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  1. the treatment can help for up to 3 months but I was not one of the lucky one
  2. I had it done in San antonio hospital. I had sciatic nerve pain that was unbearable, the pain went awy the minute I got up , it lasted 3 weeks and the pain returned. You can only do 2 a year I believe... It help me to get 3 weeks without pain but then the pain was back not as bad as before.
  3. do not worry it is including in the price but it is good to know you do not have to worry about it, I agree.
  4. lets not panick.. there are aljibes and tinacos and pools and friends and neighbors and water bottles. with a little planning it is not the end of the world. In another part of Mexico we can go a month or two without water. The water from the truck is contaminated, the little water there is go the center for the tourist and people living on a hill like I do do not get water. We get water delivery at night 2days sometimes 3 days a week the pression is so low that is does not go up in tinaco.. This is the real Mexico or another face of Mexico. Do not complain get buckets and bottle water and sit tight , this too will pass.. In San Cristobal de las Caas to add salt to the wound the cocacola plant is hoaerding water and using a huge amount..
  5. unless someone reports it to the paper there is no obituary. My husband did not appear in the GR either... so what.?
  6. Ajijic has grown a lot, 20years ago when we came in we had to go and shop at SuperLake if we wanted anything imported .. now I may go there once every three months if that much and only to buy one item, I need, there are lots of other options besides Pancho and SL and closer to where I live. Walmart is an annoyance but good to have for basics and others.. It is amazing how much more product we have access to, now and how much less I need...
  7. did not look very hard because they are in full sight at walmart
  8. you did not say when you are going but if you are there on the 12th of December be sure to go and see the Danza de la Pluma in Teotitlan.. It atarts around noon on the plaza in front of the church and ends for the general public around 10 at night then they continue dancing until dawn in one of the homes of the danzantes. They are 22 danzantes and it is something to see. If you visit Teotitlan the town where mosts wool rugs are made you are close to Mitla where you can see the ruins . There are also many other villages around to visit. They also have 2 candle makers that are worth a visit and some nice food. The local food is excellent so plan on having the comida there if you are goig to visit. The church was built on top of an old zapotec temple and the whole center of town is an ancient village. Every time people remodel in the center they end up finding tombs and old carving which they place on the walls of the church ...
  9. THe city center deserves a few days.. then you have to decide if you want to take colectivos or tours to the surrounding villages to see the artesaania or visit the mezcal producers or take the route of the dominican convents etc.. There is a zillion thing to do in Oaxaca and the surrouning.. You also have a string of indigenous villages that have built cabins in the woods where you can stay and comute wit nature ,, they are called the malcomunados villages.. You can go in the sierra and visit the villege that grows silk worms and procuces beautiful woven items in silk and on and on.. It all depends on your interest and what you want to do.
  10. gringal We have to pay for every person we employ in France.. Th e pay is prorated according to the number of hours you employ that person. SS also includes pension and sick leave.. It will be interesting to see how it is enforced and what each employer will have to do. If it is too much trouble it may backfire and some people may lose thieir job. In France it is enforced and the system is simple and expensive.. it will be interesting to see how and if it is enforced here. There are plenty of people working full time who are not getiing paid ss... Imagine all tHe vendors at he tianguis and on the street who hae relatives selling for them part time and full time. None of them are getting IMSS.. I also know that the government fines the employers if this is found out but I would imagine that it is rarely discovered if no one complains.
  11. Not del Rosario today.. THe virgin de Zapopan was at the Ajiic church today and left to visit San Juan Cosola around 5 today. The virgin del Rosario is tomorrow oct 31
  12. in Europe the self check are everywhere and work so it will eventually work here too. For years they have not offered bags and you have to weigh your own merchandise and put the price sticker on it as well then go out and check out.. We have a ways to go but we will get there.. no service supermarket...
  13. No kidding , they are all over in Chiapas doing nothing.. meanwhile people are killing each other.. On the last episode they showed up in the main town in the municipality when the massacre was happening 1 hour away ...they then went back where they came from without ever getting to where the problem really was..
  14. Tonala and Puerto de Hierro are not on the other side of the lake and neither is La Barca area.. There is so much stuff going on that one loses tract if it is not happening in Chapala..
  15. The national guard does not do anything until the federal gvt tells them to do something so they are just showing their faces, nothing to be alarmed about, it is the same in other states as well..
  16. River rocks are round and smooth and not red but white, black etc.. no red.
  17. If the house is not available then what is your point for showing it?? Glad you enjpyed visiting with Bob..
  18. There are tax agreements between countries or not.. so te first thing to check out if there are such agreements, if there are chances that information is exchanged. After my husband died SS from the US asked for my bank information in Mexico and the US and the US took backthe cheks they had sent before they knew my husband had died but could not have done if the money had been in Mexico because they cannot go into the Mexican accounts.. as far as information being passed good luck.. THe US is one of the worse about putting pressure on other countries to get information.. Canada , I do not know but I bet that if they can get information legally they probably do. Yes asking the bank is one way to find out . The bank I have been to , ask for nationality and id such as passport so yes they know if they have foreigners and from which country so it is not a big step to the exchange information part. My husband was a US, Mexican citizen , he opened his account as a Mexican citizen andthe bank asked if he was a bi national as they had to report US citizens that were bi national according to Bof A which is interesting since the first thing they tell you when you are nationalized is to not clain your nationality of origin. I was asked as well but I am French Mexican.. although I pay US taxes and that I was not ask.. In France when I opened an account I was asked were I paid taxes so they reported to the US although I lived in Mexico... IInternational stuff gets complicated and you can never be sure of what is reported and passed on.
  19. I think Pedro outdid himself on bad taste this time but it is no surprise.. Yes we are all going to die so no point announcing it as it is old news and it has nothing to do with the question from the OP .. Actually she probably will avoid that yellow house in Lourdes or Lourdes are alltogether, I sure would.
  20. I like Dr Pablo Garcia Menchaca in Guadalajara. He was recommended t me as one of the best.
  21. yes the only way to know what fits you is to be here and check all the areas. I have lived in the village in Ajijic for the last 21 years. I have a large garden and it is very quiet... I would like to downsize so I have been looking at all areas including south of the lake. I cannot believe the mount of construction everywhere including the south side.. It is nuts. Also cannot believe how fast lots are going..there seem to be a race to overbuild all over the place. This area meaning the whole lakesidearea is about to be overbuilt big time.It is going to be interesting to see where all the water , sewer roads new internet connections etc are going to come from. I al a liitle scared by what I saw all over.
  22. If the farmacies you go to do not have 80mg order it.
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