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  1. We are rather exhausted. Does anyone know when this fiesta finishes? The music starts at 8 :30 pm and goes until 3:00 am every night. The fireworks are between 5:30 am and 6:00 am and then, of course, again some in the day and then again on the late evening. We are in Upper Chula Vista and this celebration is at the square. We can actually sing along as it is louder in our house than we play our own music. Just need a date to look forward to getting some peace. The days are filled with loud music and loud conversation from the construction workers next door that starts at 8:00 am and goes until about 7:00 every night. We had no idea when we moved here that we would hear music from the plaza. At least the construction will be finished hopefully in another 6 months.
  2. Where is Focaccio? When I Googled it shows to be in Guadalajara?
  3. Mrs. Rupert, do you see anywhere in my comments that I EXPECTED leftovers or TWO meals? Many restaurants we go to serve so much food that I have to take it home. I was simply saying that is not the case at Bobby's restaurant. I sure wish people would refrain from putting words in other's mouths that were never said and never meant to be said.
  4. Gringal, I agree with your friend. I love the food but it does wind up to be about $500 pesos for 2 in order to get full if you want something other than a light meal. There's never enough to have a to go box for sure.
  5. Dear Lord! I was driving by this restaurant about 5:00 pm this afternoon when 3 cars pulled in all at once. There were about 8 cars total. I wonder how this is going to go since there was only one single person there the same time we were yesterday and they couldn't handle our meal.
  6. We sort of ate dinner here last night. There are too many "kinKs" to be worked out. They need waiters and most importantly they need a cook that knows how to cook. This may be longer than some want to read but others that are going there and spending over $150 for a meal might like to be careful. It started with a waiter that spoke no English and couldn't seem to understand our Spanish. To be fair he was a very young man ... still in his teens and we found out later that "Our waiter didn't show up today, bless his heart" I was going to indulge in southern sweet tea so I ordered sweet tea and my husband ordered tea without sugar. We both received tea without sugar. When I told the waiter that I had ordered the sweet tea (it is listed on the menu and is much different than adding sugar and having it go to the bottom of the glass) ... he pointed to the packets of sugar on the table. Okay, fine. My husband was all geared up for some fried catfish. There is fried fish on the menu but since it didn't say "catfish" I assumed that it wasn't. So, we asked the waiter if it was catfish .."Oh, yes" was the answer in English no less. When pressed about this he decided to go ask and came back with the information that, no, it was bassa. We ordered chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy and biscuits; and, grilled liver and onions (well done... told him twice well done with NO BLOOD on the plate and he actually went off repeating "well done, well done, well done", baked potato, corn on the cob, and biscuit. 1. The chicken fried steak came out chicken fried chicken, the mashed potatoes were extremely lumpy and a light orange color, there was no gravy or bisquits. Asked for the gravy and they brought an Italian tasting tomato based sauce in a bowl. When we told the waiter that this was not gravy and didn't they have cream gravy, he then brought out a beef brown gravy for the chicken. Still no biscuits. We ate the chicken fried chicken instead of sending it back even though that was what we had the day before. 2. The liver was not cooked and still cool in the middle ... blood was all over the plate, the baked potato had been cooked hours earlier and stuck to the peeling so much that you could not cut it off ... was lukewarm from a microwave with a dollop of sour cream which made it even colder; the corn was not fully cooked and no biscuit. Sent the liver back to be cooked well done. It was then brought out by an American woman that spoke English and she was very sorry but was the liver now o.k. because the cook was afraid that it was going to be too hard to eat. When I cut into it blood once again oozed out onto the plate. I told the woman that we were just going to forget this ... no more cooking of the liver. I asked if we could please have the biscuits and cream gravy and that would be sufficient for me at this point. She is the one that then told me that the waiter had not shown up "bless his heart" and they were still trying to get the kinks out. Fine. 3. The biscuits and gravy were delivered. The biscuits turned out to be cornbread instead of biscuits (you are supposed to be able to choose which one you want). I told the waiter that we ordered biscuits and were told that these were biscuits. They were actually mini corn muffins that had not risen. They were an off white color, flat (about 1/2 inch tall) and rubbery from being heated too long in the microwave. The gravy was the consistency of milk (and, I am not exaggerating). The woman, along with a Mexican man that spoke English came to the table then to see how everything was. I told them to please just bring our check that we were finished trying to find something that was edible. I told and showed them all the things listed above and took a spoon and showed them that the gravy was warm milk. She again said they had kinks to work out. Fine. They were not going to charge for the meal. Since we had eaten the chicken fried chicken and drank the tea, we paid $200 pesos, tipped the waiter and left. It will be a long, long time before we go back. I will say that everyone was pleasant. The woman is probably from the South somewhere because she has a Southern accent but I truly do not know if she ever learned what good southern food tastes like. Until we saw and spoke to her we figured that this restaurant was owned and run by Mexicans who had been smart enough to pick up on the fact that a restaurant that advertised Southern cooking would be a big hit ... but didn't know the first thing about how to cook it. The place is very nice and if they get the kinks out and the hammering and racket from continued remodeling is finished and you can sit down to a well cooked meal with a real waiter and no construction noise ... you will enjoy your meal. When this happens for someone, please post it and we will stick our toe in the water again.
