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  1. Also, does anyone have first hand knowledge that Bobby did not consultant and consider his staff? One other thought, the one thing that Bobby may not have quite accepted or fully understood is his physical limitations (just like so many of us). He may have truly believed that a 4 day work week was doable. That being said I wish he would consider opening at 2:00 pm and closing at 7:00. Then both early lunch and dinner customers could partake and he would have the drink trade also for snacks and drinks?
  2. Opening night probably wasn't the best time to judge any restaurant for the remainder of it's life.
  3. Chillin, I went to Dr. George. He "operated" on my toe in his extremely dirty office. Yes, I was in such distress that I let him. Then had to have an orthopedic to fix what Dr. George messed up ... after the infection from his procedure was cleared up. I would not take my dog to him, however, I am sure there are others that will sing his praises. BTW, the podiologos that Bando is speaking of are the ones that referred me to Dr. George because what I needed was more than they could handle. They give a good pedicure minus the polish, however.
  4. But Tiny, it was already just 4 days a week starting at 1:00 p.m. We eat our big meal between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. so that will eliminate our being able to partake very often if at all.
  5. Geez, I sure hope those new hours are incorrect!
  6. We ate there on Sunday and are looking forward to eating through the menu which is quite varied. The food was delicious and the service great. We talked to others there that had been to the private parties that he held prior to opening and they said everything the had was very good. He also has some scrumptious desserts. You won't be disappointed.
  7. We have flown several airlines here and have always had to have our passports.
  8. Call Spencer. My advice would be not to wait for the airport. I did the same thing years ago and wound up missing my flight. If you don't want to contact Spencer then go to the airport today or tomorrow and fill out the paperwork. There's no telling how long it will take.
  9. Tio Sam's do have wall ovens. We bought one in 2005 at their Guadalajara location before they opened the one here. Though we no longer own the house we know the people that do and they are still enjoying it very much.
  10. If u Google the words Side effects of Relax mosquito repellent" you will be able to read about it. The sellers website is not the place to get anything that might be negative.
  11. You might want to Google it. "Side effects of Relax mosquito repellent". It is not safe to inhale. Don't make the mistake we did by believing the manufacturer.
  12. Make real sure it doesn't have pyrethrum or pyrethrins in it. This is supposed to be made from chrysanthemum flowers and it is toxic. Heed the caution about children ... It isn't just children. My husband was exposed to the spray for several months before we found it compromised his immune system. He was allergic to it on top of it being toxic. This was a year ago and his immune system is still n the tank. He is now having to take immuniglobins every month at $2500 U S. Per month and is now taking stem cells as well. It also kills bees and we need them desperately.
  13. We were 57 and 64 when we were first ensured with Allianz. We started with a low deductible and over the years we have raised it to keep the cost down. For the two of us our premium was approximately $9800.00 U S. with a $1700.00 deductible per event last year. We are now 71 and 77. This may sound like a lot but it is the same as my sister pays for Medicare and a supplement in the States and her co-pays are very high. Unfortunately, the insurance company has not made money off of us. We are very thankful that it is unlimited coverage and can not be terminated.
  14. Our agent: Alicia Rivera with Issac Seguros y Fianzas, Carr. Chapala-Jocotepec #133A, phone: 766-5974 on lake side just 2 doors west of Panino's Restaurant. They carry several many plans with several companies and I am sure they can find you a policy to meet your needs. The other thing to consider is the agent. Here in Lakeside at least it makes a big difference. Alicia helps us with anything related to our insurance. When I have a problem with making an appointment because of language issues she will even make my appointment. She has spoken to our doctors and she herself has helped to schedule surgeries and given us the information we needed to have the insurance pay directly to the hospital and doctors. We could not be happier with the service that we have had for the last 13 years.
  15. Wookie


    Ned Small, could you give the name or location of the 3 abarrotes near you?
  16. We agree with Ajijic Hospital. Dr. Rodriguez doesn't try to treat everything ... like many others here. When you have a specialized problem he tells you to see a specialist and if you don't know one he can make recommendations. Also, I used the sports medicine clinic in Guadalajara also for neck surgery and would certainly use them again.
  17. I should have followed up after our tours mentioned above with Adventurate por Jalisco. Both tours were top notch. The guides and drivers were great ... Can't say enough good things about them. We had been on a couple of Tequila tours already with friends and family but this one was the best. We saw completely different things and the underground restaurant at one of the Haciendas was very interesting, comfortable and the food was delicious. We will definitely be using this tour company again. Oh, the large can was clean, comfortable and air-conditioned.
  18. Bdmowers, you're one of the lucky ones. The ones that have experienced the doctor telling them they may die or be in a wheelchair (like I was told) if they don't immediately do bla bla ... have experienced the scam artists. The doctor that I believe is being discussed even put his recommendation and prediction of me being a paraplegic soon in writing. He printed it off along with information about what happens when your spinal cord is being pinched as he said mine was. I suppose this was all to convince us to leave immediately for the hospital. I wasn't even to stop at the house. I kept all those papers to remind me that indeed there are scam artists in our midst and most definitely second and third opinions are warranted.
  19. At the moment it isn't winding down at our house. We re having very heavy rain and wind.
  20. Oh!!! Thanks much, AngusMacTavish for the link! I thought ComputerGuy called it flavored water! Now, ComputerGuy you have to admit the written word has caught up!🙃
  21. Well, ComputerGuy, since I can no longer find your post about the flavored water and saying I would probably pay $200 pesos for cream soup and to have at it ... I can't verify my memory so will take your word for it ... Oh I do remember you did say the flavored water had an egg in it,😂
  22. I agree. Also egg drop soup can be bland and just flavored water. Or, it can be made from home made stock with careful attention to making the eggs tender and silky instead of rubbery and additions of spices to make it even more special such as ginger, cinnamon, miso, etc. Then there's the portion size. So, will reserve any negative comments until I have experienced the food. However, ComputetGuy, willingness to pay $200 pesos for soup is as much an exaggeration as calling egg drop soup merely flavored water,😃
  23. If you are looking for a reasonably priced gardener that has all his own tools and speaks excellent English and has his own reliable transportation: JC Gardening & Irrigation; Juan L. Castaneda; 331-424-5332.
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