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  1. Am I wrong? I thought if you had a Permante status you could only be out of country for a more limited amount of time. As to the insurance, why not visit with some of the excellent agencies that specialize in insurance coverage here at Lakeside when you arrive.
  2. "What evil lurks in heart's and mind's of men? The shadow knows!". I grew up with my Mom saying this about everything we couldn't figure out except she said The SHADOW do! as chills ran up and down my spine 😱😊 Moderator,. Isn't it time to shut this conversation down before these people insight more negative things? It seems that some people don't understand that other people's problems manifest in different ways. If this woman continuously exhibits all the behaviors that have been listed here and is evidenced on her Facebook page she could be in the early stages of some kind of dementia. No one knows. THE SHADOW DO!! But I digress. At any rate this has sure been a lesson on mob mentality and how anger and hate begets anger and hate and just how those two things can cloak themselves in "good works". Wish we could have a lesson now on how love and compassion can heal wounds.
  3. You can also purchase Tillamook cheese at Costco.
  4. Taaffe, this woman doesn't look much younger than the gardener. She also comes with many good comments from her friends. The trash she threw around in her anger was trash she had already picked up. She did not run home and get her trash and bring it and throw it around. Since you nor anyone else, including me, that is commenting about this incident were there it might be a good idea to quit fanning these particular flames. Fighting fire with fire has never worked and there are always 2 sides of a story. The woman admitted to throwing HER dog's feces that she had picked up in her doggy bag at the man. So, therefore, she was picking up her dog's feces so the man had no business getting on to her for not picking up her dog's feces. If you take a moment to think, she could not have thrown a bag of feces at him if she hadn't picked it up in a bag. She admitted to throwing it and to being very frustrated and also that it was unfortunate that the bag hit him. If you go on facebook and search her name you can view her page. There is post after post of her helping with injured and starving animals. She is not all bad as I am sure the man you have known for years is not all good. Not one of us have the right to be judge and jury and to exile this woman from anywhere. I hope you reconsider your requests and everyone calm down and try to think that maybe there is more to all this than meets the eye and I am not just speaking about the gardener. This woman seems to stay very stressed about all the unfortunate animals that she sees on her sojourns. What she may need instead of ridicule is help in dealing with the burden she has put on her own shoulders for some reason. .. Read a few of her posts and you will understand what I am saying, I am sure.
  5. Does anyone know where this new store is going to be? He has a sign up at his old place saying to visit his new store ... but there isn't an address listed on the sign. I really don't understand paying for 2 big signs advertising a new store with no address given.
  6. Thank you for posting this lady's explanation. I think it sort of closes this subject. It was unfortunate that the feces came out of the bag but it seems to have been thrown after she had received much harassment on her part. Sometimes there is a breaking point and she had reached hers, obviously. I am sure we have all had a melt down at one time or other ... I am so very glad that I have not had one in front of the people that have been posting here. Of course, they are all perfect and have never lost it once in their lives so they don't know of what I speak.
  7. Thanks everyone, I very much appreciate your help.
  8. Does anyone have a recommendation of a beach house rental? Any nice beach where it is reasonably quiet and within just a few hours drive ... 3 to 5 hours?
  9. Also Mom's Restaurant makes good ones.
  10. Excuse me, the cost of the salad was approximately $90. Certainly didn't mean to ruffle feathers, but of course it is easy to do about anything at all. The problem is that a person doesn't know ahead of time that what they are doing is not acceptable.
  11. We ate lunch there today. As to the chairs they were comfortable for us. My lasagna noodles were over cooked and mushy but the filling was good but too salty for my taste. The house salad was very nicely presented but at over $5.00 U.S. we found it a little pricey. The wine pour was skimpy but the wine was very good. All in all, too pricey for a meal that is easily and better made at home. In addition, paying this much for a meal, I would like to see at least a nice napkin (whether paper or not) instead of the tiny, thin squares that tear before you are finished using them once. Service was excellent and the music very nice.
  12. "So I would like to talk about this idea here and if there is any real interest, work to put it together.  Finally, just like in a debate, I would appreciate serious comments and not to have this thread hijacked or become personal." Question:. Is it possible for members of this webboard to focus on the proposed topic instead of highjacking the thread for their own idea. Maybe start a thread about cannabis and another about table tennis.
  13. Eric, this is a really good idea. If you decide to arrange a meeting of interested parties, please include me. If you decide to go forward PM me and I will provide email and phone number.
  14. It's none of our business until someone who decides to "self insure" has a medical emergency and doesn't have the money to pay for it. Then, they or friends of theirs are on the webboard or FB asking everyone for donations. This happens all too frequently.
  15. One biscuit with butter and gravy and one with butter and homemade jam! 🙃
  16. Can anyone recommend a Rheumatologist from personal experience either here or in Guadalajara?
  17. I know this will be welcomed and am glad for the jobs it brings. However, I will be extremely happy to continue to rely on local furniture makers for any furniture needs that may arrise. I know Ikea carrys other products besides furniture. However, I am hard pressed to think of something that someone here can't make.
  18. If you are concerned about scorpion stings don't move to Texas or Oklahoma either.
  19. You may have a problem finding people that want to be your neighbor.
  20. Where is their office. How do we sign up. How much does it cost?
  21. Our maid and her family have house/pet sit for us the last 13 years. We pay $200 pesos per day plus transportation to come and go one time per day plus she also gets paid her additional wages on cleaning day. They can eat whatever is in the kitchen, use our electricity, washer and dryer etc. I really can't imagine being so ... geez I can't even come up with a word clean enough for print .... as to feel I don't need to pay them because they are using our electricity instead of their own! Or, for Pete's sake ... This caring for my pets and house is vacation???😣
  22. That's really good to hear ... Hope more restaurants go to the recycled containers in the near future. It seems many have started removing plastic straws.
  23. Located in Ajijic on the mountain side of the Carreterra in the block just east of Colon. It used to be Rustica Restaurant. We think it is the best pizza Lakeside including M&J's. The salad was good also ... We like that we can eat there if we wish and have pizza fresh right out of the oven with a fresh salad and a nice glass of wine. Also like the option of 3 sizes of pizza and 2 sizes of salads.
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