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  1. 20 hours ago, RickS said:

    This is for a Chiapas location, no? Requirements for balmy Lake Chapala might be different.

    if You have áreas further than the distance recommended for the unit get several smaller units if You can.

    Not really, the distances is what is important.Granted the cold climate makes things more  complicated but the distance between the water heater and the delivery pont is what is important and should be taken into account..

    I have a de paso here In Ajijic  with a capacity for 3 delivery points and it works fine but the distance between the delivery points and the heater is short

    The kitchen  is further away  on the límit and the water does not get as hot and that is here i'm balmy Ajijic.

    i love de paso because they sabe a Lot of gas.



  2. I asked an ingeneer what to do as one bathroom is 35 m from the heater.The house is a one story 2 bedroom and he told me to get a heater to cover 4 yo 5 bedroom  if both bathrooms are ocupied on a regular basis or a 3 to 4 bedroom one as it is a guest bedroom.there is no way to install a small hot water  next to each bathroom.like artsnob did.

    The water for a 2 bathroom one does not travel well over 15 metres especially where i live where it gets very could.


  3. if it was at night the dog was not in danger of overheating, he mayhave had separation anxiety and it probavly was not in any danger just stressed. I have a dog who will walk in the next room while we are at home with him and will start crying and howling totally stressed out because he is alone..  My dogs are all crate trained and feel safer in a crate but one of them will make a huge racket if I am not around al the time and near him.. He is a rescue so who knows what happend to him before.

    Call the police because a dog in no danger is barking in Mexico?? Pretty funny

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  4. ATM machines have cameras so no need to call anyone. It probably did not work and someone pocketed the money when they saw the camera was not on.. or something like that.. as artsnob says do not go to that machine .. or my recommendation close the account and go somewhere else, a bank that lets things happen to their customers and goes against them should be walked away from.

  5. 4 hours ago, blankletmusic said:

     It's really unfortunate that your bank would not reimburse you, Lexy. It really stinks. That should be a real wake- up call for those of us that use atms.   That said...We used to use Lloyd/Actinver in Ajijic and Chapala. Wrote a check and went through their somewhat lengthy process to get pesos .Seems like a hundred years ago.....But it worked pretty well as long as you were patient.


    Is that still a viable way to get pesos these days? Or is that pretty much antiquated now?

    Not all banks are the same. I had preoblems twice at HSBC and once at BBVA but in every case I got the money back.. The is something wrong with that ATM.. THe machines have to balance at the end of the day and they have cameras, something bad happened. SOmeone got that money . I would think..Someone familiar with the system.

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  6. On 1/9/2023 at 11:31 AM, sm1mex said:

    50% discount to Mexican citizens 

    Chapala won’t give the discount to permanente residents. 

    Chapala does not give discount high enough to Mexicans to be worth it.The early Bird discount is higher that what they give to Mexicans.I am.a citizen and asked about it.


  7. All you have to do,e is drive by once in a while and yes it is where th dealers moved to. I do not know if they have anything to do with the van but if it is the same gang or cartel they are but I remember that at one time the police did not want to mess around with the guys from that area because they were helping the children at Christmas so maybe it is one of the reason nothing happens.. The police is thinking of the children..

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