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  1. They close on Wednesday.. closed yesterday open today which is thursday.
  2. Good, people are enjying specific places which leaves the rest of the country quieter.. I stick at home for Easter and I am fine with it.
  3. You are in their country so you are the invader and they are called Tapatios not Tapito´s .
  4. It is good forthe mountain toburnsome every year otherwise you end up with huge fires that burn everything in sight. The dry grass and underbrush needs to burn that is part of the natural cycle..It is a sad sight but it is even worse when it does not burn for several years.
  5. some years ago , I saw a group play in the Ajijic malecon area but I do not know i it is still going on.
  6. Kiko, now you are going a little far back for Lakeside.. ...He probably never heard of iit n the news so it does not count.
  7. your memory is failing you Lakeside.. Your country did not do so well in the last 60 years either.
  8. if you get to Mario s from Riberas yo have gone 3 or 4 blocks too many
  9. coming from Riberas you the street makes a Y you go left to go to La Paz or straight to the church it is on the main street going stright on the right handside. Sorry I do not know the names of the streets..Been here 2 years and never needed to know them, I just go ny landmarks Coming from la Floresto a couple could be3 on the left handside .
  10. your frind made a mistake.. If she was not at their mercy she should fire them pay them off , hopefully they were not there long as independent and hire them via the nursing home again or get a lawyer to draw a contract and hire new people on her term. An accountant can figure out the IMSS. Be careful I have heard of nurses doing that and then wanting more mony.. because the labor laws were not followed. Your friend needs a lawyer to help her and an account to handle the IMSS.
  11. you have a good point once we are dead ..happens what happens and it is not use to worry about it because it is just nothing we can do about it. As we say in France Inch Allah!
  12. If you were not so much into your little world , you would understand that the Mexican legal system came from Europe that is the connection.. we have notaries there like Mexico does... France and Germany influenced the Mexican legal system, England did not... Obviously you do not know much about the differnt cultures and have a tunnel vision. Notarios are important people.. and even in countries where corruption is less prevalent , things happen.
  13. Art Hess trains dogs, He walks with them for the bonding part of the training but I doubt he just walks dogs.. THe walking is part of the training.
  14. In France they just arrested a notario,,we have the same sytem as here , who made 5 millions euros in no time, redoing the wills of people who did not have family, for himself.. and France is a little lesss crooked than Mexico so ,, anything can happen anywhere..
  15. The last person to trust is a friendly lawyer or doctor around here.
  16. I pay with a debit card everywhere I can included for gas and grocery. ANyone says everyone pays cash needs to get out of towwn once in a while. All my friends from Guadaljara pay with cards. The company I work wor wants us to pay with cards at the gas station if we want to be reimbursed,,, It cannot be that dangerous to pay with a card. A friend of mine was defraided of 7000 pesos by a cab in CDMX and the bank Banco Ateca returned the money.. Lots of changes in the last 10 years.
  17. Feral cats are not friendly.Just close the doorto your house if one gtsin your house and you ill never forget thescenethat follows, probably an abandonnedpet or one that decided that life wasbettersomewhereelse. I have one who showed up years ago and never left.
  18. San Cristobal de las Casas has a Burger King in the center amogst ancient buildings so why not the Ajijic Plaza? They can force them to be discreet like many other ancient towns have done around the world..
  19. I had problems a couple of time at HSBC same one as the OP mentions. I always got the money back but it is a pain. I have a couple of local accouts and that is the best thing I ever did.They pay the electricity and Phone, I do not have to worry about it, I eventually got credit cards from them as well and I rarely go to the branch..
  20. To me surgeons are like any trade artisans and they tend to criticize what was done before . My husband had spine surgery and he came out ok as he could not stand the pain before the surgery. A few years later he fell and fractured his back but did not have much pain. The new surgeon we saw said that he disapproved from the surgery the doctor did before but that he put so many screws that these screws helped support the back and for that reason my husband was not in much pain and could heal without any other surgery so go figure..
  21. dr Gabriel Martinez is a shoulder specialist.He did a fabulous job on my shoulder and the one he operated on is better than the other. I have hernia between L4 and L5 and he told me to see a spine specialist and he also told me he did not do that type of surgery.. .I also was told by other specialists here and in France that there wwere 3 out 5 chances that the surgery would help but the resy of the time there is no improvement at best and pain can remain and nothing can be done at worst. I need to do something but I am still shopping around for doctors.
  22. Why do you guys use sumac for? I use it on iranian rice with raw eggs and I love it.. Zaatar is easy to find Sumac not so much. I have never looked for it her.. I buy it when I go home and bring back more than I need...
  23. I went to Walmart and they used to have lots of house phones and they do not any longer which seems to indicate the demand is down , so they have them on their site and so does Amazon etc.. so what, the demand is down and they will disappear. I have fiber so I do not use a home phone any more so bye to the house phone. I do what I need to do with my cell phone or my tabletand the people I know are doing the same thing..
  24. not everyone has a cell phone but those who do not will soon be gone..Even my mother has one and she is 101 year old. I do not know people who do not have a cell and I work with indigenous and some of them cannot read or write and the have smart phones and communicate via audio messages. I went to walmart to get a house phone and I did not see any. They are on their way out Telmex has a few and the internet..I know many people who do not have a house phone they are being replaced by cell phones.
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