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  1. Doubt if you will be allowed to cross with only a tourist visa. Just read US & Canada are extending border crossing ban until mid-to-late July. Mexico & US Border will likely be the same. Tourism is not allowed, so it might be tough getting into Mexico
  2. I started as a patient at Dr Barrigan's about 7 years ago. About 6 years ago I had to have a tooth extraction and had an examination of my gums by Dr Edgar. He suggested I have the procedure where they slice the gums open, do a deep scrape and clean, and then sew me back up. Done in 2 phases left / right. That was done about 4 years ago and I see him every 6 months for follow-up monitoring and cleaning. He's very good, very thorough and I've been very pleased with him. In fact I see him again in about 3 weeks. Hope this helps
  3. Seems like a lot of the confusion is caused by people who don't read. Stop and think about it. If you are flying out, and you are Temp or Perm, when you get to the airport you don't have the bottom portion of the FMM form. So you go to INM, complete the form, the agent stamps it and gives you the bottom portion so you can hand it to the ticket agent and they can clip it to your boarding pass. That's pretty straight forward. When you return, the video describes exactly what you need to do. The reason that they are emphasizing this so much is because when people return, and they don't do it properly they run the risk of voiding their Temp or Perm and having to start the whole process over again. As they tell you in the video, complete the FMM, hand your Temp or Perm visa to the INM agent 1st, then give him your passport and 3rd give him the FMM with only the top portion completed. Only people coming in on a Tourist visa get the bottom portion returned to them. Just watch the video.
  4. Since this is a 29 minute video and the main question about returning to Mexico, if you have a Temporary visa or Permanente visa, how exactly do you fill out the FMM and what to present to the INM agent. This is exactly why they had the meeting to clear up any confusion. They address this issue around the 23 - 25 minute mark on the video. First the INM representative explains it, and then during question and answer time someone asks the exact question that this thread is all about, and the INM representative not only answers the question, but shows the FMM form and explains what to fill out and what to turn in. There have been lots of posts to this thread that give answers that may have worked, and are what people believe to be true. But, if you want to know exactly what INM says, go to about the 23 minute mark on the above video and watch and you will have your answer.
  5. Just to clear this up about the Tourist Visa / FMM form for Temporal or Permanente visa holders.: BY AIR 1. You need to fill out a tourist visa, both top and bottom part. Then you go to the INM window, down by where passengers exit through customs. You present your passport, visa Temp or Perm, to the INM agent. He will stamp the INM form you gave to him and return it to you. 2. You will take the bottom portion of the INM form to the ticket counter and give it to the Airline agent, along with your passport. 3. The Airline agent will attach the INM form to your boarding pass and send you on to the gate. 4. The gate agent will take your boarding pass and INM form at the gate. You are now done, you are on the plane and you can throw away the top portion of the INM form. ON YOUR RETURN 1. You will fill out a new INM form (Tourist Visa / FMM) on the plane or prior to going to the Customs Agent 2. You present your passport, your residency visa (Temp or Perm) and the completed INM form to the Customs Agent 3. He will stamp the INM form and your passport and he will give you back only your passport and residency visa. 4. If he hands you back the bottom portion of the INM form, this could mean he ignored your residency visa and accidently processed you through as a Tourist Visa, make sure you stop and hand him back the INM form and say to him that you are either Temporal or Permanente to check did he process wrong. I have found I normally say Yo Permanente when I am handing my documents to the Customs Agent just to make him aware so he processes it correctly. One time a Customs Agent started processing it as tourist and when he caught the mistake it took him and his supervisor about 5 - 10 minutes to get it correct in the computer system. Hope this helps
  6. If you're still in the US, is it possible to test whether or not you can receive texts (I understand you can't receive phone calls for free) within the data plan you have? Would really love to know as my kids never call, only text ... thanks, Diana 

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