  7. Does anyone have better directions and hours and days of operation?
  8. I am one of those allergic to smoke. Can not eat at this restaurant even though it is outdoors. The configuration of the restaurant doesn't allow for the smoke to disapate or for a person to move away.
  9. We have friends in Ajijic that have done this for years. They have a written lease drawn up by an attorney. They pay a much lower rent than they normally would. That being said I am sure if you decide to go ahead with paying in advance you will do your best to get character references and make sure you have a copy of the deed showing ownership is in the person's name you are paying. Also, if this is money you can't afford to lose .......
  10. Anything after 85 is a surprise, Bisbee Gal.😱
  11. I would rather go with anything past 85 years is a bonus. Grandma passed at 98, father at 95, Mom at 87 in spite of cll for last 10 years ..... So 70 is a bit too young for me.😊
  12. Johanson, we were able to eat at Salvador's as well. I would cover my mouth and nose and hurry to the back of the restaurant. We could not sit at the tables at the front because the smoke did enter there. However, the restaurant was large enough and the ceiling fans helped to disperse the smoke. Sure do miss this option.
  13. The problem here is that according to several people rhat I know who live and work there, Lisa's account is much more accurate than the Condo's account of the man "passing away". It would have been better, in my opinion, if the Condo account had accurately said that a neighbor was shot and killed during an argument with the President of the Condo and his wife over a dispute about the dead man's dogs. They then could have correctly stated that the investigation was ongoing as to the circumstances. But to simply say the man passed away is just a little over the top. Of course the Board of this Condo was very well aware of this person's nature and his violence in the past when he was voted in as President .... Not the best choice maybe? However, there seems to be a consensus that the wife was being attacked ... However, you would think that a man that knows martial arts could have done something less permanent than shooting a man to death.
  14. Also, the problem with a smoking area outside is that the smoke inevitably finds it's way into the interior of the restaurant where it hangs in the air. For someone like myself that is allergic and absolutely can not breathe when around smoke it is impossible to continue eating. I have to get up and leave and my husband then has to have the food bagged and we continue our meal at home. By then, it just doesn't taste the same. So, yes, we tried this restaurant when it first opened and really liked the food but had to leave and will never be back. Our loss but when you can't breathe you can't eat either. That, Gcaschetta, is what the big deal is.
  15. Upper Chula Vista; off and on last night multiple times and same continuing as I write this .... all morning and now going into afternoon.
