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  1. how much does it come to per hour roughly?
  2. We had both BBVA and Banamex and left Banamex. I second John Shralls and Mostlylost ´s posts . I have been banking here for 20 years and I think the "most modern" bank is BBVA. This said each branch has their own personality so get to know the manager or an executive. I was in San Cristobal and my purse was robbed.. BBVA main branch was a real pain to deal with and not helpful at all. I called the branch in Ajijic and recommendd that I go and visit another succursal and the other succursal helped me .. I had to ave 2 seperate ID and since my purse was stolen I only had one and the main branch would not allow me to go on the applicatin which I needed to do to pay people back in Ajijic. THe other branch matched my finger print to the ones on file and they helped me without a problem.
  3. The prices from the board would be irrelevant, the prices vary according to the patient and doctor so the op is better off shopping the doctors rather than shopping on the forum anyways.
  4. my home is one lever the rooms are very large and I have 4 walls between the modem and living room and the wifi signal does not get to the living room. We have laptops we like to use in various rooms and we cannot do that without the extender , even the cell phones do not work without the extender. I think I was charge extra but I do not remember. Telmex was on the street and they had one fiber line left and asked me if I wanted it, I said yes they came in installed it and then the laptop was not working in the other end of the house so I asked them for an extender and conection and they did it. They may have done it privatly, who knows bit they did it and it works .. After the fiber was installed none of the phone line worked.. so I hooked up a phone to the modem but all the other lines are useless.
  5. yes, Telmex installed it when they installed the fiber
  6. I feel for you guys, in Chiapas the garbage is picked up twice a week at 5.30 in the morning at the dot and you cannot leave the garbage out overnight because the dogs will get into it and neighbors will take photos and go after you so if you want the garbage picked up you have to get up early and deposit it at the corner of the street... Here we have the garbage picked up twice a week whenever the garbage guy come by.those days.. They usually come by in the afternoon but do not have a bell so it is hard to know when they come by.
  7. a 15% tip is included in the bill in France, like it or know.. It has been that way as far as I can remember and I am 76..We also leave change.. It may not show as tip any longer but it is there, believe me and waiters salaries are largely funded by the tip.. They could not eat if the tip were not included. Many waiters pay to get a job in the more popular places because of the money they make on tips or at least they used to pay. I do not know if they still do as in the old days tips were always cash and no taxes were paid but now with cards , it is tougher to cheat. The French IRS know by the business volume how much tips should be earned and if it is very low they will add taxes...
  8. congratulation Nikolas yo have convinced me to never buy where you live.. if many people think like I do you soon will have the problems you have and a white elephant.. You are hurting yourself and your community, Do you get that point as well??
  9. not all countries in Europe go by the same rules or do the same.. so do not assume that because you were in France and Spain you know about other European countries. For your information we do tip in France but the tip is included in the bill and it is also common to leave some change on top of what is included. Yes the best way to get Euros is at the ATMs in Europe.. You do not need them until you get there.. so it is a no brainer. Get some at the ATM s at the airport.
  10. In short the Feria is llokong for people interested in hosting artisans in November 10th 11th 12th
  11. bmh


    we say that because we are run by bureaucrats and the politicians change but the bureaucrats are the ones that do not change..
  12. My husband and I used the hospital San Antonio several times and we never had a bad experience there. I think the food is lousy and prices high but the attention we received was good as a rule.. Yes bad things can happen but there is something that is a little strange with all the complaints from the newbies.
  13. Do you have the snails you can eat? If you do , they love beer, put saucers with beer and they will drink and drown. They love beer
  14. I have a type of acacia in the garden that does not grow very tall, It has similar foliage to the flamboyant or also called tabachin but does not grow large like flamboyant.. It is green all year round does not have a lot of garbage, it is close to the pool and no problem.. it has small red flowers . I bought it at the nursery at the back of Paz liquor. The tabachin I have was planted in 68 and is enormous, a great tree but need space, do not buy the tulip tree that has red flowers, it produces garbage all year round. I t also grows huge. I have 2 planted in 68 as well and wish I could cut them down.. The flowers stick to the brick path and are slippery it not picked up every day, the pods are difficult to pick up when they open they produce a snow like seeds that invade everything and clog the pool , the leaves are also a pain to pick up.. every single season that tree produces garbage.. stay away from it. It also grows very large. The orchid of the poor tree also stay fairly small and have flowers, pink or yellow or other colors. It has round leaves
  15. In Mexico as a rule you pay by the job by the day or by the meter not by the hour and the workers in the Chapala area are getting totally spoiled and most of them do not even do a good job..
  16. depending on where you are in Miami obviously. I take the comment as an off handed a tongue and cheek comment not as an insult to anyone . It is not a bad idea to learn Spanish if you live in a Spanish speaking are no matter where and although Lakeside may seems to be an English speaking area it is not, when you scratch the surface.and there are instances when you could be sorry you do not speak Spanish.
  17. Can you daughter access your schwab account? Open a bank account in Mexico and have your daughter send money or do it yourself to your Mexican bank when you want it so you can limit the access to your fund in general.It is easy to transfer finds from Schwab to another bank including a Mexican bonk. While you are well you can withdraw with your Schwab card but if you are not your daughter can control what goes into Mexico and check the withdrawls. DO not give a POS to a nursing home, that is crazy.. You could do automatic basic payments to them but do not give them POA
  18. Scwab has an international division , I have an international account with no US address .Not that I recommend it but that is what I have.
  19. I do not believe any citrus is immune to that blight.. as happychillin says it is a worldwide problem.
  20. With that kind of thinking maybe you are not made to live kn a fraccionamento..sjould have bought in town somewhere and forget living in a fracc.. Think about that one... I lived in a condominium.once and will never do that again..To each its own.
  21. Scwab told me they accept remote on line notary as well as Mexican notarios..
  22. This story is unreal .. Sorry Telsa but I doubted you because who could believe that story ?? You just hope that someone gets back at her for being so selfish.--
  23. hought Dennis Clark was gringohombre
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