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  1. I ordered product from Mercado Libre and paid at OXXO only to come home and find the seller cancelled my purchase. How do I use my credit balance? When I try it takes me to a area to download to my cellphone and have my passport ready. What???
  2. is it considered animal abuse if a neighbor has a large dog locked up in a carport all day never walked and a small dog locked up in the backyard that barks 24 hours a day? I am so tired of listening to these two dogs.
  3. I just found a house sitter for my May 2nd need.  Thank you everyone for trying to help me and giving me contacts.  I can now breath.

  4. Hi,....  would you mind sharing where (more or less) you live (close to public transport or not) ?  Thanks.


    1. ZarZarAngie


      I just found someone thanks for your interest


    2. Rony


      good for you.  Best regards.

    3. camillenparadise


      Oh, how I HOPE this is a private conversation! I will write more tomorrow, I will be there Aug-Oct and hope to see you then! We have overlapping birthdays.....


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