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  1. Just read today (Jan 22nd) on FB (Ivan Romero Garnica) about pet poisonings on the trail to el Tepalo, 2 more poisonings in the village, the person said he had already reported it to the FD and the PD and also the delegado. Be careful with your pets .
  2. I googled this, hope it helps : https://hempmeds.mx/ it seems legit .
  3. People in this forum, how regularly do you see UFOs in the lake area? Daily? I have heard stories about a UFO that hovers on top of the antenas in Ixtlahuacan and hides behind one of the hills . My only experience was once while wtchiong the sky there was this light high above the sky, very fast, that was flying in a zig-zag pattern, very strange, I thought it was a satellite, but satellites don't do zig-zag flying patterns.
  4. Interesting topic. I have always wanted to see a UFO, but have never been lucky . Back in the 90's , I had a friend in GUAD from a amateur astronomers gazing group who regularly visited the hills above Mezcala and he told me they saw UFOs entering the lake, funny thing is they were amateur astronomers and looking for UFOs on purpose.
  5. Dr Gabriel Garcia Vazquez is a homeopathic doctor and also an MD
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