  16. Dan M. And this has what to do with Bobby's restaurant?
  17. We're soooooo happy Bobby decided to open for lunch time. We ate there this afternoon and our meal was very tasty. Now to work our way through the menu 😊
  18. Lexy, this doctor isn't Lakeside but with a driver he is about one hour away and you might be happier with the outcome. Dr. Antonio Orozco Gamiz, Gastroenterologo/endoscopis digestiva; Calle Jose Ma. Robles #792; Colonia Chapilita, Guadalajara; 333-647-5600; 333-647-7251; 333-647-7253 or if you have an IP phone 1-800-333-2001. As you know Dr. Briesno is not here full time and the last time I heard is still taking courses to round out his knowledge and his practice. I saw him a couple of times but prefer a more seasoned doctor. Dr. Valenzuela at the same clinic only comes once a week, I think, but while he is a good surgeon (I have used him for surgery on a hiatal hernia) he is not as knowledgeable when it comes to gastrological issues. Should you require a driver, Miguel Lomus Martinez at 331-659-1017 is very good, speaks English and is more reasonably priced. Gabriel Orea 331-348-3228 is excellent and charges a little more. I know how sick these kinds of issues can make a person and I hope your husband gets the attention needed soon.
  19. Grapefruit juice diminishs the effects of several medications ... High blood pressure and diabetes medication among them. We also Google prior to purchasing even when supplying the doctor with the list of medicine. Most times now I do this on my phone prior to leaving the doctor's office which has saved me the hassle of having a phone conversation to change medicine a couple of times over the last few years.
  20. Thanks, ibarra. Yes, she does my color and I have been very pleased. If you call for an appointment you will need to request a day and time. They will call and check with her and call you back. Sandra isn't there every day all day long. She only comes to the salon when she has an appointment. I hope if you try her that you are as pleased as I am with her work.
  21. Sandra at Ganesha Spa in San Antonio. 766-5653 I have been to all mentioned above over the last 13 years and would not darken the door of any of them again. They will all give you a good haircut (maybe) once or twice and then not so much. Chrisy listens and then does what she wants to do, I came out of Panache with one side cut and the other not so much, Jim at Glorioso left me looking like Sponge Bob. Yoli did give me a decent haircut but I do not like someone talking and doing other business when cutting my hair ... so never went back. May experience with Sandra is that she listens and she does what you ask. She takes her time, she does not overbook, you are her focus until she is finished and until you are happy. She also gives a great pedicure and manicure. It is a pleasant, quiet environment which I really like. One of my pet peeves is a lot of talking going on when someone is supposed to be paying attention to my cut or my feet
  22. Dear Lord! We were both stuffed and my husband couldn't even finish his. There was nothing at all small about their servings. As I said the food was delicious .... but, I suppose to each his own. Our meals came to approximately 90 pesos each plus drinks. We had a huge crepe stuffed with goodies, hash browns that were large enough to cover a medium sized plate and we halved them, a large waffle that covered the plate served with soft butter, with choice of marmalade, syrup or honey on a hot plate and 2 scrambled eggs with loads of bacon. Coffee which was very good and was not weak nor did it taste like dish water like some of the restaurants came with 2 free refills and the fresh squeezed orange juice was in a large (not skinny little) glass. Anyone that is reading this and seeing the negative comments might want to try it and make up their own minds. Omar was our waiter and he could not have been more personable and attentive. He also works at Casa Linda when he finishes his shift at Mina La Antigua.
  23. We have passed by Mina La Antigua Restaurant in Riberas many times and have never tried it mainly because we thought there was no inside seating and do not like to sit outside so close to the street. We stopped today and found there is a large inside seating area with ceiling fans that work. The service is great and the food was delicious. We are so happy that we gave this restaurant a try. They have 3 other locations in Guadalajara. They serve breakfast and lunch and there are all kinds of waffles (plain, savory and sweet), crepes (plain, savory and sweet), egg dishes, the hashbrowns were just like we like them, there are also lunches and sandwiches etc. The coffee and the fresh orange juice was really top notch. Do yourself a favor and give this restaurant a try if you have not already. The servings are large and the prices very reasonable.
  24. I am not so ignorant nor stupid to have to have a picture for me to understand anything said to me. I know the effects of abuse and torture but I don't have to glorify the person doing it by naming him, spreading his picture across the internet and heaven forbid his handy work. Y'all view, exclaim, share and otherwise help to give this asshole the glory he more than likely basks in. This formum is supposed to be here to help our animals .... Not for effect and shock and awe.
  25. Sorry, but I really don't appreciate having a picture like this in my face. I would gladly sign a petition or hold this person down while he was whipped ... but the picture can not be unseen and it is not, again, appreciated.
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