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  1. I think the time involved in procuring items and food, cooking, money for waitstaff, accountants, employee benefits, equipment, utilities, rent, etc. Is sorely overlooked when prices are discussed. Running a restaurant is a little more expensive and complicated than merely cooking at home.
  2. Geez, their breakfasts and lunch salads were very reasonably priced. I wasn't even aware they had soup! However, I suppose it would depend on how large the serving was and what the ingredients were (or how much was broth and how much vegetables, etc.) I know that Min Wah has inexpensive soup but I am not a fan of chicken parts and gristle in my mouth.
  3. What Bobby seems to be describing with the large flour tortilla with cheese topping sounds very much like a cheese crisp that we used to get in Arizona. We asked him several times to try to duplicate this when he had Roberto's. These are absolutely delicious and very much worth $130 pesos to us. They are nothing like a quesadilla. We are really looking forward to sampling the whole menu. I also like the idea of cornbread and seasalt butter for the freebe starter. We can get the chips and salsa freebe other places and it is nice to have a variety.
  4. I would think that if the lights in Guadalajara can be synchronized the ones Lakeside could be also. Many of the long stretches in Guadalajara have lights synchronized and it is a pleasure to just zip on down the street.
  5. Lucky23 you are lucky. This is not new here at Lakeside. A couple of years ago this happened to friends of ours as they left the ATM in Bancomer at the Ajijic Plaza. They had just taken a large amount of money out of the bank to pay their contractor. When their tire went flat in front of the church, 2 young men were there with a can on air .... When all was finished my friend's purse was gone as we're the young men.. About a week after this happened it was in the process again but my husband and I happened upon the disabled car just as the male driver of the car was getting out of the car to talk with the young man. We stopped and told him we thought the young men had punctured his tire. At that point they both ran down the street, jumped into a car that had been waiting and took off. You did the exact right thing.
  6. Believe this is the same location as Rick's Japanese that went out of business.
  7. I do have a phone in the same room. I always have my phone with me when watching TV and this has never happened. I don't know about casting and my phone is a Motorola not a Samsung Galaxy 5. Why would someone want access to our TV?
  8. This may be a stupid question but while watching TV, across the top of the screen appeared a question. Something on the order of saying that a Samsung Galaxy 5 phone wanted access and gave a choice of allow or deny. We have no idea what this is all about and we denied this request. Has anyone experienced this and do you know what the deal is?
  9. Are air bnb's legal here? The reason I am asking is that my daughter wants to rent a place that is advertised on their website and I thought I read where this was not a legal practice here Lakeside.
  10. He did an extensive remodel for us 12 years ago. The price he gave before starting was the price we paid when finished. The project was completed on time.
  11. Maybe this was in response to the thread not long ago where everyone was not liking the two lights being so close together.
  12. I suppose I still have negative feelings about being told I needed surgery right away on my spine and if I walked out the door of the office I could be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I object to others maybe having the same advise.
  13. Once again, I strenuously object to Dr. Santiago being able to advertise his services on this webboard.
  14. I am wondering if mesenchimal stem cells introduced into the blood stream through means of an IV would be sufficient. The stem cells that Dra. Justina is using are mesenchimal stem cells harvested from placenta. I am aware that this procedure is being done in this manner and helping the whole body by the cells addressing all the problem areas and not just localized. I am not an expert on this by any means When we considered this procedure we did as much research as we could and then talked to a couple of doctors. We will report the outcome of this more generalized treatment as time goes by. We should know in a couple of months just how effective it is for our purposes. My husband has had 1 infusion of 50 million mesenchimal stem cells and will receive the same once a week for the next 2 weeks. We are told it will take 2 to 3 months to improve acute lymphopenia and a badly damaged immune system. At any rate, this will be a proveable situation through blood studies. He has had no adverse reactions whatsoever so far. It is our understanding not only from our doctor but from research we read on the National Institute of Health's website that these type of stem cells have little or no side effects.
