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  1. Somebody mentioned a copy of 'bank pre-payment'. To clarify, do you prepay at a bank or at the Recaudadora? TIA.
  2. Thanx to everyone for the replies and info. This doesn't tell me about the check approval or "liberating" procedure, but sounds like there are other options. I'll need to familiarize myself with the BBVA app, altho I hope I can acces it from my iPad. Or maybe Paypal Mexico is a viable option as well. The Retire Sin Tarjeta sounds good except it would require my landlady to be at a Bancomer ATM. 🎴
  3. Searched for earlier posts on this, no luck. Back in May 2020, a Guad Reporter article stated new rules for paying bills with checks here, and the need to "liberate" your checks to make them cashable. "...all checks from banks must be "protected" by registering the ck no., amt & beneficiary by using the online banking tools..." And "now it is compulsory", per the article. But apparently many folks were having problems, and "all of Mexico is calling their banks to find out how..." Anybody have any clarification? Hoping I can still simply write a Bancomer check to pay my rent each month and give it to my landlady as always, or has something really changed?? TIA.
  4. Did Eric do something wrong? What is his offense? I've seen lots of posters, in various other threads, who are very rude to Eric. So, he's sharing something he experienced. Not any more or less interesting than a lot of other stuff people post here. Why do people get on his case so much? There's a really easy way to avoid being annoyed by Eric's posts, and that is to not read them! That way, the rest of us don't have to read all your rude comments.
  5. I just made an appt with Dr. Briseño this a.m., for Thursday. 376-766-1870
  6. The little Papelería Cristina, Hildago 352-C, in Riberas on the lake side -- Their phone is 376-106-2100 or Cell 331-384-6064
  7. Rafael has never provided a phone # to me, but the email is supercopycenter@hotmail.com. ....Hope this helps.
  8. Dra. Cherry is wonderful in every way. I've been very pleased and positively impressed the times I've seen her. And I believe she has a particular interest and professional focus on women's health issues.
  9. Nope! I counted at least 15 capitals missed -- Beginning of each sentence, town names, more...! 😁 But, yes, very helpful info from the various posters.
  10. I agree with all the 'yeses' for Dr. Hector Haro in Riberas. .....Dental Express, on the other hand, NEVER again.
  11. Thank you for your replies. I'll call the number given on the website to see if I can get my hands on one. As Mainecoons said, "Maps on a tiny screen are a poor substitute..." I do have a 2012 edition I can use, just not sure of any changes. I'll have a human navigator in the passenger seat with a cellphone.
  12. Does anyone know where I can buy a Guia Roji or other very good road map to Manzanillo this week? The Guia Rojis on Amazon are either way outdated or unavailable. Thank you.
  13. Does anyone know where I can buy a Guia Roji or other very good road map to Manzanillo this week? The Guia Rojis on Amazon are either way outdated or unavailable. Thanx in advance.
  14. Definitely feeling 'ratty' here, and wondering if i'm being played for a fool. I haven't heard a word from Ilox in many, many months, probably since very early 2019 or even late 2018. When I signed up and paid my one year in advance, it was supposedly for 'preferred' installation after the first of this year. What a crock of B.S. I think I've seen them working out on the street here in lower Chula Vista, up on ladders, etc., but I haven't heard anything from them. I'm starting to wonder if I'm better off just staying with Telmex which is cheaper.
  15. I assume you live somewhere Lakeside. To save you all of the hassles of bus, taxi, Uber, or the "buddy system" mentioned above by various posters, take advantage of the Consulate services 1X each month at LCS. The reply from LCS Notices, above, is accurate. Seems the Consulate gave you bad info. When you come to LCS on the designated Wednesday, go to the big back patio area. You will see a big group of folks, happily seated and waiting. Check in with Norm, the volunteer at the table. The Consulate folks will arrive shortly, after they finish up at the American Legion, and the 'customers' are all waited on in a quite timely manner. If you have any questions when first arrive at LCS, there are volunteers in the Office and at the Information Desk, AND docents/guides who will even escort you back to the patio! But come prepared with proper documentation and proper check. And only for Passport Renewals and Notary svcs.
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