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  1. I am trying to get a message to a specific person … described above. I have numerous Mexican doctors (male and female) and have had them for years. I will be grateful for information on how to contact this particular doctora. I'm asking for someone who knows of someone who used her and was very pleased. People who used her are no longer in town. Really no need for lengthy explanation here. Thanks for helpful information in advance.
  2. Chris McGough … partner with Jesus Tejeda … brokers. Many people are checking out what they have to offer for health, car, homeowners and medical evacuation policies. Honest, experienced and they both work very hard to make sure things are clear, fair and best possible fit for your situation. Cell: 331 794 0240. chris@tejedainsurance.com
  3. I have heard that there is a woman doctor in town who is American and able to practice medicine. Does anyone have her name, address, phone, email, etc? Thanks in advance.
  4. All it takes is a simple telephone call! There can be plenty gleaned from public records … both by what IS and IS NOT there.
  5. Legal working status in Mexico? Verifiable?
  6. NO … not at all. Public records are generally free (at least for a trial period) and there is a great deal of information available.
  7. Many practices to avoid in the US as well.
  8. What about specific background checks (public records, employment history, financial judgments, references)? Have these things checked out with the person recommended above? These things can be very revealing in the sense that anyone can present themselves as an authority, and border promotions, as we know, are common. Are there any visible red flags, gaps, etc? References must be verifiable by former employers with specific questions asked, such as, "would you rehire?" If not, what information are you willing to provide? What about significant complaints? I prefer caution, concrete facts and history, personal stability etc. over taking someone at their word.
  9. Absolutely no reason to have anything much done NOB. There are very highly qualified physicians all over the place. Just ask around. If you PM me I will send you a recommendation. I can also tell you about THREE cardiological practices to avoid that you will find locally and one to definitely visit … and it may come as a surprise. I have had heart issues since birth and I am related business wise to their business as well. I don't have any vested interest other than in your health and it is disgusting to see how many people are taken for quite a financial ride. This is not new information. Hospitals and care here are the best of the best in most cases. Excellent care is available and the latest and greatest equipment and knowledge is definitely practiced here. Pacemaker implants are not a dangerous procedure.
  10. Panache is so overpriced and proud of it. Lulu at Blue Moon (Hacienda del Lago) is the best! Very serene place, she takes her time, does not cut too short and cuts grow out beautifully. I look forward to my time there. Edith is great but cuts way too short and inconsistently, Yoly is too busy chatting up the world and cuts are lopsided, plus the place is a zoo. All are nice people but Lulu is the best I've ever had.
  11. Contact Chris McGough as well. He sells a variety of excellent policies and can get approvals for people of almost any age. Contact info: chris@tejedainsurance.com … also 336 419 8803 (US cell phone). Highly ethical and will work to find best solution for each individual.
  12. Probably … but be sure to get a second opinion, as there are some doctors in the area that have a very high incidence of "emergency" pacemakers they implant (at very inflated prices too). Very lucrative and very low-risk. I had that personal experience with one of them who actually implanted the pacemaker incorrectly and the battery was set to run out after about a year and a half (as opposed to ten plus years). I, fortunately, had changed doctors by then, and the Medtronic people found the error. I was 100% responsible at that point for paying for another pacemaker, as my insurance had already paid for the original one and it was too soon. Buyer beware! I see that you are a "newbie" … Just be sure you are working with someone who is highly ethical as unfortunately, it is not always the case. There is also the habit of some doctors who do "referrals" to cardiologists (for a nice fee, of course) for this purpose.
  13. Does anyone have experience locally with people familiar with dementia caregivers and placement? Names that come to mind are Kerry Moon and Kassandra King. Please PM me with any information or impressions. Thanks in advance.
  14. There are reasons that some of the policies are so cheap! If you want GOOD insurance, send me an email address and contact information.
  15. Where would one purchase an evaporative cooler locally?
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