  15. Our patio roof is constructed like Mainecoons as was the patio roof in our last house in Ajijic. We lived there for 6 years and never had a leak. Raymundo's workers dipped the tiles in acrylic sealer but as I said, they stuck several together at a time and the sealant did not penatrate the inside tiles. We will give Miguel a call. Thanks to all.
  16. We recently had our entire roof retiled ... either with the existing tiles coming down, being cleaned and sealed and/or completely new tiles in areas that were really bad. Our entire patio tiled roof is new tiles. The problem is that the tiles were not properly sealed prior to being installed. We called the attention to the contractor (he did a whole house remodel for us at the same time) Raymundo Blas Pineda, that the tiles were being dipped 4 to 6 at a time and we were concerned that the sealer would not be able to reach all the surfaces since the tiles were being held next to each other in a bunch when being dipped. He assured us that this was the way it was done and that all the tiles would be sealed and that our roof would not leak. We also received a written warranty on the work. Problem is the first big rain we had a few months ago left our patio and the patio furniture very wet. We called Raymundo and he did come out and reseal the tiles from the top. Unfortunately they are still leaking. We called and texted Raymundo the end of December and asked him to come by or set up a time to reseal the tiles so they do not leak. We have since called and text .... he will not answer our calls. Therefore, we are in need of a recommendation of someone that is trustworthy to look at the situation and tell us what is needed and give us an estimate and hopefully redo the tiles. I am being detailed here because if anyone is contemplating doing work with Raymundo, we would not recommend him any longer. We did recommend him to friends of ours for a whole house paint job and he did keep his appointment but never came back with a bid.
  17. Zeb, I do not know about plasma replacement. However, read my post on the other Stem Cell thread as it may be of interest to you.
  18. Her name is Dra. Justina Jimenez 766-5563. Dra. Justina used the stem cells on herself first for 7 months. They greatly improved her life. Call and make and appointment and go discuss this treatment with her. If your condition is more than she can handle she will refer you to the doctor who owns the lab where the stem cells are grown. These are a specific type of stem cells and I don't know if they are what you are looking for ... they are harvested from the placenta of young mothers ages 19 to 25 who have been tested for various diseases. These young women have certain criteria that they adhere to while pregnant and they have to have a cesarean birth because a natural birth poses to much of a risk of contamination of the stem cells. It is certainly something worth exploring as it takes very little time and money to do so. Dra. Justina speaks excellent English and she can also refer you to other types of treatments and doctors if you wish. She and her staff have helped me in so many ways in the last 13 years ... from therapy after surgery to therapy to keep me from having surgery.
  19. There really isn't an inside. Dogs and smoking both are allowed.
  20. Pattie is correct ... Also if you don't smoke this may not be the place for you.
  21. By the way, we used to live in Los Sabinos in Weather Ajijic. The first night after we moved in we found there were two eventos outside the condos. They were not advertised and we had no idea they were there. The music was extremely loud. Our neighbors got together, complained and the administrator talked to the owner. Yes, believe it or not it helped tremendously. They modified where the stage was located and lowered the volume a good bit. It was enough to be able to tolerate. So, don't just automatically think it won't change. Our community was about half and half expats and Mexican... The Mexican owners were more vocal about the noise than some of the expats.
  22. If you are going to make a complaint we will join you. We are in upper Chula Vista and it is so loud it keeps us from sleeping. Yes, I have tried ear plugs but they don't get rid of the noise and make my ears really sore. I put a pillow over my head and turn on white noise and that doesn't even stop all the noise.
  23. Saul the window washer. 333-454-4625 is his cell which I find is the best way to reach him, or his home number 376-765-4507.
  24. We went tonight. High prices, small portions, no ice tea, no Pacifaco. Both of us came home feeling like we had an appetizer and the bill was $357.00 including tip. Won't be hurrying back. However, it floats a lot of boats because the place was packed before we left.
  25. You're right about a GP. I always use an internal medicine specialist for a GP.
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