. (I have been in mysery for 2 weeks with a sore and itchy scalp and Maria Teresa got rid of it) What I can tell you is that I paid the same price for these services as I did when going to Glorioso. The only problem was that I could never get a good color or a cut I liked at Glorioso even though I gave it about 8 months. For the first time in 2 years I do not have hair from a cowlick sticking up in the crown and in the front of my head. I knew it was from the hair cut because I have always had them. However, including Gloriso, I have been to 3 of the most recommended hair salons and each one told me there was nothing they could really do ... my hair had obviously changed and I was going to have to put up with it like so many others that you see walking around with the same problem. I may be different, but I would much rather pay more for my hair and feel good about the way I look. I can cut corners somewhere else. BTW, both my sister and daughter pay $75.00 for hair cut and style in a really good salon in the States. Of course, you can get a cut for $15.00 or less in the States also ... it just depends on if you are pleased with the results.
  23. If you are looking for a hair specialist that actually talks to you about your hair, listens to your desires, advises you on what she thinks from her experience, is an actual color specialist, and can cut hair like nothing you have seen (actually uses your cowlicks to enhance the hair cut instead of using them for an excuse for a bad hair cut) .... then make an appointment with Maria Teresa. Carretera Ote. #58, Suite J, Plaza San Juan, (Across the street from Telmex in Ajijic), 766-2228 at the salon or 333 404 5276 Cel. This is a very attractive shop with wonderful comfortable chairs and equipment. It is to the back of the Plaza so the street noise and fumes are nil. Very nicely decorated and Maria Teresa keeps coffee ready if you desire. She has moved here from Arkansas in the last 2 months and opened just recently. I noted that her appointment book is already getting rather populated!
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